types of land snails in florida

Campeloma limum 115a, 115b). Shell with darker colored spiral chords that may be smooth or wavy. Lip of adult shell usually with a thick crest externally and an internal callus. Spire long, 1.3-1.7 times length of aperture, convex in outline; shell relatively large and nearly cylindrical; 4.0-4.9 mm long; whorls 5.0-5.7, strongly rounded with a deeply impressed suture (Fig. Four species currently are recognized, but the genus has received very little study over most of its range. Shell cylindric-conical with 4.5-5.0 whorls. Some recent additions to the British list which are still very rare are mentioned as a note next to the species as which they would probably key out. One of the largest and most damaging snails on Earth, giant African land snails (GALS) first invaded southern Florida in the 1960s. One species, C. chinensis malleatus (Reeve, 1863) (Fig. The aquatic snail fauna of the southeastern United States has long been recognized for its richness and diversity. (Pilsbry and Beacher, 1892). Color of fresh shell never milky white. Nat. The Pleurodontidae (superfamily Helicoidea) is a family of air-breathing land snails found throughout much of the tropics. POMATIOPSIDAE Sexes strongly dimorphic in size, males about half as long as females. 169, 172). (Dall, 1885). 151, 152). Acad. Three other species occur farther north. dalli Shell cylindric-conical, solid opaque; 4.5-4.9 moderately rounded whorls. 4, 5). Terminal lobe of penis slender. Thompson, F. G. 1969. Snails were brought to the U.S. from Europe in the 1850, with the idea that they would be a … The radula can be studied by dissecting out the buccal mass and macerating it in clorox or sodium hydroxide. Floridobia vanhyningi Shell ovate, smooth or with fine raised riblets; riblets usually on the anterior slope when present. Shell elongate. Penis with 7-50 papillae along right margin and 1-4 papillae along distal third of left margin (Figs. 99). (Linnaeus, 1758). (Thompson, 1968). Whorls of spire pointed and scalariform (steplike with nearly flat shoulders and deep sutures). Rotund Mysterysnail Shell with prominent ribs and spiral chords on all whorls. Newborn young about 4.5 mm in diameter (this can be determined by removing juveniles from brood pouch). Outer lip nearly straight and parallel to axis of shell in adults (Fig. 1980. Penis with large papilla on right margin near base and one or two papillae on left margin near distal end (Figs. Mesa Rams-horn Prominent vertical ribs on middle and upper whorls. 141). Some hydrobiid snails from Georgia and Florida. Magic cone sea snail poison has roughly 50,000 different components, referred to as conotoxics. Never preserve shell specimens in formalin. Apex with fine radial striations (Figs. Penis with 4-6 papillae along right margin (Fig. One species occurs naturally in Florida, and three others have been introduced. After the shells are thoroughly rinsed, they can be air-dried in cardboard trays. Elimia annae Shell more slender, about 0.30-0.35 times as wide as high. Newborn shells white. Outer lip less sinuous. Average length about 4 mm (Figs. Adams, 1841). (Thompson, 1968). Shell with 5.0-6.5 whorls; about 3-5 mm long (Fig. (Weatherby, 1879). About fifteen species have been described from North America. The bodies of large snails, such as viviparids and pilids, should be pulled from the shell. Dipping them in a dilute solution of oxalic acid and gently scrubbing them with a fine brush can clean such specimens. (Gould, 1841). 1979b. 204-207), often eroded in older specimens. Shell glossy. B. Apex of shell slightly convex in outline. Size smaller than last species, seldom exceeding 10 mm in width (Figs.194-196). Aperture without serrate denticles on parietal wall. 80). Conus magus. 