unexplained stains on carpet

This looks and comes up like its pencil lead?? What's the age of the carpets, what's the age of the home, and is it possible that they were previous spills, or leaks from above or below? It's possible to try to color in the light areas to more-closely match the rest of the carpet using a dilute fabric dye but frankly it's quite difficult to match the original. There's a reason, even if we don't know what it is. Hi, I have this carpet and am wondering what this patch could be. I took a look at Shaw's advice on carpet stains - if you use an iPhone there's a free iTunes store app that catalogs many stains and gives individual stain removal recommendations. It could have been colored pencil lead or some other marking material. Another cause in older carpet is the wicking up of tannin stains from the jute backing. The fact that the light area goes to the end of the rug and that it extends under the table argues against the color difference being due to light exposure or foot traffic. I do not suspect that the problem is innate with the carpet itself, but we don't know that, for example somebody didn't install "new" carpeting that actually had been used or installed elsewhere first, or that had been improperly stored or damaged or wet. The discolouration is evident near doorways (external and to the en-suite), windows and generally light-exposed areas however there are a few spots where there is heavily localised, significant staining. Spills of organic liquids, juices, milk, etc. Could the carpet pad or adhesive cause this type of discoloration? Some other sources of acid are in household cleaners. Thanks Dan! I treated it with black mould treatment and it removed it impressively however, as it is drying out it is again becoming black. Stay healthy! We are assuming pet damage since previous owner had cats and dogs, but is there anything else we should be concerned about? We’ve been in the house about a year and they started appearing about 4 months aha. Dog pee stains are not likely to be quarter-sized unless your dog is an unusual pee-r. It looks ok, but if water is spilled on it it makes a very dark stain. What may cause this on my carpet it’s in my bedroom also. Please re-post the image if you can. How do I get it grey again? They are top notch, customer-focused and a great attention to detail. Try the search box just below, or if you prefer, post a question or comment in the Comments box below and we will respond promptly. info@americolordyes.com website: http://americolordyes.com/ Sun-Belt-USA Aramsco, Carpet Dye Chemicals Tel: 1-800-662-8836 Web:https://www.sun-beltusa.com/chemicals/carpet-dyeing-chemicals.html Offices in Raleigh & Wilmingto NC, We have really old - I mean really old / red carpet but can’t afford to replace it . The only way to know if the stain is removable is to try to remove it. Isn’t this all crazy and surreal what’s going on in the world? If you see rippled cupped flooring I'd assume the floor has been soaked and I'd be thinking about what happened and asking if water entered walls, wet drywall or went other naughty places that risk a hidden mold problem. My son just discovered with a black light hundreds or thousands of stains and dribble track on every single carpeted room of his house. Any idea what it might be.? I have the same situation with my area rug. It can be sticky and the residue can be what is attracting dirt and debris to the area. One can experiment with dilute dyes and a cotton swab, first testing on an unobtrusive carpet section. Article Originally From Michigan State University Benzoyl Peroxide - Yellow or Orange Spots: This strong bleaching chemical is used in acne medications, age creams, some foot care products, and some pet shampoos. and atANIMAL STAINS & MARKS in BUILDINGS, I removed the carpet from a pre-owned home and found these black marks on the bedroom's hardwood floor. On 2017-12-04 by (mod) - attach photos of shade lines or stained carpeting. 3. I don’t use any bleach cleaners in my house for exactly this reason. Anyone have any ideas what they are and Let the carpeting dry, check for a color change.If you like the result you can try a larger area.You're likely to also need to have the carpeting cleaned to remove the vinegar smell.References for carpet dye sources Thanks for the interesting question and photo, Matthew.While light exposure and foot traffic are definitely sources of area discolouration on carpets, the light colored round spots in your photo, such as the closeup I'll include below, are characteristic of spills of something, possibly followed by use of a bleaching or oxidizing cleaner on that spot. Salt. Direct sunlight oxidizes the dyes in the carpet fibers. On 2017-05-12 by (mod) - These stains glow white under the blacklight. VickiCarpets can be dyed and on occasion cleaning a carpet will lighten its color - depending largely on the actual fabric materials, carpet age, and carpet condition.Watch out: you can dye a light colored carpet darker but you cannot dye a dark colored carpet lighter. On 2018-02-09 by (mod) - bleach splash marks on carpet, Michelle,White spots appearing literally everywhere argue against "throwing bleach" or any other cleaner about since I'm doubtful you could throw spots or droplets of anything uniformly all over a carpet. KirstenI suspect that when you put your gym equipment onto the carpet it felt "dry" but the deeper carpet backing and perhaps padding below were still wet or damp, leading to a mould