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A list of potential substitutes, if you can't get hold of Lang Yarns Wool Addicts Hope, with detailed advice and warnings about any differences. Trust by Wool Addicts. Schnelle Lieferung: 1-2 Werktage Versandkostenfreie Lieferung in DE ab 10,- € Sicher Einkaufen 100% Geld zurückJetzt auch mit Rechnung, 50% Alpaka/Acryl/Wolle - 65m/50g - Nadel 4,5-5, Modellpaket inkl. The result is a cloudy, foamy look in vibrant colours. float: left; $36.99. $9.99. color:#59B0E3; Hand wash cool, lay flat to dry. , absteigend, Titel About this yarn EARTH. Alpaca. } ] }. } Wolle und Gratis-Anleitung. Hand wash cool, lay flat to dry. } The sky is the limit as Air knits into cozy accessories, ponchos, sweaters, & cardigans. Sind Sie damit nicht einverstanden, klicken Sie bitte hier. Knit dramatic accessories & warm, outdoor garments. A chained thread made of supersoft merino. .otp_bullet img { 1 5 5 1 . padding-top: 8px; Dansk sy vejledning! display:none; $('body').on('click', '.otp_bullet', function(e){ }); Hand wash cool, lay flat to dry. Wool. .product-thumb .otp_bullets { 84% Extrafine Merino Wool, 16% Nylon vertical-align: middle; 84% Virgin wool (Merino extrafine) 16% Nylon anti-felting-finished. Lang Wool Addicts Respect . Chlupatá směs alpaky a merina od švýcarské značky Lang yarns. Quick shop. Wool Addicts Water – 0070 Dark Grey Marle $ 19.95 $ 12.00 Add to Cart; Sale! } Rowan ... A chain yarn in a soft blend of merino, alpaca and a little nylon to create a lofty fabric. 92% Extrafine Merino Wool, 8% Nylon WOOLADDICTS #2 BY LANG YARNS, , spring 2019 . Code: New modern patterns. a.otp_bullet { Description: Wool Addicts Respect is a lofty and airy chain yarn, with the softness of merino, the warmth of alpaca and the durability of nylon. An extremely light & airy, yet warm yarn. Lang Yarns Wooladdicts Trust - A soft and hairy yarn with a slightly wavy structure made of a mix of alpaca and merino wool. Yarn > Trust by Wool Addicts. padding: 2px; Code: Wool Addicts Pattern Book #4 Spring-Summer 2020 35 designs & accessories in WoolAddicts yarns The second instruction booklet for the new yarns from WOOLADDICTS by Lang Yarns. Hand wash cool, lay flat to dry. .otp_bullets { Splendid alpaca and merino combined, to keep you warm even after the sun sets. width: 100%; border: 1px solid #000000; } 3 yarns - Liberty, Happiness, Sunshine, 3 color worlds and consciously on the essential reduced knitwear with 35 models. $38.00 $38.00. WoolAddicts by Lang Yarns Wool Addicts was developed with simple lines and designs in modern, natural fibers and in three worlds of color: aqua, gold and blush along with neutrals of beige and grey and jewel tones of amber, moss and amethyst. Lang Wool Addicts. TRUST us! font-size:12pt; Earth - Wooladdicts by Lang YARNS . There's lots of merino to spark the creative light in you. } stashed 182 times. Fire is the chunkiest member of the WOOLADICTS family. Wool Addicts AIR Colored merino fibers are airspun around a core of nylon. }); position: relative; { "@type" : "ContactPoint", Journal.NOTIFICATION_BUTTONS = '

'; Wool Addicts Water – 0026 Beige $ 19.95 $ 12.00 Add to Cart; Sale! "logo" : "https://theyarnguy.com/image/homepage/theyarnguy-website.jpg", Description: SECONDS : "Sec" COPYRIGHT © 1996-2018 THEYARNGUY.COM | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Add To Cart. Wool Addicts, Hip new range from Lang for the young and young at heart. Knitting wool shop in Melbourne with a large range of yarn from Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Im ersten Anleitungsbuch WOOLADDICTS #1 können Sie sich in drei Themenwelten entführen lassen: "Sea Spray" (Gischt), "Cute, but.." (Süß, aber ...) und "Shine it out" (Strahl es aus). float: left; "contactType" : "customer service" Lang Yarns Wooladdicts Water - A 100% crimped baby alpaca wool with a wavy structure. A chained thread made of supersoft merino. 32 - 50. $('ol.rounded a:eq(4)').cluetip({cluetipClass: 'rounded', dropShadow: false}); color:#59B0E3; Add to cart. color: #2e3236; "name" : "TheYarnGuy.com (Sew'n Knit'n Serge Outlet)", Skladem (1 ks) 255 Kč Detail. MINUTES : "Min", Air - NEW YARN , aufsteigend, Poncho Out-Of-The-Blue aus WOOLADDICTS Glory, Pullover Summit View aus WOOLADDICTS Fire, Tuch Closing Chapter aus WOOLADDICTS Love, Cardigan Shining Soul aus WOOLADDICTS Glory, * Alle Preise inkl. 8 results Sort by: Quick shop.
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