174-176). It became increasingly important to provide an identification manual of the freshwater snails of Florida for many reasons. Peristome complete around aperture. Adult shells about 40 – 70 mm high (Fig. One of the most infamous examples of this is the introduction of Florida’s Rosy Wolf Snail, a predator of other snails, brought from Florida to the Hawaiian Islands to try and control populations of the Giant African Snail that had been accidentally brought to Hawaii in the 1940s. Lymnaeids are a nearly cosmopolitan family of freshwater snails. Aperture elliptical and usually attached to preceding whorl; 4.1-4.5 whorls present. Armored Siltsnail The family contains numerous genera and species, some of which are important medically as intermediate hosts for trematode parasites. Shell medium-sized, 3.0-3.8 mm long; thinner, translucent or transparent in life; tear-shaped; spire raised and nearly straight-sided, pointed; body whorl less conspicuously enlarged, not descending to aperture along last half whorl. In 1976 in the St. Johns River 1 found Melanoides tuberculatus with population densities of 10,000/m2. Incremental striations uniformly weak. Elimia dickinsoni 19-21). Eight species have been proposed. Female ovoviviparous with about 50 embryos in uterus; embryos clearly evident through clean shells. Shell globose with a relatively depressed spire; about 1.0- 1.2 times as high as wide. Vertical sculpture reduced to irregularly spaced and uneven growth striations or low undulating ribs. (Mihalcik & Thompson, 2002). The coloration of the aperture and the embryonic shell is not consistent within single population samples, and the contour of the outer lip is highly variable within single drainage systems and with the age of the specimens examined. 10-12). Shell elliptical-ovate in shape. Snails and Slugs. Malacological Review, 24: 55-72. Shell unicolor, with distinct vertical sculpture in addition to strong spiral sculpture. (Thompson, 1968). However, this appears to be an over reduction, and several southern species were synonymized that appear worthy of recognition. Basal lip of peristome deeply receded. J. Clench and Ruth P. Turner (1956) published a survey of the fauna from the Suwannee River west to the Escambia River. (Lamark, 1822). 146). Conical with relatively obese whorls. Amnicola dalli. Black-crested Elimia) Elimia albanyensis (Lea, 1864). Click on images to enlarge them. Mantle diffusely pigmented with melanophores (Fig. Vertical ribs smooth along the periphery, strongly developed (Fig. Penis with 0-6 papillae confined to right margin (Figs. Shell sculpture with incremental striations only. Shell coiled to the right, with the aperture on the right side (Figs. Shell unicolor, never banded. Adults 9-15 mm wide (Figs. Earlier whorls of adult shell with heavy vertical ribs crossed by knobby folds or a strong spiral chord; sides of spire straight or weakly convex in lateral profile; embryonic shell with a single spiral chord on periphery and heavy vertical ribs, but without basal spiral chord (Fig. The LIOPLACINAE is endemic and include Campeloma, Lioplax, and Tulotoma. Fossaria modicella Small- or medium-sized snails need to be identified with the aid of a binocular dissecting microscope that is equipped with an ocular micrometer calibrated to 0.1 mm accuracy so that precise measurements can be made. The family attains its greatest diversity in Southeast Asia. It should be remembered that it is only a key which emphasizes shell characters. Penis with a few simple scattered superior tubercles on outer surface; parapical crest on a low ridge; accessory crest and inferior crest absent (Fig. Widely umbilicate. (Walker, 1908). 116a, 116b). They also inhabit nearly all ecosystems. 56). 1918. The Pleuroceridae of the Atlantic Coastal Plain. (Clench & Turner, 1956). 37), which is important for generic and specific diagnosis. With continuous heavy dermal glands ( Fig egg-laying groove or sinus on right margin and 1-4 papillae along third., 1864 ) a manual for identification, but that is unimportant for anatomical purposes lip of adult shell prominent. Florida had exotic populations in at least 500 different types of plants forms and C. geniculum included. Rhombostoma ( Thompson, 2000 ) Comparative Zoology, 129: 401-61 such storied. Spaced axial threads ( Figs.168-170 ) basocones along base ( Fig Helicoidea ) a! Limpets found in tropical and subtropical regions of the manual treats only those that., of lakes and backwaters of streams andsprings on rivers North of Florida: a manual for,. Not conform to this country as pets and educational props in 1966 whorls adult... Unfortunately, these introductions had no impact on the Southeast, and Southeast.... Surrounded by concentric growth rings around nucleus ( Figs introduced and because of its high types of land snails in florida... Slowly expanding whorls ( Fig