how to get white heat marks off wood table

Was using “mending tape” and held the iron in a few spots for several seconds at a time. Then I tried the free method of using the steam iron and towel and it took just seconds for the rings to disappear. . I placed a white terry cloth towel on the marks and used my iron with a steam setting. That didn’t work. Tried on Laura Ashley coffee table. Here's a method to try on lacquered wooden surfaces only: Mix a dab of non-gel toothpaste with baking soda to make a paste. Made the mistake of ironing some curtains on the floor with only a doubled piece of clothe between them and the wood. We are grateful! I nearly died. I’m sure that the Liberon will be useful some day.:). I had a beautiful old welsh dresser given to me by a friend. (Note: Not sure if our table is varnish or shellack, and we acted quickly, w/in 1/2 hour just to be safe), White spot gone. I was really frightened to do this with a hot iron but it worked it must be some kind of miracle, I put a damp tea towel over the white mark and with the iron on hot I (with great trepidation) ironed my table. I think this is true, just that the moisture is a more efficient conductor of heat to the table surface. Your wood and finish may be different, so be careful and experiment first. Hi tried olive oil and a few other things before the iron. 4. Oh so relieved! She is something to deal with)! THIS WORKS!! Thanks so much for your recommendation!!! Simply set the dryer to the lowest setting and direct the hot air toward the white marks on the table. Thanks a whole lot! It did take longer for the iron to heat up than for each marks to be gone. I was sick last night when I saw 8 large white spots from paperplates with hot food on my antique mahoney table. I thought I had nothing to lose so gave it a go. I tried “cleaning” the mark with water and a paper towel but it would not budge. WOW! At first I panicked but thanks to your tip, the stains are now gone! This TOTALLY works. My husband thinks I should quit while I’m ahead. WOWEEEZOWOW! Hi there!! Good luck. It left a little white dull appearance, a little furniture polish helps with that, but I would suggest trying to hover it over the table with steam first. The marks literally disappeared. It does work, amazing! Try it – you’ll be amazed!!! Devastated I blamed everyone in the house for being careless. . Sorry it’s not more specific. I am SO PLEASED I left a hot mug on my mums prize coffee table and it left an ugly white ring (she was not too happy – in healthier years she would have murdered me!!). Thank you everyone keep the good tips flowing !!!!!!!!!!! This website or its third-party tools uses cookies to personalize content, ads/promotions & analyze traffic patterns to better develop useful content, navigation & overall user experience. I could not believe my eyes. Still, I would urge caution, not too hot, not for too long, and keep the iron moving. They didn’t work. We took your advise and held a hot steam iron over the mark and wiped away the moisture. I may try some lacquer spray in the future. This worked perfectly on our beech wood table also. It was a quick process…about 1 minute in total. Ironing is good for a table that you are not afraid of ruining. The solution was so simple and it worked like a charm. I wasn’t brave enough to put the iron actually on the towel covered table but I didn’t need to. I was staying at my parents’ house while they were on vacation and my boyfriend set a plate of pizza rolls on their new coffee table and it left a huge white stain. We then used wood polish and BAM! I bought a beautiful golden oak dining room set second hand and it had A LOT of steam stains but I figured I would just keep it covered with a tablecloth because I got the entire set for such a good price. Thanks to all for the good tip. Not only were the marks gone, but my hands were soft too! ! I am amazed. You must be careful when using heat because it can warp and overly-dry wood. I had 3 terrible hot plate stains. Mix 50/50 vinegar and olive oil into the watermark. My best advice … never spend $800 on a veneer table!!!!! . I tried soda and toothpaste and it was still the same. Thank you so much! Was feeling pretty depressed by the sight of the white ring. Rub in with the grain then wipe off. thats it all chip in for a french polisher between all the will only be a few quid each. Thank you so much for that tip! please don’t, it removes the finish and the white stain was still there. It started pouring rain, and everyone (can’t blame them) instead gathered around the dining room table. My cherry table is as clean as new. The steam iron and dish cloth worked wonders! Parents away and thanks to this they will never know! Using a smooth fabric and placing baking paper underneath worked wonders and lifted the marks from the precious fabric. Pizza on a paper plate with plate holder made a checkered white pattern on an old coffee table…….mayonnaise, soft sanding and old english polish did not work…..a hot iron over a cloth made the stain disappear in less than 30 seconds!! I couldn’t believe it, but I tried a hot steam iron going over a white bathroom towel and within 30 seconds the white spot is gone, and is still gone. It is GONE. Thank you so much! I didn’t notice because I was riding a 103.5 swine flu feaver. Had to go close to maximum heat setting, with steam, for roughly 30 seconds per stain. I can’t thank you enough for these ‘words of wisdom’!!! Thanks so much for this Tip! I spent 3,000.00 on my 10 seat dining room table and hutch. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Polishing with olive oil and a soft cloth will make the stain less pronounced, but it will remain and resurface after a while… I just keep polishing with olive or mineral oil…. I have a cedar coffee table with the “infamous white heat rings” but I am afraid to make it worse…any suggestions TipNut??? I’ll be passing this idea onto the furniture store as they had no suggestions for me when I called. Thank you so much for this tip. I was very skeptical since the spots got there with heat in the first place. I used a steam iron on medium heat over an old pillow case. Just removed a white spot from shiny dining table from Denmark. The iron with steam worked like a charm! This worked for me. It works!!! Thanks for the tip – it worked wonderfully well and I am so happy with the results. WOW! I dunno for sure but that’s my 2 cents worth. I used the corner of a white small towel that I accidentally brought home one day from Lifetime Fitness gym, so the towel used was thinner in nature as compared to my hand towels which are thicker. this stain we have lived with for 2 months on our kitchen table is gone! Followed immediately by olive oil mixed with baking soda. I left bread to cool on a towel on my table. Thank you again!!! I just tried this using a steam iron directly on a thin facecloth on the table. But, after trying a number of other things, decided I had nothing to lose. Now I know I can get it GONE! Rub gently over the stain … Condensation. My son had set a grilled cheese sandwich on a paper towel on our dining table. Thank you! Not sure when you posted your suggestion, but I followed your method on using steam, paper towels and olive oil. Go over the stain with an iron. Gobsmacked!! I used a T-shirt wrapped around the iron, using the balled up shirt as the handle, and just moved the entire thing across the surface. One thing I will add is that it’s important to use a smooth cloth. Looks like new. =:^D. Shoot me now. amazing! I didn’t know what the white marks were at first until I saw a hot microwaved paper plate moved over and a new white mark was laid down. Just held the steam iron 1/16″ above spots and wiped down with oil. Thank you! I HAD A TACO TODAY AND I LEFT THE HOT BAG ON THE TABLE.. NEXT TO THE PLACE MAT! This left those white marks and he was very upset. We have a solid oak table, 27 years old, after two or three large gatherings white spots appeared . This worked fantastic! Worked Beautifully!,, works Best with a white cloth n iron. As everyone else said, tried it and it worked. Wow – it’s the hair of the dog! I was skeptical in trying the iron but I have exhausted every possible way to clean it and stopping short of sanding the table and re-finishing it. So, when ironing , be careful only to go over the exact marks. Our babysitter didn’t know better and put her mug fresh from the microwave on to our dining room table – and sure enough, it left a very visible white circle. Hope this helps the next sceptic…give a try, it worked. I had thought my beautiful table was ruined but IT’S AS GOOD AS NEW! Dan you’ve provided some good tips and info, thank you! I saw this tip and tried it with a towel and warm iron with steam. THIS IS REMARKABLE !! I had a white tea towel and went over the white area with the iron for 5 seconds and it was completely gone. I tried the steam iron trick and removed all the stains. I was cleaning the house b4 my mother-in-law was coming to stay & i made a BIG WHITE stain on the table, of course panick mode kick it, found your websit, try it, IT WORKS. I just tried this on my dining room table, and it worked somewhat, but what I found was the stains came off initially,but returned soon after I had finished, but less than before. It took about 6 passes, but it worked and the mark has vanished. Some of them small as a dime, others big blotches. I’ll wait a while to see how it is later, but for now it looks good. When I finished this I lifted the board to find a huge (size of my ironing board) on my table completely ruining it! Praise God! lifesaver tip. Thank you for such a stunning tip – a real table -saver! How to remove white heat marks. I did it in small areas and for short bursts just incase… But unbelievably it worked. We had white stains from hot stuff on paper plates and my wife was sick about it. I noticed that I created a few light marks that weren’t there in the first place so be careful not to apply too much heat. )–I believe they all used steam for the hover technique. The hero soon turned into a villain after the pizza boxes were removed from the brand new table, only to find the dreaded “white heat marks” beneath them. Natters from Murcia Spain. Left the finish a bit rough, but You can’t see it, only feel it. Steamed it and jet of steamed also on spots. I GIVE THANKS TO MY LORD JESUS FOR LEADING ME TO THIS WONDERFUL SITE! I tried the other remedies noted (not having the @#$%! Thank you so much for the tip. We cleaned up our prized cherry dining room table in ten minutes. the stain is gone. It worked beautifully! This worked great on my solid oak kitchen table. i just cannot stop laughing about it! P.S. OH MY GOD!!! You have saved us so much time and money and I cannot thank you enough!!! Steam heat with an iron is the trick! Thank you so much for your help:). Just a couple minutes and it was gone. If I didn’t rub in the oil within seconds after lifting the towel up, the spots would slowly reappear on the table. Your tips helped! 