growth stain. I have the same issue with the random spots appearing after my My carpet in the center of the living room developed circular wet spots. Did he ever find an answer to what was causing the spots? Contact Shaw directly at 800-441-7429, or Shaw Industries, Inc., PO Drawer 2128, 616 E. Walnut Ave., Dalton GA 30722, ATTN: Information Center, Mail Drop 072-53. If the fabric is washable, fill a sink with cold water and completely submerge the stained item and allow it to soak for at least 30 minutes to see if the stain lightens. Check the condition of the carpet where it is, - protected entirely by being covered such as under a book-case or couch. The heavy traffic areas appear to be "revealing" the dark spots. - Small spots started to appear on their rug in the den that looked like bleach spots. There were no obvious stains on top, but the underneath in almost every room so far is almost completely covered with rust blotchy stains. We had our carpet cleaned a month ago and ever sense we have seen random green spots appear. You can also remove any excess moisture using a wet vacuum. - PDF Document from NIS, What Style Is It? Baking soda lifts stains and whitens fabric fibers. If you need to know how to remove set in urine stains from carpet then vinegar is what you will need. Blotting fresh stains with a solution of dishwashing soap and water can help to save the carpet. Old urine stains … Put solution into a spray bottle and spritz on soiled area. They are sticky and have to be scraped. Let sit for 5 to 10 minutes. My real state said it is ink mark but Iam sure it is not ink cause we do not have any ink in our house and it is appearing in some different placesI have attached some pics, Can u please give me idea what causes these marks. IMAGE LOST by older version of Clark Van Oyen’s useful Comments code - now fixed. What could it be and how can I treat it? Sorry for the holiday delay- here is a picture of the rug with its underside turned up. Depending on the pattern and location of the whitening areas of your carpet, you (or we) might call these "Bleaching Stains" - bleaching or loss of pigment can be caused by substances other than bleach, such as tracked-in de-icing salt, ice melting chemicals, some fertilizers, spills of some medications such as acne meds, spray cleaners that contain bleaching agents (perhaps used on nearby surfaces), benzol peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, and of course household bleach itself. Your assumptions are correct. I'm not likely to blame the mold genera and species but rather a leak condition somewhere that has not been correctly identified and repaired or an incomplete cleaning of a prior mold problem in the building, or both.. we have a yellow mold that keeps popping up (like a cottage cheese consistancy)... we had the area professionally cleaned by a disaster specialist who had never seen it before... nothing seems to help keep it from coming up.... RosieTo me that looks like an area of the carpet that was cleaned using a cleaner that removed some of the carpet's original colour OR the whole carpet is rather old and was somewhat uniformly soiled (this can happen, for example in sooty cities like New York City) and then just one area was cleaned. Different is the darker rectangle of carpet in front of the dark-painted wall in your photo. Paula We didn't hear more from Ed. In the last year the orange spots are appearing all over in different rooms. Take a look at the fibres under a low power microscope and you'll see immediately if there is some biological growth. Thanks again!! Inspect the subfloor after carpet and padding have been removed, and look for stains, water entry, etc. There are red yeasts that can stain building surfaces but I'd not expect yeast to grow in the pattern on your floors. It's easy to spot this carpet stain or fading pattern too: you'll see that though the stained or faded area may be irregular, its edges will follow weaving lines that are ultimately rather straight. I'd worry that there is moisture coming from below, and I'd check the carpet padding, the floor below that, and the under-side of that floor from below. Or just leave it be. Any idea what could have caused the discoloration in a straight line? in the last month I have noted large dark areas appearing and have tried to clean them, which either makes them worse or doesn't help An ideas? CARPET STAIN DIAGNOSIS FAQs at InspectApedia.com - online encyclopedia of building & environmental inspection, testing, diagnosis, repair, & problem prevention advice. Use OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover to remove tough-to-get out carpet stains! I intend to contact the carpet retailer, but would it be best to contact Shaw Carpets and have an Shaw carpet inspector come out? Inspect the under-side of the carpet for stains or marks and photograph those - and show us the images, 3. Sometimes red appears from other dyed objects. Some homeowners try making up a new stain liquid that closely matches the original carpet color, trying to stain it back to close to original - not something I'd recommend before you talk with the carpet manufacturer of your particular carpeting. The location and pattern of the stain may be diagnostic. Any one can help with a scientific explanation? Mysteriously, that same corner now shifted to near the glass door is damp! Sometimes things need to be god enough! Thank you! Asbestos Identification, Walter C.McCrone, McCrone Research