hunting kudu with 308

I have always been a believer in heavier bullets regardless of the difference in drift because of lower BCs with heavy’s. It has a bigger bullet which means greater energy transference and a 10 round mag provides plenty of firepower. Medium body size antelope would be impala (slightly smaller than white tail deer), bushbuck, blesbok, tsessebe, common reedbuck, fallow deer, warthog, bushpig and black wildebeest. If you are planning on hunting a thick skinned member of the Big 5, such as buffalo or elephant, the .375 H&H is probably the best cartridge for the job. Then again, when charged with Federal Premium ammo using 150-grain Nosler Ballistic Tip bullets, the .308 dropped the buck where he stood. It is … My solution to this dilemma was to have one of each, (I actually have 2 .308s) in addition to the .30-06. Additionally, the Browning X-Bolt, Kimber Hunter, Mossberg Patriot, Nosler Liberty, Ruger American, Ruger Hawkeye, Savage Axis, Thompson Center Compass, Tikka T3, and Weatherby Vanguard are available in both calibers. At a MV of around 2600 fps, nearly all bullets will perform reasonably well, both ballistically and, more importantly, terminally out to 200 or 250 yards. If you’d like to learn more about the accuracy of the .308 Winchester and how it compares to cartridge purpose built for long range competition shooting, read this article: 6.5 Creedmoor vs 308 Winchester Debate Settled. The .308 Winchester is also pretty common in semi-automatic sporting rifles like the AR-10 and M1A as well as military surplus rifles like the FN-FAL. The original .270 Winchester load shot a 130 grain bullet at a velocity of 3,140 feet per second (2,846 ft-lbs of energy). I used the Federal Ballistic calculator and to compare wind drift, the range each bullet goes subsonic, and recoil for the cartridges. Thanks Brian. The rifles you intend bringing along are subject to government rules and regulations as set out in the SAPS 520 section of this website. Of these, 130 grain and 150 grain bullets are by far the most common. Therefore, I rule out using the .308 for moose because I think a 165 grain bullet is too light for an animal that size unless you have the velocity created by the .270 Win. Within a few decades, the .270 Winchester was firmly entrenched as one of the most popular hunting cartridges used in the United States. While many were satisfied with the .30-06 from the start, wildcatters also quickly started modifying the cartridge for more specialized tasks. The .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, .300 Winchester Magnum are all also great ideal choices for hunting Kudu in South Africa. So we said yes. Aside from the Browning BAR, the .270 Winchester is almost non-existent in semi-automatic rifles. In fact, if a sporting goods store only carried ammo for three different centerfire rifle cartridges, I’d bet money they’d have .270, .308, and .30-06 ammo. We recommend the calibers per animal solely on what we have experienced over the past 24 hunting years. I moved away from Wyoming and settled here along the Gulf Coast of Florida where deer are much smaller. The most popular calibers brought along on any South African hunting safari trip range from a 270, 7mm-08, 7 mm Rem Mag, 30-06 to a 300 WSM and 300 Win Mag. [The 30-06 calibre is the most popular calibre in South Africa and is adequate for medium size game (kudu, wildebeest, zebra) downwards. In the early 1950s, Winchester took the 30-06 case, shortened it from 2.494" to 2.015" and called it the 308 Winchester. Using smokeless powder and a 150gr pointed bullet fired at a 2,700fps, the .30-06 Springfield was a gigantic improvement over other popular American cartridges used during that era like the .30-30 Winchester and the .45-70 Government. It shoots flat out to 300 yards, which makes it a point and shoot rifle caliber for the vast majority of shots on big game. John It is your right to own as many firearms as you like. For years my go-to hunting rifle for bushveld use was my Remington Stainless 700 in 308 (1:10" twist with 180gr Core-Lokt Softpoints is a real hammer on everything from Impala and warthogs to Kudu and Gemsbok (Oryx). Indeed, they’re both consistently among the most popular centerfire rifle cartridges used in the United States each year for good reason. So many choices, yet I had the plain vanilla .308 in hand. This is because the smaller diameter .270 Winchester shoots lighter bullets than the .308 and the .30-06. Even so, the .270 Winchester has significantly more case capacity due to the much longer case used by the cartridge.Finally, the .270 Winchester has a slightly higher maximum average pressure authorized by SAAMI cartridges (65,000psi vs 62,000psi for the .308 Win). Add to Cart. Though the 7.62x51mm NATO had a very short lived career as the primary rifle cartridge for the US military, it’s still widely used by the military in machineguns and sniper/designated marksman rifles. As we’ll discuss in a minute, this is partly due to the widespread use of the .308 Winchester (and other .30 caliber cartridges like the .30-06, .300 Win Mag, .300 Ultra Mag, and 300 PRC) in long distance shooting competitions. In the end the decision for which hunting rifle and caliber to bring to Africa for a South African hunting safari will lie with you. Best hunting rilfe for south african bushveld on game upto kudu size?? This decision will many times be a no-brainer. Remington made a great cartridge in the 280, but really botched the rollout and the cartridge has never recovered. Ballistic data for the original 7.62x51mm military cartridge was obtained from Inetres. They are beautiful, graceful, and incredibly challenging to hunt. It’s unclear exactly why Winchester opted for .277″ instead of the much more popular .284″ bullets. Firearm license applications The .308 Winchester and .270 Winchester are two of the most popular centerfire rifle cartridges in North America. The US Army began the search for a new rifle and cartridge after receiving a deadly demonstration of the capabilities of the revolutionary new Mauser rifle and 7mm Mauser cartridge in the hands of Spanish troops in Cuba during 1898. However, we look at smaller body antelope, medium size antelope and then the big guys. It exceeds the .308’s minimum energy ranges by about 50 yards and the MPBR by 10 – 15 yards. I’m more than happy to shoot inexpensive bullets like Speer Grand Slam (180 gr and 175 grain, respectively) out of a 308 or 280 Rem. Those efforts bore fruit a few years later with the bolt action 1903 Springfield rifle chambered in the new .30-06 Springfield cartridge. Several game animals have been wounded and lost due to hunters not adhering to this advice. Yup. The 7.62x51mm NATO had virtually the same ballistics as the original .30-06 Springfield load (150 grain bullet at 2,700 feet per second) and also fired a .308″ bullet. 4. penetration. The fact that the .270 and .308 each have very devoted fan clubs can also make it difficult to navigate the debate. Case capacities for the .270 Win and .308 Win were obtained from Nosler. Today, I’m profiling perhaps the most popular animal to hunt in Africa: the kudu. It is often used in African dense bush where short rifle with an under lever action is ideal. G.A. All cartridges/rifles are a balancing act between depending on how long the shots would be. American big game hunting pioneer, Jack O’Connor championed the merits of the .270 nearly 100 years ago and killed big game ranging from Coues Deer to Dall Sheep to grizzly bears with a .270. After all, the recoil of the .308 is very similar to the .270. This carbine is my favorite for deer sized animals. My deer rifle is a 7mm08. Smaller body size antelope would be steenbok, klipspringer, gray duiker, mountain reedbuck, springbok and vaal rhebok. Do you want to hunt larger game animals like kudu, eland, red stag, elk, or moose? Add to Wish List Add to Compare. But, even then I think the hunter is on a very thin edge of killing efficacy. After a very controversial selection process, the Army eventually settled on the M-14 rifle and the new 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge. The manufacturers mentioned are the ones we have first-hand experience with as the best ammunition for the best caliber for hunting big game in Africa. The original 7.62x51mm NATO M80 ball load fired a 146 grain full metal jacket (FMJ) bullet at 2,750 feet per second (2,469 foot pounds of muzzle energy). Especially when using a heavy bullet (180+ grains), the .308 has a significant advantage when hunting most plains game in Africa like blue wildebeest, kudu, and eland. However, the folks at Winchester went the opposite route and necked down the .30-06 to use .277″ instead of .308″ bullets. The projectile weight will be determined by which weight performs with the best accuracy in your particular rifle. Since the .308 Winchester is essentially a scaled down .30-06, with the exception of recoil (which we’ll get to in a minute) the .270 Winchester has the same advantages over the .308 as it does over the .30-06. (ii) any feathered game including ostrich; (i) furred game up to and including the size of a rock hyrax and all, or any dangerous game, provided that for the hunting of any pachyderm, the bullet must be of full metal jacket (solid) or monolithic solid. ... and plan on a lot more out of state hunting. Note: while the case capacity figures listed below do give a good indication of the differences between the three cartridges, exact case capacities vary slightly according to the brand of brass used. While the differences between them (.270 vs 308) are pretty significant in some respects, they’re both acceptable for a wide range of hunting tasks. Providing approximately 90% of the power of the .30-06 in a smaller package, the cartridge soon became very popular and is now one of the most widely used big game hunting rounds in North America. If you belong to a hunting or shooting organisation get them to endorse the appropriateness of the caliber for its intended use. On the other hand, even though the 180gr .308 bullet weighs more and has a slightly higher BC than the 130gr .270 bullet, the .270 has an additional 490fps of muzzle velocity that translates into a significantly flatter trajectory and less wind drift. My shots rarely exceeded 125 yards or so in the foothill country that I hunted in central Wyoming. It’s really just a matter of each cartridge having certain strengths and weaknesses. The SMLE proved itself to be far better than the objectively more powerful Mauser used by the Boers and Germans in WWI Giant South African Kudu, taken with GAP Non-Typical in 308 Win. Those same characteristics also make it a very good choice for mountain goat in Canada or Himalayan Tahr and chamois while hunting in New Zealand. While the .270 had a very high muzzle velocity compared to other popular cartridges of the day, it was not an instant commercial success. Kudu and zebra are large-bodied and -boned animals, warthogs not so much, but everything in the predatory world of Africa clings tenaciously to life so I chose a classic caliber that has been downing African game for decades, 308 Winchester. We recommend a strongly constructed 220gr bullet for the .300 Win mag or the .300 short mag for kudu in the bushveld of Limpopo, where we do most of our kudu hunting at relatively short distances ranging from 80 to 150 yards. The .270 Winchester has a significantly longer case length (2.54″ vs 2.015″) as well as overall length (3.34″ vs 2.81″). 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