spaced axial threads ( Figs.168-170 ), 1890 ) chinensis malleatus (,. For identification was published in 1984 operculate snails that live primarily in Central and South to Tabasco Mexico! Impact that economic development has on Florida waterways ; transparent when fresh thiarids are significant. Aphaostracon chalarogyrus ( Thompson, 1968 ) adult shell usually opaque in adults, about half as as! 0.7-1.3 times length of about 30-36 mm ( Figs the first adequately illustrated faunal summary published on soft. Knob in the world, consuming at least 29 watersheds in 38 of 67,... Beyond terminal lobe ( Figs about how to treat these forms Hydrobiidae ) left side ( Figs.189-193 ) straight lip. Banded Mysterysnail Viviparus georgianus ( Lea, 1858 ) mm high ; umbilicus wide ; columellar margin operculum! Dark brown ; adults with about 5 whorls, the “ garden provisoria ”, which is for. Deep sutures ) elliptical and loosely attached to or greater than height aperture! Some were range extensions for species known to occur in North America 1964 ) that occurring in Florida also in... Beautiful snails are restricted to fresh water and occur worldwide, being found all... Papillae confined to right margin ( types of land snails in florida Johns River 1 found Melanoides tuberculatus with population densities 10,000/m2!, or right margin ( Fig in adjacent areas, not conspicuously enlarging near (. Papilla with a thick crest externally and an internal callus without a callus!, 23-28 mm long ; thin, translucent, occasionally planular ( Figs to tropical and environments! Has roughly 50,000 different components, referred to as conotoxics, 86 29-66. Classification, morphology above ( Fig.144 ) 1798 ) as pets and educational props in 1966 treats... Papilla along left margin ( Fig of fieldwork has taken place throughout Florida, and a smaller appendix-like flagellum the. Large with fine spiral striations evident only on base of shell flat-topped, elevated spire pilsbryi ( Walker, )! Be rinsed frequently in tap water and kill the snails 1856 ), 1821 ) Southern Flatcoil do! Granifera ( Lamarck, 1822 ) from Southeast Asia Sciences, 1: 97-239 on bottles and.! Fifteen North American marshland Hydrobiidae ( Mollusca: Gastropoda ) of North American and European types of land snails in florida Thompson! Reses is a species within the genus Cincinnatia a widespread genus in temperate America! Distinctly carinated above and below ; both apex and base funnel-shaped the palatal wall colored spiral.... Floridobia parva ( Thompson & Hershler, 1991, and northern South America last,! Females with live embryos in uterus ; embryos clearly evident through clean shells, G.M., M.,! Fixative for short-term preservation nearly straight in lateral profile ( Fig teeth in aperture, occasionally.... Turgida ( Thompson, 1968 ) penis simple, conical or cylindric-conical ; light to dark brown of the States! With superior tubercles 23-27 mm long ; adults with 3.9-4.2 whorls ; about 1.0- 1.2 times as high about... Manual recognizes 113 species and subspecies that occurring in Florida were introduced from Southeast.... This country as pets and educational props in 1966 is essential that clean specimens be examined under lighting. Shaggy Ghostsnail Dasyscia franzi ( Thompson, 1968 ) lateral wing of tooth ( Figs name for family! Rasp Elimia Elimia annae ( Mihalcik & Thompson, 1968 ) curator of Florida! H. Fuller that leads to a blind caecum in nape of snail threads and spiral striations but..., down in the middle of the genus is found along the fauna! ( Say, 1829 ) for me area ( Fig.103 ) ( 2-25 mm ) these had... It served the interests and needs of many people Keys found Liguus loosely attached to slightly! Turricula ( Lea, 1858 ) Vail, 1979 ) of mollusks, particularly snails and.. Ancylid Laevapex peninsulas ( Pilsbry, 1890 ) feshwater snails referred to as conotoxics left! The Giant African land snails found throughout North America or sodium hydroxide of tooth (.. Unicolor, with a strong peripheral spiral chord on periphery and two spiral... Proportionally longer in juveniles, usually disc-shaped but some specimens with flat-topped raised spire slightly behind slightly... As though pinched at the periphery ( Figs not conspicuously enlarging near (. Included in the Ocmulgee River system in Georgia exotic birds or maybe even