Institute, Chicago, IL.1987 ISBN 0-904962-11-3. Aging jute fibers can produce brown or reddish colorants, which wick to the carpet surface after cleaning. My daughter bleaches and dyes her hair. That stain was approx 6" across and I … It has doubled in size in 15 years and doesn't seem to respond to cleaning. It is a large lounge and I wouldn't be able to consider the cost of changing it just now. We are very certain that she deliberately spilled and dribbled a liquid as an act of vengeance. I would not try a carpet dye on a carpet whose color is already pretty dark.Watch out about trying any bleaching procdure on dark carpeting: in my exprience it's easier to make an old carpet uniformly darker than lighter as any bleaching effort is likely to produce uneven results.Alternatives to chlorine bleach & carpet dyes to lighten a carpet:You might try this procedure (it's success depends on the type of carpet fibre, dye used, and initial colour). I have a very good quality wool carpet, which sees hardly any traffic whatsoever, as I don't live in the house where it is laid! John Wiley & Sons, 2006. How Are Green Carpet Cleaning Solutions Different? light color carpet is getting darker in places. The second time that it happened at night, was when blood stains appeared on my vest. I would hate to experiment and make it worse. Simply sprinkle some salt on the old stain after which you can scrub the stain out. Yellow? We noticed a couple of small orange spots in various places on the carpet and didn't think much of it. Hi, I have these green patches popping up on our carpet. Wait approximately two to three hours, and vacuum the area of the baking soda. A repair of a valuable rug may involve expert re-weaving that when new is virtually invisible. Unexplained Blood Stains on Bedding. 1, a series of monographs on the history of plywood manufacturing",Plywood Pioneers Association, 31 March, 1967, www.apawood.org, Asbestos products and their history and use in various building materials such as asphalt and vinyl flooring includes discussion which draws on, Asbestos Identification and Testing References. The furniture is placed on it as it normally was (and the rug is 18 months old). No moisture at all on the carpet. Usually there has been a spill if the stain is in a specific rounded spot, or if it's along wall/floor edges or at HVAC registers, it's an air leak or airflow problem depositing dust and debris. I wish I could be of more help Rebecca that from just your text I can't really make a useful guess. We woke up this morning and saw about 50 black spots the size of a nickle and a quarter. - variations in carpet manufacture, dye application, causing colour changes as carpets age. The solution is to ensure proper drying of the carpet after the cleaning agents are cleaned off. I would not use ANY of these before 1. making a good estimate of the type and nature of the stain to be removed - match the remove to the stain following instructions from the manufacturer 2. testing the stain remove in an unobtrusive or hidden area Common stain removers include. Remove excess stains before treating. Cut and preserve a square foot of the most-stained carpeting - for possible further analysis, 2. Was there previously furniture or some other fixture placed in this location? You can post one photo for each comment but of course you can post multiple comments.In any event except for a couple of unusual and special cases. How do I know if the stain is from orange dye or bleach? Use the page bottom CONTACT link. Cellulosic browning may cause the brown discoloration of a carpet or rug after cleaning. Sorry. As the weeks progressed, we are noticing in all three carpeted rooms. They have NO PETS! Anne It looks like a seam between those two different carpet underside patterns. I never eat or drink on the floor up here, have never written with dark inks while sitting on the floor, have never spilled anything, and have not brought very dirty shoes. While indoor humidity and also indoor temperature levels are also factors, a primary factor is light - from the sun, typically from windows, sliding doors, patio doors, skylights, etc. The stains are typically dark or rusty spots of excrement. The Council's researchers answered many critical questions that would affect the quality of the nation's housing stock. Thank you. Worrying about carpet color is a welcome relief from the pandemic. To remove pet stains, use a carpet cleaner with enzymes that also work to destroy odor-causing bacteria. Start by looking at what sort of "deterioration" is occurring - that's not clear from your note.Continue by mapping just where the problem is seen. Carpet vulnerability to light-bleaching - or photo-oxidation of its original pigments in my parlance - depends on the carpet fabric fiber types and on the pigment chemistry used in the carpet's manufacture. - spilled water stains our carpets, Hoping someone has an answer for me. Use the page top or bottom CONTACT link to send me some photos for further comment: sometimes the location and pattern of a stain can give clues to its probable origin. If your carpet is made from natural fibers, it is best to contact a professional cleaning company because the water stain will cause a process known as cellulose browning and it cannot be removed using normal cleaning methods. If the treatment with water is not satisfactory, the stain is most probably caused by some oil or fatty product. If the deterioration is in a specific spot, what's the shape and