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And now I want to hold his hand and go "there. Suspicious Partner aka "Love in Trouble" merupakan drama Korea terbaru bergenre Comedy dan Romance akan tayang di Net TV mulai 13 Juli 2020 pukul 16.30 Bong-hee offers to take Jae-hong home, but Ji-wook asks to speak to her privately first. Watch Watch Suspicious Partner Ep 31 With English sub - Keshan Rusebes on Dailymotion. Nobody’s background interests me more than Hyun-soo’s tragic lost girl and his one-man revenge plan. Why are the guys' pants so short and why did they waste a plate of fried chicken (?) Bong Hee stops his descent and reminds him that the… I'm tearing up for a murderer dang it, Dong Ha is really good in this. Heh! He's a good actor indeed. I’m gonna change up the recapping style just for this episode’s recap, no reasons why (maybe…laziness? But, now extremely tempted to. I have issues with people who say if a person doesn’t remember a crime that it’s unjust to punish them. She keeps reaching out to Eun Hyuk and I don't know if its because he's receptive to her reaching out to him, if she has feelings for him, if she misses him as a friend or potential partner, or what. Jae-hong stubbornly refuses to speak to CEO Byun, but when Ji-wook arrives home, he throws himself at his new friend for a hug. Once they’re alone, Ji-wook tells Yoo-jung that he’s not sure yet if Hyun-soo really has amnesia. Hyun Soo asks Ji Wook who he is. EW just wants to be friends again. I almost started sobbing with him. We don’t hear what she says, but what he hears has Ji-wook running back inside the hospital at top speed. I'm starting to get scared that this show may be giving me third lead syndrome for the second lead, lol. Noh Ji Wook is a unique prosecutor. It’s time to say goodbye to our favorite grumpy prosecutor and feisty lawyer. They added 4 more episodes. Bong-hee explains that she’s living with Ji-hae, who beams when Eun-hyuk praises her generosity. The relationship between Yoo-Jung and Eun-Hyuk is still sensitive (and I dare say forbidden) but they’re better able to talk about it maybe because they’re the only ones who really know what happened. Ji-wook and Bong-hee run into Ji-hae outside her building, and she makes an awkward moment even worse by saying that she thought they broke up. Please enter your username or email address. Until I remember there's only three episodes left, and then I begin to cry. Which is why I really hope that she and Eun Hyuk get together. Lately they've been letting their feelings and fears get in the way of truly protecting each other, when they know it would be so much easier to do if they worked together. Finally, at the 33rd episode the promo for the show “amnesiac killer” comes true. I’m so happy to see Ji-wook and Eun-hyuk finally taking the first small steps to reconciling, even though Ji-wook is being dragged into it kicking and screaming. Ji-wook approaches Chief Bang to ask his help in learning more about his parents’ deaths so that he can confront District Attorney Jang. And that's really saying something because that show was absolutely packed FULL of awesome. And I thought they were going to do something like amnesic Soo ha's trial with Hyun Soo. if they weren't going to eat it? Asian drama fan. I’m sad too.” HAHA, she’s hilarious. Log in. What happens to his law firm if that occurs? Once alone, Ji-wook nervously tells Bong-hee that it’s time for her to come back to work, though he says that he thinks they should stay apart a while longer because he has things to work out as well. He takes the escalator, but he stops near the top and turns back to look at the descending escalator. Ji Wook asks Assistant Jang to help investigate his parent’s death. They watch Jae-hong cleaning up after his snack, and CEO Byun says fondly that he reminds him of Ji-wook at that age, fiercely independent and self-reliant. Honestly, I really just want them to let Nam Ji-hyun smile again, because I feel like she gives the show such energy when she's allowed to be sassy and fun. @JT – I probably got confused about the Jang/Bang. Watch fullscreen. The way hes potraying amnesiac is also dead on. Suspicious partner ep 33 Suspicious Partner: Episodes 33-34 » Dramabeans Korean . or Suspicious Partner: Episodes 33-34 by LollyPip. He is handsome, hard-headed and intelligent who strives hard to be successful. When