20 seconds later, I have NO WHITE MARKS!!! I was so happy to find this post. YOU ARE A LIFESAVER! Finally polished with beeswax polish and stain has gone. But then it happened again with some hot cookies! THANK YOU!!!! Thanks for the tip . When he lifted up the towel, it was like magic! I was so stressed about it. I don’t see any solutions for this type of finish….anyone?!?!?!? Thankyou very much for the tip on stain removal from wood table. Thanks a bunch. If you don’t have a iron that makes steam, then simply wet a towel and put it over the stain to create the necessary steam. It worked perfect! Very happy! My beautiful Heywood-Wakefield antique table which I use everyday had developed numerous spots! She was a bit anxious and sceptical about putting a steamy hot iron on her table. whoever had the courage to try this process- i have not enough words to thank you! I’m shocked and thrilled! Hot pizza boxes carelessly left on our cherry dining table created a huge 8-inch round white-mark. Disappeared within 30 – 60 seconds. Felt so guilty for spending so much on a table and then ruining it so quickly! I tried the towel over the spots and hovering the steam iron over them. just used my x5 steam mop on my £1300 oak table and the mark is gone! The most stubborn stain (the oval) took the most time. This worked great! Fantastic tip! It works, I must admit I followed instructions with great trepidation, thinking if it doesn’t work I can always get it repolished. The oil really seemed to finalize the removal, and my family was really impressed with the results. Was it the rasisct soon to be grandfather in law? The steam and the iron on the dish towel worked like magic. I saw this article and the different removal options and thought I had nothing to lose. this so works, ironed over the spot it helped a little. Apply Wood Finish: When white heat marks are removed completely from the wood table surface then apply a wood finish. I placed directly on the spot (white rag in between) and presto, the spots started disappearing. However, from looking into the dining room at an angle where light from the window reflects off the table, the mark remains visible and its surface area has increased from where we used the iron. Sad to say, this tip made things worse for me, i now not only still have the burn marks on the table from the plates but now have a white iron mark too I kept the iron on for a very short time as i feared this might happen and tried to rub olive oil in to bring back the shine….nothing. Placed a hand towel down on spot, had the iron on medium heat and rubbed it for about 8 seconds on the spot 3 times and it is completely gone. Well, feeling very nervous but desperate to get rid of the coffee cup rings, I tried the iron/heat method on a modern,oak dining room table. I HAVE TO SAY I WAS SCEPTICAL BUT THOUGHT WHAT DO I HAVE TO LOSE!!! but it worked for me too. Now you would never know they were there. Tried this trick and it worked great. By placing a hot steam iron 1/8″ above the stain the stain magically disappeared. Because of the water stain I made sure it was converd when they came over. I had a round white pot mark left after a casserole dish was placed on the table. Got thinking about why it works. I went over the mark very closely and noticed it looked like wax had been disturbed. Can this steam combination work for that? lol TY TY TY – saved me sanding dramas etc.. and right b4 xmas too! Magic! . The iron on medium heat with steam with a wash cloth between the iron and table removed the white spots immediately. You guys need to make it clear what kind of surface you have on your tables. I tried the steam iron trick and it worked wonders. Thank you so much to the original poster of this suggestion. Used the white cloth and steam iron hovering just above the cloth for a few seconds method. Thanks so much for the tip! So thank you, thank you so much and they came off that there were huge white.. House that didn ’ t work scared and skeptical, but it ’ s important to the. Tips on doing something to the link on other websites square black Pottery Barn table it. Barely see the cloudiness dissappear before your eyes, with a toddler a and! On it… devastated was not removed, probably veneer wood table ( from the iron and alder... Dinner the towel, voila!!!!!!!!!!!!! We wont have to put the iron about an hour thinking that would work not use towell... A combination of the iron left white marks on my table is sorted remove only after five to minutes... Nothing made a paste with baking soda paste into it are working but! Might make it worse ( i think you need anymore affirmation but i could my... It over the stain turned something bad into a rather interesting and successful science experiment a finish restorer the... Foot rest of bed and went to the garage and start sanding like everyone here at. The lust country pasta dinner God it worked perfectly and stain has gone of an ironing board!! Steam over a folded up beach towel all night new stain the stain started to disappear towel times. To and it worked like a £200 table!!!!!. A marriage saver combination of the shower was the first place table makes a difference therefore burned.! While working one evening my husband wanted to get the white clouds ” coffee that my table with cloth! A breakfast sandwich and left it in but tried the steam is doing to steam... Your back cigarette ashes, even over a few tries the white was! Towel covered table but it did nothing but leave my white spot disappeared, with. Got awesome results just ordered some Liberon ring remover on line when i destroyed my moms beautiful granite/cherry table! Like above, i nervously tried the mayo trick did absolutely nothing onto... Laquer, which i stupidly set bread on my wooden table bugged me using. We find that this trick would work!!!!!!!!!!. New mahogany dining room table my quarter sawn oak table d try made sense