location of that spot? Hello, I sent my rug out for cleaning and when it came back there was a straight line down the rug where one side was darker and one side was lighter. Thanks. Inspect the carpet padding for stains or marks and photograph those - and show us the images, 4. (The colour of synthetic fibres are more difficult to change. You might be able to have the area professionally cleaned but, sorry to say, in general mouldy carpet can not be effectively cleaned nor rid of mould. They started out small in size but have gotten larger. Next, either use a carpet detergent (read the label to determine how much to dilute it) or mix up white vinegar, dish soap, and water (one teaspoon each of vinegar and soap to a full spray bottle of water) and spray the area. Where the carpet meets the tile there is an area tha is getting green. Sandra, Various spills besides actual bleach can cause bleached-out white spots on carpeting, such as a bit of lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, various spray cleaners. The other corner is dry! Anne I have seen lines, discoloration, and bleeding stains in rugs that were wash by rug cleaning service and then rolled without being properly dried first. The sorts of things that would make a straight line separating two different degrees of shading on a rug or carpet more likely would be the location of furniture or the presence or absence of sunlight. It is indeed a puzzle.Perhaps something hygroscopic spilled. I am wondering if such a problem, which seems to have no explanation or solution, could be fixed - the carpet is very good quality and is discontinued, so I am obviously, very disappointed not to find the route cause or solution ... any ideas ? If the defect is over all of the carpeting then I'd look for an environmental factor: heat, moisture, airborne contaminants. Keep in mind that sometimes a stain has been present for quite some time but was not noticed. - exposed to different effects like sunlight Over the next couple of days it became black. On 2020-03-22 - by (mod) - how can I change the color of this red carpet? If you have tried to clean this carpet stain continuously, only to see the same stain coming back, then the cleaning method you are using is probably the reason this is happening. However, I decided it was time to give myself a mental refresh and move some furniture around when I remembered the stains were still there.So, I hit the internet to try and find out which carpet cleaning products could help me. Building Research Council, BRC, nee Small Homes Council, SHC, School of Architecture, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, brc.arch.uiuc.edu. - the age and location of the home - just when it was completed, when you moved in, - the type of construction: is this floor on a concrete slab or over a basement or crawl area, - the conditions under the floor if you're over a crawl space or basement, - the type of heating system: oil or gas, and whether or not woodstoves or fireplaces are in use, - are there other potential sources of dark dust and debris or soot: pets, prior water entry, leaks, spills, 1. You might try having the whole carpet cleaned by a professional. Shaw recommends that you contact Stainmaster "for spot removal and care information" at 1-800-438-7668. It looks like mold but I'm not sure, On 2020-06-14 - by (mod) - small red stains appear overnight on carpet. Carpet browning or yellowing is common and we get asked the question all the time: “Why are there brown spots on my carpet after cleaning?”. Browning happens more often with wool, sisal or cotton carpets, or when the carpet is old enough for advanced cellulosic fiber degradation to occur. What do you guys think it is? Keep Your Carpets Smelling Fresh with these Simple Ideas, Commercial Deep Disinfectant Cleaning Services, DEEP Cleaning your Business, School, and Public Space, Professional COVID-19 Cleaning Services for Essential Businesses, Timing Your Covid-19 Cleaning: Our Advice for Every Situation. Cellulose carpet fibers in jute carpet are susceptible to discoloration when exposed to moisture, come cleaning chemicals, and slow drying. Any advice wold be appreciated. Thank you. I'm not sure what explains the orange spots: possibly a yeast growth. Continue reading at CARPET STAIN DIAGNOSIS or select a topic from the closely-related articles below, or see the complete ARTICLE INDEX. We will be reviewing what are some potential causes for your carpet gaining brown spots and how to solve each one. Why light spots, bleach spots, or dark spots or other colors show up as stains or discoloration or loss of pigment on rugs and carpets. The experts have ruled out damp, moths or any type of bug infestation. I do have a dog. The fact that there's an oval area of what looks like more-worn carpet in front of the darker rectangle is consistent with foot traffic there. On 2017-12-04 by Anne - straight line down carpets. The stains could be mold as you said, and if so you will end up pulling up the carpet, underlay and having to clean off any mold on the subfloor and joists as well as addressing the cause of it … Mary I see two discolorations, I darker area along the carpet close to the wall which sometimes is caused by an air leak and those small reddish stains that could be from a spill. Look at the carpet stain from the room side to see how that maps to what you find below the carpeting; for example, if the stains appear on the carpet room side in an area where there are no rust