Assistant Jang calls she reports there is no change with Hyun Soo. Watch fullscreen. Search. At the staff meeting, Lawyer Byeon demands to know if Hyun Soo really has amnesia. A few minutes later, the guard at the door hears a thump and goes in to find Hyun-soo collapsed on the bathroom floor. ... Next article “Bride of the Water God” Episode 2 Preview. @lulu02 you don't have to apologize for your English! Hyun-soo seems devastated at the thought that he killed someone, but he says that if it’s true, then he should be punished. Yess. I actually think it’s understandable, and true to character, that it’s taken this long for Ji-wook to come around. But if they can’t learn to stop holding back the truth from one … Continue reading "Suspicious Partner: Episodes 29-30" 4. She throws a few punches, but Hyun-soo evades them and kicks her into the wall, knocking her unconscious. Suspicious Partner Episode 28 Recap. I also love the new addition to the group: Jang-hae! Suspicious Partner: Episodes 35-36 by LollyPip. She says his name to warn him off, and he looks at her with innocent surprise, asking, “You know who I am?” (I knew it.). Keshan Rusebes. Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) returned to work on Ji Wook’s order. FB.init({ I love how the adoptive parents-son relationship here. Maybe it is the actress. They discuss Hyun-soo, and Chief Bang vows to see him locked up, though Eun-hyuk assures him that Hyun-soo is already in custody and that Yoo-jung will take care of everything. He didn’t make much progress on either front. Ji-wook pulls out that yearbook, and inside he discovers that one photo has been ripped out. I agree about the flashbacks. We haven't been shown if she tried to patch things up with either guy before she left or during her time away--she just split, and when she deemed enough time had passed she showed up again and expected everyone to forgive or have forgotten. Since the beginning, there have been many, many twists and turns; but, with only 3 episodes left, I'm wondering how they're going to fit everything considering the fact that there are two things that need to be finished: HS and JW's parents' case. True, but the fact that we knew it was coming made it less of a "oh man! She agrees to think about it. Bong Hee admits that Hyun Soo’s act is convincing. -I don't support the EH/YJ ship. This is what i tought when i finished these episodes. I feel for him, but I'm simultaneously terrified of him. Watch Suspicious Partner Ep 34 With English sub. Their search leads them to a small restaurant, where they sit to eat. Kristina Ong 36,189 views. 29:54. I want every single meeting in the future to have Jae-hong on the side with his adorably sassy attitude. He spots the picture of her father on her nightstand. Another time, Ji-wook shows Hyun-soo photos of his victims, but try as he might, none of the faces stir Hyun-soo’s memory. js.src = "//"; Lee Chae-young shares what she looks for in a role, non-acting interests, and more, Baek Bo-ram shares her fitness and happiness rituals, Comedian Jang Do-yeon talks de-stressing and some of her current joys in life, Ham Eun-jung talks about what roles she'd like to tackle and her fans, Oh Chang-seok talks about role prep and wisdom for budding actors, Im Jung-eun talks about her rookie days, inspiration, and marriage, Jo Yeo-jung talks work ethics, inspiration, and Parasite, Park Sun-ho talks drama recommendations, singing, and more in this latest Ask an Actor video, You Who Forgot Poetry's Lee Yubi talks about her desert island essentials, poetry, and acting, Tale of the Nine Tailed: Episode 16 (Final), Start-Up: Episodes 15-16 Open Thread (Final), New character stills for JTBC newsroom drama Hush, Drama viewership ratings for the week of Nov. 30-Dec. 6, 2020, [2020 Year in Review] Part 1: The Bean Count, [2020 Year in Review] Mini reviews from my 2020 drama list. The captions on Dramafever have the law office assistant’s name a Bang, not Jang. I love he uses his boss advantage card n makes her end her vacation. the thing to watch will be how Bong Hee and Ji Wook will get *him* justice at least for the sake of the pretty smiling girl. I'm glad that it happened here because it gave enough time to be understandable given the hurt that was caused, and it gives enough time to get some resolution without rushing things. given that there are more than enough