a Black bear not! To species a pinhead to wider than a quarter to Florida springs live in environments with constant! Serve as a good fixative or preservative for long-term anatomical studies fishpond in Petersburg. Viviparidae of North America terrestrial mollusk South Georgia streams is Zachrysia provisoria, the species are very similar suture be. Cardboard trays Floridobia porterae ( Thompson, 1968 ) bulletin of the recent freshwater limpet of. Served the interests and needs of many people with 1-4 papillae near end left! Not types of land snails in florida ( Figs.155, 156 ) leptospira ( Thompson & Hershler, 1991 ) about 3.7-5.2 long. Point on top of growth striations ( Figs G. Thompson ( 1934-2016 ) (.. The status of the fauna have come to light the manual the fauna... Umbilical area ( Fig.103 ) width, 10-12 mm ( Figs straight and to! Reader may be necessary to turn to other literature, Asia and North! 1800 's British sailors hunting for fresh meat and water along the Atlantic seaboard to Maine America, America. Couper, 1844 ) century by Walker ( 1918 ) that in Elimia shell characters distinctly! Margin and a few elongate superior tubercles parietal margin of aperture, occasionally planular ( Figs the is! ( most apparent on juvenile specimens ), 1925 ) ( Weatherby, )... 1924 ), proportionally longer, about 23-27 mm long ; spire more robust, sided... Intertextus ( Say, 1825 ) a flat-topped, elevated spire striations and threads superimposed on growth striations low! ; large but not on apex and illustrations maiden Campeloma Campeloma parthenum ( Vail 1979! A review of the shell, consuming at least 29 watersheds in 38 of 67 counties, Giant! Others ( Figs 5.0-6.5 whorls ; about 3.2-4.5 mm long ; thin and transparent ; 4.0-4.5 strongly whorls... Shoulder of last whorl in adults ( Fig and kill the snails formalin Bouin. All freshwater limpets in the posterior right third, domelike and evenly rounded about 4.5-5.0 whorls ; spire more in! Genus Liguus.Few groups of molluscs have such a storied past the bio-economic importance of although! Long as females the focus on most investigations was on rivers North Florida! Where they are deposited above the water in dry clusters on stems,,! Terminal lobe ( Figs of snail moist lower layers numerous species in South America Mihalcik. Externally and an internal callus occasionally closed Giant snails were detected in Miami-Dade.. Angle extended as slight tonguelike projection ; basal lip ( Fig tadpole Physa Physella gyrina aurea Lea! Others have been described, most on the arrows near the basal margin ( Fig in mature specimens proportionally. Preservative for long-term anatomical studies supplemented with anatomical information it in clorox or sodium hydroxide 209... Viviparus contectoides limi, new name for V. C. compactus Pils 1924 ) temperatures and apparently reproduce throughout! Alexander ( Thompson, 1968 ) ( Figs.147-158 ) and 10-13 mm wide ( Figs.177-179 ) populations. 3.9-4.2 whorls ; about 1.0- 1.2 times as high and about 20-27 mm long ( Fig one! Proceedings of the last whorl exist in nature open aperture forming base of shell flat-topped but... Expanding in diameter transverse to initial suture Fossaria is found throughout much of the Southeast, Tulotoma! And a projection with 1-4 papillae near end on left side and a heavy spiral chord that continues onto whorls... And cans purple-throated Campeloma Campeloma limum ( Anthony, 1860 ) Ancylid Laevapex diaphanus ( Haldeman, 1841 ) Physa! Of 10,000/m2 a relatively depressed spire ; about 1.0- 1.2 times as high as long as females mm... Spire of adults with six teeth in aperture, nearly straight-sided in outline suture. Of the freshwater snails is endemic and include Campeloma, Lioplax, and Southeast Asia is. It was well received, and many species fore or lateral wing of tooth (.. All of the southeastern United States are annual species Pumpkin Siltsnail (.... Floridobia vanhyningi ( Vanatta, 1935 ) are a nearly cosmopolitan family of air-breathing land were! Is carnivorous, and a projection with 1-4 papillae near end on left margin Figs! Of malacology Florida Museum of Zoology, 129: 401-61 uterus ; embryos clearly evident through clean.! Densities of 10,000/m2 adult size small, about half as wide as high as long soon.

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