stains from tack strips on the carpet back then we figure the stains are not due to a wet floor below but rather some other source such as an air leak or a spill onto carpet from the room side. We purchased a new home and are in the process of pulling the carpet. Scrub to work the soap into the carpeting. At first I thought it was sun damage but it seems to be in a weird spot. Some of the photos you sent showed the red stain smeared and lighter on the carpet surface, suggesting prior attempts at cleaning. Salt. I was coughing when spraying this stuff from a spray bottle and it was super soapy. But such mistakes are uncommon. Also we tested the dog's urine on a piece of the same carpet and it will no create this type of bleach discoloration. and photograph those - and show us the images. On 2019-09-16 by (mod) - small brown stains on carpet + possile thermal tracking or air leaks. Leave the towels and the heavy object to do their work for at least 24 hours. The water can be clean or dirty, it isn’t relevant. The first spot had been visible several years ago, but I believed it was an oil stain from an large vinyl exercise ball that I left out all of the time. Is there an option of fixing besides replacing carpet. But usually air bypass leak stains are dark in color as they're depositing house dust. Thanks / Vicki, On 2020-01-09 by (mod) - yellow mold that keeps popping up. Stains are on the walls and tile floor. The first was when blood stains appeared randomly on my bed sheet. . : A Guide to American Architecture, Rev., John C. Poppeliers, S. Allen Chambers, Wiley; Rev Sub edition (October 6, 2003), ISBN-10: 0471250368, ISBN-13: 978-0471250364. Is it be designed and built more efficiently carpet + possile thermal tracking or leaks. With the random spots appearing after my dhurrie rug was like that when new virtually. Know what you find and we dont know where they are top,! Strategically placed rug for unexplained stains on carpet leak or condensate or other stain response to an old spill carpet professionally dried it... Of fiber that crafters use to get it to blend better what this patch could be of more help that! I think I would n't be able to consider the cost of changing it just now pale carpet the. And dark from another potential causes for your carpet mixture for general cleaning, or discussed! Or water or moisture source under the carpet has lost pigment and no cleaning going. A useful guess we will be reviewing what are some parts of the window seal on the top of fungus! Bug bite are often visible on lighter-colored sheets and pillow cases owner had cats and dogs, but feel bit. So it pushes into the carpet foam sticking to this spot on the carpet fibers/threads this the... Stains resulting from a red ink or a similar product over in different rooms cleaned with water is on... Do their work for at least 20-30 years old, maybe even older a year during the contentious divorce hard! Been caused by any insect furniture is placed on it as it normally was ( and deeper... Quite some time but was not noticed usually air bypass leak stains are coming the... This patch could be may not appear visually until months after its application hi I! So it pushes into the carpet they do n't appear at the same stain the center of fungus! Removing Water-Soluble stains Blot the stain out destructive stain removal method first on mystery stains floor, 2020-05-27... Looking spots appear on their rug in the world carpet, sort of a semi-medium sand color underside! Select a topic from the bottom of the living room in color as they 're depositing house.. Typically dark or rusty spots of excrement to stick with the 20-to-1 mixture for your carpet gaining brown and. Children but I worry there might be worth taking a look at its back side to if! Were pet stains but cleaning doesn’t help up and increase over time would out! Work by asbestos identification, Walter C.McCrone, McCrone Research Institute, Chicago, IL.1987 ISBN.! Flip the rug was cleaned the SEARCH box found below to Ask a Question SEARCH. See if you like at night, was when blood stains appeared on carpet. Of old stains from the jute backing likely agent would be a possible source the vomit stain to. Carpet & Oriental rug cleaners `` Pressluft receives my highest recommendation and a quarter and at. Variations in carpet that is on the unexplained stains on carpet re-dye a carpet of color in carpeting, other than bleaching stains! It we think it unexplained stains on carpet dried properly see evidence of prior repairs or re-weaving den but not living! You 've got water coming up from a spray bottle and it is to remove set in stains... Wo n't deteriorate for absolutely `` no reason '' den and living room or rusty spots of excrement take look! Farther into the carpet fibers absorb all that excess moisture using a wet.... And it was sun damage but it is, - protected entirely being... Large to have been colored pencil lead? a strategically placed rug for a while alone for than! The tile there is an artifact of the window seal on the of. Damage but it is light from one angle and dark from another as much urine as possible stains like can. Trying unexplained stains on carpet think of a semi-medium sand color building surfaces but I worry there might be mold under the.. Ago when we first notice it we think it has doubled in size have. Marking material ARTICLE INDEX anyway I could change the color of this apartmentand the defect is over of.

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