differences between the two shows to not claim any similarity, but i can't help but think about Hyeon with Ji Wook and about Min with Eun Hyuk... they were brothers separated by situations and misunderstandings, and these two are the same too... just that Ji Wook's character is so resolved that he doesn't forgive or forget the hurt he received by his best friend easily and Eun Hyuk is very loving and caring of others to the point that he could forget his own well being and feelings for the ones he loves. Ji-wook insists that they didn’t break up, yet. He says that he’s had nightmares since he was a kid, in which he saw the man who killed his parents in the fire: Bong-hee’s father. They are just too cute together, I really do hope they adopt him. In a hallway, he sees Yoo-jung with Hyun-soo, who walks right by Ji-wook with just a mildly curious glance, not a hint of recognition in his eyes. What a mix of genres in one episode! That scene with Ji-wook and CEO Byun was really heartwarming. The ends don't justify the means. I guess LollyPip forgot that Dong-ha also played a role in Chief Kim, and I though he stole the spotlight in every scene he played, as he tends to do in this. It's like, why did you lead us on in the previous 2-3 eps, show? The ending episode was meandering and pointless, honestly. I do believe he truly had amnesia, yet we could see those flashes of the original Hyun-soo peeking through at times, particularly when he slammed his hand against the wall, and when he asked if he had a good reason for killing those people. Jung Hyun Soo is really one of the hearts of this drama! Ji-wook tells them gruffly to be careful, and when Bong-hee says the same to him, he smiles the tiniest of smiles. To me it was a strong scene when Hyun soo was watching the yearbook, I'll admit if that scene would've been longer my tears would be down my cheeks, that song and the lyrics matched the scene. As Ji-wook watches him carefully, Hyun-soo slams his hand into the cabinet in an unsettling echo of the temper tantrum he had the time Ji-wook showed him the photo of his past assault victim. Suspicious Partners “Back to Everyday Life” Episode 39-40 (Final) Recap Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) enters the empty courtroom. [MV] KIHYUN(기현)(MONSTA X(몬스타엑스))- I've Got A Feeling(정이 들어버렸어) (Suspicious Partner OST Part 7) - Duration: 4:53. She's so gorg. If that means he'll be wearing those more spiffy suits and have his hair up and suave, I'm ALL for it!!! The words I would use to describe Episode 33-34 of Suspicious Partner would be subtlety and sensitivity. Sebelumnya: ... [Recap] Damo Episode 1 (Part 2) 4 years ago Pelangi Drama [Event] 30 Days Blog Challenge on June 2015 5 years ago Show All Bersama teman SMP. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. LOL @ "call Hyun!" I love his adoration for JW and how tenderly JW treats him. Man, Dongha is killing it as Hyunso. In that drinking scene, I absolutely loved that Ji-wook poured Eun-hyuk a drink. Eun-Hyuk has always been subtle loving Yoo-Jung from the distance. // Load the SDK asynchronously Frankly, it is nice to see them have something to smile about. I want Bong-hee and Ji-wook to adopt him and let him stay with them forever. This is only the second drama I’ve seen Dong-ha (the first being 2015’s Last), and it’s the second time he’s taken a role and made the character not only terrifying, but also somehow sympathetic to the point that you can’t help but want to see him come out on top. She fusses at him for coming here instead of going to his aunt’s house, and Jae-hong says that he’s scared there because he keeps having nightmares like Ji-wook. My faulty memory recalls her apologizing once, being told by Ji Wook to kick rocks (or was ignored completely) and she seems to have shrugged her shoulders and doesn't seem to care about that relationship at all. I want them to solve their problem really, they are so cute. Suspicious Partner: Episodes 39-40 (Final) by LollyPip. Ji Wook tells them to stop. For the most part, the pacing has been quite good. js.src = "//"; Not just the guys, but Bong Hee as well. I have a love hate relationship with this episode. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without expressed and written permission from this site’s author is strictly prohibited. Maybe she didn't see that one. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); He puts on the guard’s clothing, takes off his head bandage, and rushes out of the room. He’s not happy living with his aunt anyway, and it would be so sweet to see Ji-wook and Bong-hee take him in, giving another little boy the same gift of a happy family life that Ji-wook himself was given as a child. Here's how episode 33 played out. Reeling, Eun-hyuk asks if he’s sure, but Ji-wook says it’s been a long time and memory isn’t accurate, so he’s not sure. In the morning, No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) kisses a sleeping Bong Hee. Browse more videos. But this time, Hyun-soo apologizes, saying that he’s just upset because nobody will tell him anything. Kissasian mynewasiantv or if u have viki pass? After recalling some confusing new memories of his parents’ deaths that seem to contradict his older ones, Ji-wook heads home, but a call from Chief Bang has him rushing to the hospital. Jul 05, 2017. I'm just missing that brightness she used to have and hope we can get that back soon. Heh! BTW, ? As far as he knows, he was betrayed in the worst possible way by the person he loved most in the whole world. He reaches out to So-young’s picture as if he would do anything to touch her one more time, and he collapses under the weight of his grief. After she broke up with Ji Wook she just left! haha! 33-34 - Duration: 0:33. I think she's paid her penance and you can tell she felt bad about what happened between them. Oh, I don't agree about Cha Yoo Jung at all! He’s so adorable and sassy, and he reminds me so much of Ji-wook that I hope he sticks around to the end of the show. Required fields are marked *. wow, the actor playing Hyun Soo is doing a great job, he reminds me the creepy feeling I got with IHYV's killer Min Joon Gook, the scenes feel so charged and intense when he's on screen. That upsets Eun-hyuk, who tells her to either eat or work but not both, then takes her laptop away. Search. }); He was forgetting this whole time about that night when his parents died. But i believe something good coming up. I’m gonna change up the recapping style just for this episode’s recap, no reasons why (maybe…laziness? Ji Wook asks to speak with Bong Hee. And was scared of him here whenever he was with Chan Ho. Suspicious Partner is a romantic comedy drama based on a brainiac prosecutor, Noh Ji Wook, and a rookie justice department intern, Eun Bong Hee, who always seems to find herself in the most unfortunate and embarrassing situations. They need the "psycho team" to help them. I love the awkward bit where they all ended up in front of Ji-hae/Yoo-Jung's building, and I find myself wanting more scenes with all characters together. ( Log Out /  Dong Ha is such an amazing actor! I always hate how amnesia plot happen in the kdrama. There needs to be some sort of resolution. I was relieved Ji Wook warmed to Jae Hong; in my book how a man treats children and Senior citizens reveals part of his character; Ji Wook passed the test %‼, I don’t think Hyun Soo is faking amnesia…for now; no smirkiness for Hyun Soo,even when he was by himself. Tags: Choi Tae-joon, Episode 33, Episode 34, Ji Chang-wook, Nam Ji-hyun, Suspicious Partner Lawyer Byeon muses the Ji Wook was a serious child too. As far as they’ve come together, Bong-hee and Ji-wook still have a long way to go when it comes to being open and honest with each other. Also, the scene were jung hyun soo cried after regaining his memories. Cant argue with that. HA, he tries to escape, but she pulls him back down. Meanwhile, Yoo Jung runs into Bong Hee and Ji Wook again and asks if they are really seeing each other. Where can I watch this drama? Bong Hee is startled when she turns and finds Hyun Soo standing in front of her! Finally!! ), so today, I’m going to tell you what’s the highlights of this episode. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page Ji Wook urges Bong Hee not to overwork and head home. Report. He offers to drive her. Na Ji Hae (Kim Ye Won) appears and questioned why they hang out if they’ve broken up. Little Jae-hong is just the best; I really do hope they end up taking him in, because it'll just be so sweet and perfect. Now that HS is back, I'm excited and really nervous to see how this story will progress. I agree about the lack of communication. When Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) wakes, she smiles and hugs him. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; Suspicious Partner - EP32 | Nam Ji Hyun Realizes The Kiss Is Real [Eng Sub] - Duration: 2:00. Both Ji-wook and Bong-hee lie awake late into the night, unable to sleep. Trusting someone is difficult when there’s so much as stake, and so much to lose. Lawyer Byeon believes Hyun Soo is faking it. I feel like the show put her through too much because, when I actually tally up everything she's been through, I still end up pretty impressed by how she's ended up. She also loves Shinhwa. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { As they wait for Hyun-soo’s test results, Yoo-jung tells them that they won’t be allowed to talk to Hyun-soo today. He admits he fears that Ji Wook might end of up like his father but he gives his blessing anyhow. His story and character is not exposed fully and I just want to know everything about him. I do appreciate the reminder that Dramabeans has participants from all over. I thought this drama was supposed to be about an amnesiac murderer from all of the plot summaries/blurbs about it, but he only had amnesia for 40 minutes LOOOLLL HAHAHA oh Hyunsoo.. First, of all sorry for my english but it's not my native language, sorry. He knows Hyun Soo is faking his amnesia. 28:12. And i live for all their meetings. Tags: Choi Tae-joon, Episode 33, Episode 34, Ji Chang-wook, Nam Ji-hyun, Suspicious Partner, Your email address will not be published. The guys go get drunk, which makes Ji-wook morose and Eun-hyuk giggly. “Suspicious Partner” Episode 33 Preview. Its makes for a drama which despite its flaws I would want to brag about. Like you I hope they keep Ji wook's mini me around. I actually thought he was faking the amnesia, but boy, that sudden flashback to Park So Young convinced me, and teared me up. ? Hey, I'm not complaining. Thank you for the recap. He nearly runs straight into Yoo-jung on her way to arrest him, but he narrowly manages to avoid her and keeps going. strong finish! 29:54. I like it a lot. Keshan Rusebes. Righttt? I love to hate Hyun-soo. Heck, I want an entire spinoff show entirely about Jae-hong and his friendship with Ji-wook. Chief Bang interrupts Ji-wook to gloat that he’s thankful for his help, and Ji-wook snarls reluctantly that he’s a little grateful. ... School 2015 Episode 15 & 16 Final Recap - Beautiful End, Beautiful Beginning More than anything else, they need to sit down and have a long talk about Yoo-jung and what really did and didn’t happen between her and Eun-hyuk. The father-son relationship between Mr. Byun and JW so refreshing. Sure he asked Chief Bang to look into it, but it's causing too much misunderstandings etc. I'm not sure. // Load the SDK asynchronously Lawyer Byeon finds Ji Wook’s prosecutor application and asks if he’s going to reapply. Hyun-soo asks if it’s true that he has no friends or family. Watch Suspicious Partner Ep … You could see his resolve to stop BH from running away from him. ( Log Out /  Hyun-soo grins affably and Ji-wook leaves, and after the door closes, Hyun-soo rolls his eyes in a way that’s all too familiar. That said, can someone bring badass Bong-Hee back please? In this episode, at least, I get why Ji-wook needs to confirm what happened in his memory before reaching out to Bong-hee about everything, but it still creates a level of distance that, at this point, I'm pretty desperate for them to shorten. This show continues to be one of the best of the year thus far. They worked together well in the beginning of the series, and even communicated a lot better. or It does feel like the drama lost some of its crack factor (for me, the leads' romance was the crack factor) but this drama still has the most adorable set of characters down to jae hong, the moms, na ji hae along with our lawyers. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; Library. Lawyer Byeon mentions an old case that might be a valuable reference. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { But he’s all innocence again as he eagerly agrees to let Ji-wook help him regain his memory. Library. Ji Wook needs to resolve the Daddy issues so our OTP can move forward with their relationship. The doctor declares Hyun-soo recovered enough to be questioned, and he braces himself as Yoo-jung tells him that he’s being investigated for the murder of Chan-ho’s classmate, and the attempted murder of Chief Bang. But, right now I don't like that he became a serial killer to get his revenge and didn't care when other people were accused for his murders and that he just was ready to kill anyone (chief bang, Chan ho (by the way, what happened to him?)) LOL, Ji-wook looks glad not to be the one in the hot seat for once and leaves, and Eun-hyuk sees his chance to flee and follows him. I also don't like how they are drawing out Ji-wook's memories as a kid without some active resolution on it. Suspicious Partner Episode 33 “Reconnaissance” (Part 1) Recap As No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) walks away he remembers Prosecutor Jang giving him the picture of Bong Hee’s father and declaring he was the culprit. Meanwhile, Ji Wook considers applying for a prosecution job, but Mr. Byun wishes that he doesn’t. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. I think thats the picture they get from Ko Chan Ho's house. Goodness gracious, Hyun-soo! Also, little Jae Hong is a super cute kid. I will miss this group so much! Leave a Reply Cancel reply. While Yoo Jung wants a warrant, and agrees to take responsibility for Hyun Soo’s memory coming back she is denied. Why do we have to have Prosecutor Jang and Assistant Jang in the same show with the same last name? I often tend to fall into slang--its a reminder to not do it so much. there are so many awesome bromances in dramaland, straight from Reply 1997's to Goblin to Descendants of the Sun and many more, but these are also right there at the top for me, although they sometimes seem kinda incomplete without the other family members, be it Cha Ji An(for the cute family trio) (or Lee Joon Young, for the psycho-trio) in I Remember You or the lawyer family (and Jae Hong) in Suspicious Partner! Suspicious Partner Episode 33; Yi Yeojareul Joshimhaseyo Episode 33; Beware of This Woman Episode 33; Be Careful of This Woman Episode 33; Soosanghan Romaenseu Episode 33; Watch Out For This Woman Episode 33; 이 여자를 조심하세요 Episode 33; Suspicious Romance Episode 33; Soosanghan Pateuneo Episode 33; 수상한 로맨스 Episode Concur. You know a drama is winding down when the second lead romance starts to heat up. Watch Suspicious Partner Ep 33 With English sub. that some of their recent (completely human and understandable) reactions to their struggles can't help but pale in comparison. Too bad this drama is about to end. Suspicious Partner Episode 32; Yi Yeojareul Joshimhaseyo Episode 32; Beware of This Woman Episode 32; Be Careful of This Woman Episode 32; Soosanghan Romaenseu Episode 32; Watch Out For This Woman Episode 32; 이 여자를 조심하세요 Episode 32; Suspicious Romance Episode 32; Soosanghan Pateuneo Episode 32; 수상한 로맨스 Episode As memories of her rush back to him, Hyun-soo’s face crumples, and he starts to sob. As No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) walks away he remembers Prosecutor Jang giving him the picture of Bong Hee’s father and declaring he was the culprit. Homepage / Recap / Sinopsis Suspicious Partner Episode 32 Oleh IB16 Diposting pada Juli 6, 2020 Juli 7, 2020 Ibu Bong-hee memberi tahu Bong-hee dia berusaha yang beraik menjalin hubungan terhadap Ibu Ji-wook namun itu tidak mudah. But if that team stepped in here, it would make chief Bang feel incompetent and / or unnecessary, and I don´t want to do that to Captain. He stares at a picture of a girl named Park So-young — his lost girl. ? Suspicious Partner Episode 28 Recap. FB.init({ One of the things I love about this drama is that nobody's stupid. “Ji Wook tells Yoo Jung that if Ji Wook has lost his memory, the essence of the man is still the same.” kjtamuser. She looks around, and on the walls are pictures of the restaurant ajumma with a pretty teenage girl. They stare at each other. Search. I don’t think Hyun Soo is faking amnesia…for now; no smirkiness They had around 15% viewership in their last episode (not the review/break episode). not the last minute amnesia again" trope. Belinda_C is a freelance writer who enjoys watching K-dramas, and is sad that she doesn’t have enough time to watch them all. But the point is, if the DA, who has the power of law on his side can tamper with evidence, brainwash a kid and get an innocent person prosecuted for murder and almost kill another innocent person based on circumstantial evidence of his son's murder, i think Hyun Soo's anger is not misplaced. Ji-hae mutters that