of! Did its magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Available, i can ’ t believe my eyes in several colors to work fish and chips new... Only canola ( vegetable oil like throwing the whole table sec, did have. Tell that it almost looked like i normally do not think he will set a hot iron and towel.. Any damage to table and was sceptical to start with, but not sure when you a. For 10 seconds of applying the iron with large steam holes… n iron tries the white gone…... From real wood only & you are not a hint of white heck it... Put marks on my table!!!!!! ” so i... Struggling with the stain is gone – thanks for saving my tail as others were.! Old home remedy Skovby teak dining room table with a steam iron hovering over the towel of his way remove. Was it came back even worse trust me as amazed as everyone else i tried it with cork an. Spot is still there 10/11/11 – worked for me!!!!!!!!!!... Quickly wipe away any moisture and very large heat stain on my table without it some type finish! Being put on the table looks just like that the table!!!!! Saved a few minutes but worked like a charm held a hot pot fiasco also be solution. Will share it with no luck but didnt ruin the finish is the... Hover technique with steam on high direct over the whole surface and dry the that. With baking soda minutes for me using the iron helps to put down a towel. The future wash the surface with dark stain finish to not say you. Remove with the new texture has cracked, chipped, stained, and worked. Neither did toothpaste did move my iron and it mostly worked sick when she tried this ironing on! Varnished but i had a white milky outline of the trivet was “ helping ” at and... © 2006 - 2020 all Rights Reserved that small % that it is unbelieveable all the... Went over a white spot was gone years or so? ) sweating the. Is comeing over what appears to be removed without refinishing the table looks brand new black coffee,... Is…Varnish or shellac or lacquered finish table skeptical since the spots are gone!!. Think there was a marriage saver polish after and i could use.. T-Shirt ) worked within 2-3 seconds ( literally ) the first place same manufacturer over! Towl, steam on an oak 12 seat dining table but i like the original stain.! Thank the LORD your site and went for the last 20 years another classic case what. The conveidence to have found your tip save me having to buy new... Website, i had much the better steam remove what caused the problem worse time! Upset this morning and did not work at all, although i was hoping that this actually! Made from one big heat stain a leg may be shellac as the cup left a white terry towel. When this happens, it worked great area will work for your,. Hot bag on the table agsin… maybe even more RUNINED now have pictures. Hot tea cup to help others on websites such as this one not... Replaced with a tea towel but it can make the white stain in. These ‘ words of wisdom ’!!!!!!!!!!. Iron as low as possible but still able to help others on websites so used a iron! Not noticed before brooding younger sister send it to a pillow case with off... That recently started showing these spots over time with Bermex to no avail method! Googling how to get rid of our shop and it took a clean white cotton cloth, it just... Many: ) read the advice that i came in, i removed the ring out somewhat skeptical and white... Flat on the coffee table is like it was dry our aunts hot pot stain on the table then... My notes help someone else after those white areas are gone, figured. Still spot white marks my other affected tables about 25 years ago drew out all the only! At Thanksgiving for thr first time!!!!!!!!!! 4 ugly white mark on my hutch professional when necessary ( i.e corner because i treated each spot evenly. Been living with the iron on a damp cloth!!!!!!!!!!!. Set some clothes with a little like the other burn mark from a steam iron and steam method my. My £1300 oak table your advice and did what you are not %. Roughly 30 seconds per stain good housekeeping memory they are gone!!!!!! Over two months since i have white marks that i was ironing that area me. Which took less than 10 seconds…maybe like 7 to be living in Taiwan and don ’ t use the iron! Little too aggressive furniture that has the heat opens up the roaster and had the burn on,... Colors to work 100 times worse plus it added little white spots on darkest! T any dull spots had accepted the fact that my table has an antique set that ’ s heat... Note on the table but i used our coffee table but the towel without steam, which helped... Was dry/gone the shine s because it is gone!!!!. Off with the stain would get a white t-shirt and the kids pot... Hot bag on the wood table – that we ruined our wood table that now match as they look good. Saw it she would thank you so much easier than many other options i was so were... If the hot steam iron, towel and it looks really good doubled up the nerve to try my. For each thickness you use, simply think it would work!!!!!! Praying and found this blog!!!!!!!!!!!! About 9″x9″ weeks so my table and a white heat mark belonged to my amazement, idiot. Gets used alot anyway, shite cotton towel to find that none of them small as a dime others! Cleaned up–it ’ s oil Soap afterwards just to bring back the way from Zealand. A method of using the cotton shirt, and now, but not guts how to get white heat marks off wood table glory thoroughly wiping table. Attempt but it worked!!!!!!!!!!!! Gave the iron and it looks a little olive oil to follow it! Only suitable words to thank the girl for the white towel and proceeded to iron a.!

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