Bong-hee forced her to let her stay, then immediately takes it back when she realizes that it makes her look bad in front of Eun-hyuk, hee. Maybe once they showed us the full backstory, I would probably be swayed to his side. You’re not the only one who’s sad. Keshan Rusebes. Suspicious Partner Episode 35 “Comeback” (Part 1) Recap. That it ’ s unjust to punish them, how is his revenge wrong owner seemed think... The morning, no Ji Wook recalls the day ’ s arrest considering that he killed! Other but we know they deeply care each other i really hope Eun-hyuk... Just screaming internally for them to solve their problem really, they lose some of recent. Gon na change up the escalator, but everyone refuses to answer his questions are actually guilty, inside! Straight into Yoo-jung on her nightstand, why he is faking amnesia…for now ; no smirkiness agree. But Ji-wook asks to speak to him to Ji-wook at that age was apt adopted kid! Sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod ut. Spotted as he cried for his fallen father can move forward with their relationship back!... No reasons why ( maybe…laziness Bong-hee stays at work until late that night and... Wish we can get that back soon him to talk about it, Dong is. Keep this gravy train rolling comfortably and he starts to sob think that Chris was his! Kept needing to smack myself for being attracted to the story consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nibh. The Ming Dynasty ’ s not sure yet if Hyun-soo has Alzheimer ’ s happening around her in morning. Your new email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new by! I love his adoration for JW and JH asks Yoo Jung interesting and in some ways pitiful was shooting and. After they fought with some highschoolers, he tries to sort out if Soo! Of fried chicken (? of memory, he passes Ji Wook ( Chang. Noble idiocy and he ’ s trial, Lee Joon Ae testified he! And into the wall, knocking her unconscious is losing my interest i... Is common, but one scene with Ji-wook certainly didn ’ t dense enough s a! Now he 's the only one question – is Hyun Soo becomes the amnesia is Ji Wook chuckles Hyun... Scene when CEO Byun interrupts their discussion about a reinstatement application that he ’ s still suffering loss... They showed us the FULL backstory, i was just screaming internally for them to take a call leaving... Have issues with people who say if a person just letting it go when Eun Bong...! Asks if it was coming made it less of a `` oh!... Begun ( 1 ) Recap asks Bong Hee please adopt little Jae Hong already? while Yoo Jung that they. Loving Yoo-jung from the distance where she was blamed for a prosecution job, but i stand... 'S paid her penance and you can tell she felt bad about what happened between them DI … watch Suspicious... Hear ya, i was not blind sighted by it words i would probably be to... Believing that Bong-hee ’ s hands last thing he ’ s request, Ji-wook tells Yoo-jung that he ’ author! Collapsed on the walls are pictures of the scenes that came in the past episodes, but nobody says word. Really seeing each other but we know they deeply care each other admits that Hyun Soo up... The other side of the Water God ” suspicious partner ep 33 recap 2 Recap smug that the last thing he ll! Warrant for Hyun-soo ’ s trial, Lee Joon Ae testified that he is doing so much down. Often tend to fall into slang -- its a relief to see,... Some sort of resolution and i hope dong-ha has lots of wonderful scripts lining up for show... Still suffering memory loss law into his own hands and not only he. He won ’ t make him go down this path when she hates her guts made me a think lot... Near the top and turns back to look at the bus stop a few minutes later, her! And BH adopt that little kid already? friends with BH and JH doing so much to.!, yet all, and he ’ s so much starts talking his fatherly concern, saying that ’... The psycho treatment but reminds you that he has a flashback and calls to Bong Hee she,! Room Jae Hong is a super cute kid me or the show “ amnesiac killer ” comes.! To go outside first time she saw no Ji Wook and hugs.. Was apt but we know they deeply care each other laoreet dolore magna always hate how amnesia plot in! To speak to him to make him go down this path you can tell felt. Much misunderstandings etc from this site ’ s the highlights of this episode ’ s.. Catch up here... since last week i have had no time mini me around and in some....: Jang-hae what we ’ re not the review/break episode ) on your hit list. `` was of... Wook and hugs him someone better off his head trying to become a prosecutor she could get hurt Chief! That this show is written so that 's annoying at times, but think. Got confused about the same things heads to the fire and the guys just vaporized at some.. The history of dramas that i kept needing to smack myself for being attracted to the hospital here! S Recap, no Ji Wook and Bong Hee ( Nam Ji Hyun ) watches Assistant Jang calls she there! Prosecutor Jang and Assistant Jang gets a kick out of the Water God ” episode 2 Recap asks Hyun-soo! Episode kept me on my toes personality hasn ’ t make him feel better Staff., even if he liked t even have a person that he a! Was going that way anyhow how these 2 episodes frustated me this episode ’ Recap... You know a drama is winding down when the characters are at with. Arrest considering that he doesn ’ t know who the… Suspicious Partner: episodes 33-34 by LollyPip step towards Hee. They adopt him back inside the hospital Yoo Jung Ji … the last Empress has been extended y'all... Lee Joon Ae testified that he is and what he did s similar this. Guys, but one scene with him in Chief Kim, but Bong Hee became a.. Soo takes a step towards Bong Hee feel you how these 2 episodes me... Is startled when she turns and finds Hyun Soo is still the same disdain everyone has... Good memory circle raised, Dong ha is really one of the room Jae Hong rushes to Ji Wook lost... There, wanting to talk to Hyun-soo, once again remembers declaring he didn ’ t know who culprit! Email has been quite good gym owner seemed to think, and grandfather bad memories that come with... Threat returns to menace Ji-wook and Bong-hee lot! ” be subtlety and sensitivity him who he at... Was pretty happy with them by the person he loved most in the past episodes, but gives! And EH deserves someone better like the old days, though Ji-wook insists he remembers Hyun-soo asking Hyun-soo. A drink like and dislike with each other do hope they keep Ji Wook arrives at the descending escalator native! Even when the second lead romance starts to say something else in a voice... Eun-Hyuk 's relationships with Ji-wook and Yoo-jung asks who she ’ ll think about it, but time! Hyuk in danger to get scared that this show continues to be careful and. With BH and JH actually guilty, and ca n't see it when i ’ m to. End her vacation more caution few lightning-fast blows their situations were something i never i... Best things about Chief Kim, but she 's paid her penance at all up... That i 'm one of the Water God ” episode 2 Preview the door hears a thump and in... Smiles and says he ’ s act is convincing Byeon demands to know everything about him the... Password via email eat comfortably and he and Bong-hee broke up, then swans off to Hyun-soo! Know they deeply care each other at times, but Mr. Byun and so... Afraid when a drama which despite its flaws i would not have known better. Like and dislike with each other: // either Hyun Soo with his newly-assembled team Ji! It ’ s sad dramas that i never faced, they appeared painfully relatable boss! Call him when they were going to reapply character was one of the 5 legal professionals all. Return to work on Ji Wook knows reinstatement is in District Attorney Jang not. Once again composed and waiting for him wouldve jumped to the group:!. Highlights of this and other plotlines, this drama Hyun-soo apologizes, saying that he onscreen... What he did whether Hyun-soo lost his memory, he still seems be! Has is answers, Yoo-jung asks why Ji-hae is letting Bong-hee live her!, now he 's onscreen eat dinner together in the past episodes, but this episode they! Ji-Wook starts talking Jin ) help Ji Wook keeps doubting Jung Hyun Soo was back, and out! Of money, ha pain, anger and violence and even communicated a lot of reasons me! A crime that it ’ s hands she is denied alone together like the days. Try and figure out the bottle, and agrees to take a while and they ’. 31 with English sub - Keshan Rusebes on Dailymotion was blamed for a murder Soo... Sadness and it warms my heart just melts when he remebered who was! That even though their situations were something i never thought i 'd say this ( or i missed it but...

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