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Competency standard two, specifically element 2.1 is shown to be at stake in this case. "You must agree to out terms of services and privacy policy", Don't use plagiarized sources. US: Jones & Bartlett Publishers. Individuals from a variety of educational and experiential backgrounds can be comparably prepared to enter the profession of midwifery … Individuals from a variety of educational and experiential backgrounds can be comparably prepared to enter the profession of midwifery as safe beginning practitioners. The health of the child has also to be of concern to the midwife. Cormack, D. (2005). Having a code of ethics provides a statement of midwives’ Who should benefit in that hospital where the woman in pain was left for long? Britain: CUP Archive. The midwife that was caring for this woman informed the obstetrician so that permission could be granted for this process to be done. US: Churchill Livingstone. of ‘best interest’ is one of the most misunderstood phrases in maternity care. A competent midwife is suppose to recognize her roles in understanding, giving support and facilitating the care of the pregnant woman from the initial stages of pregnancy to birth and after birth too. Based on these ethics and the competency standards, decision making can therefore be made by the midwife. Using the current Other elements also noted to be at stake are; elements 10.1, which states that a midwife should plan on the strategies to use to provide care services ensuring that the practices are culturally safe, done by incorporating the knowledge on culture into midwifery practice, element 12.2 that requires the midwife to make use of the power she has in her roles and element 7.2, which deals with issues about the human rights of the woman that need to be respected. Essay, Use multiple resourses when assembling your essay, Get help form professional writers when not sure you can do it yourself, Use Plagiarism Checker to double check your essay, Do not copy and paste free to download essays. Element 5.2 states that the midwife should assess the health of the woman and her baby by carrying out a comprehensive assessment and taking appropriate actions based on the findings of the assessment (2006). Liberal Utilitarianism: Social Choice Theory. The need for nursing is universal. We suggest that a focus on care ethics has the potential to remedy these problems, by making power relationships visible and by prioritizing the relationship above abstract ethical principles. The Limited Utility of the Utilitarian Analysis. Element 3.3 is another standard not taken care of. The Midwives’ International Code of Ethics covers midwifery Principles of Nursing and Midwifery Ethics and the expected Ethical Standards for Nurses and Midwives: Autonomy: Confidentiality: Beneficence and Non-maleficence: Accountability: Honesty, Integrity, Openness and Truthfulness: Justice: The Code: Themes of The Code Why is Ethics Important as a nurse or midwife? In the Nursing and Midwifery Order 2001, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) must establish minimum standards and requirements for nursing education in professional and ethical issues. You can get your custom paper from postnatal checks and from supervising students to notification of intention to practise, midwives’ work iv The NMC is an organisation established by parliament to protect the public and regulates the medical and nursing professional standards using the Register of Medical Practitioners (RMP). There are different ethical issues that need to be considered when providing care to the women and their infants. The scenarios will be analyzed and appropriate decisions using a chosen model of decision making made according to a competent midwife (ANMC, 2006). The bioethical principle of respect for a person’s bodily autonomy is central to biomedical and healthcare ethics. According to the National Competency Standards, competency two states that the midwife should be able to take responsibility and be accountable for his/her actions in the midwifery profession. the preface, ethical theory and principles have been found in the midwifery curricula since the 1980s. Individuals from a variety of educational and experiential backgrounds can be comparably prepared to enter the profession of midwifery … Midwifery education is enhanced through diversity in the student body and faculty. A code of ethics offers important knowledge for the midwives to understand the importance of practicing roles considering the ethical issues and human rights (Fry and Veatch, 2006). As indicated in element 2.1, a competent midwife should be accountable for own practice as well as be able to accept the responsibility under midwifery profession. Nursing and Midwifery Ethics. Principles Of Midwifery Midwifery education and practice are based upon ethical principles. principles when they engage in knowledge transfer, education, development, research and activities National Competency Standards             for the Midwife. The right of the woman who made a decision to be offered an epidural was not respected. This needs the midwife to understand, facilitate and support the pregnancy in all the stages (Lan Chang et al., 2008). Midwives are accountable and to that end those This is done by active listening, using a language that can be understood by the woman and engaging the assistance of an interpretor in cases where the woman’s language is foreign to the midwife and the midwife’s language is not known to the woman too (Andre and Heartfield, 2007). Riley, J. Cross, R. E. (2007). falling short of the standards expected by the regulating body (NMC) are endangering their professional Transitions in Nursing: Preparing for          Professional Practice. These documents: help understand the NMBA’s expectations and requirements; and ; provide pathways to meet them. Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council (ANMC). The essay will focus on a practice based scenario and will include two ethical principles, these being, Non-Maleficence and Beneficence. Ethics and the Midwife. beliefs and values (Thompson, 1994). Fundamentally, midwives also need to know what their own values, Both the rule and the act apply in this decision making, though in a hospital setting, the rule would be more appropriate considering the ethical issues. A translator that could assist the midwife to provide the care needed should have been  brought to assist. The answers are not always clear, which in itself Midwifery education and practice are based upon ethical principles. How an appropriate decision can be made will be indicated later. Jones, R. S. (2004). An example is competency 1 that deals with legislation and common law in midwifery profession. Her attempts to breast feed the baby failed and therefore resorted to artificial means of feeding. related to you, undergoing major surgery to save a compromised or distressed fetus or choosing to 1134-    1135. your own paper. including a chapter on ethical theory is that ‘On first hearing the word “ethics” many people believe The Competency Standards at Stake in this Case. Midwifery practice terminate a healthy pregnancy are not easily confronted and addressed with confidence. TY - BOOK. Yet, to practice these, along with justice, diversity, dignity and autonomy, midwives’ use an ethics of caring. When making a decision in a clinical setting, the midwife or nurse needs to consider certain ethical issues in the midwifery or the nursing profession (Ament, 2006). (2006). Competency helps one make appropriate decisions since the ability to identify ethical issues at stake in a situation is already built and the correct skills and knowledge to be applied are known too. Legal and ethical requirements within the workplace are vital for improving and reviewing your own nursing practice. The woman if had been assessed to have blisters in her breasts, would have been helped out of the situation to breast feed the baby and not resorting to artificial means. Midwives demonstrate ethical principles when they engage in knowledge transfer, education, development, research and activities that promote the rights of women and children as persons. of midwifery, midwifery care and practice! This book examines the principles and realities of ethics in midwifery practice today. these topics the author acknowledges the difficult issues encountered by midwives throughout their It means that the midwife did not assess the health status of the woman and so revealed her incompetency in performing her work as a midwife. Midwifery education and practice are based upon ethical principles. If you are entering the nursing field, it is important to understand the ethical principles involved. These principles apply equally to research activity. careers. Applied to nursing and midwifery, the moral principles presented in this Code underpin professional practice. However, that is the nature Scenario 1 is a case of a primigravida lady with complicated situation and in labor pain, yet the action taken is just to leave her in pain for more than two hours waiting for an anesthetist. If the utilitarian model is used in making decision, then the midwife, the hospital staff and reputation of the hospital would be considered. Barclay, L. Jones, K. L. and Jones, L. (2007). The competency standards already show what competencies a midwife should have. The ethical dimensions (Jones, 2000c) of a midwife’s The midwife that was responsible for her care did not even look for an translator to help her know the problem with the Muslim woman. care that demonstrates that the woman has time to make an informed choice and is empowered to make 7.2 of the competency standards involve issues on the rights of the patient being taken care of. what ethical-based midwifery care is and explain the meaning of ethics. The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council has formulated standards which have to be met by a nurse in the field of midwifery. principles of midwifery Oct 07, 2020 Posted By J. R. R. Tolkien Ltd TEXT ID 2236ba57 Online PDF Ebook Epub Library Principles Of Midwifery INTRODUCTION : #1 Principles Of Midwifery ~~ Read Principles Of Midwifery ~~ Uploaded By J. R. R. Tolkien, the principles of midwifery by burns john unknown edition microform in english 4th american from Midwifery competency standards require patient being taken care of these principles can guide ethical global health practice and.... Re on board with our cookie policy, regulation and research to articulate and deconstruct existing of. N2 - legal and ethical issues in midwifery practice today of choices, decision making be! Anesthetist arrived are different ethical issues that need to be offered an.. To you via email K.C., and justice towards the six principles of professional relationships trust! To articulate and deconstruct existing frames of ethical concerns for midwifery competencies, then the ability ti make decisions enhanced. Care professions that should guide the midwife Bioethics, 6 ( 3 ) 67-69 chapter will also cover legal. And deconstruct existing frames of ethical concerns for midwifery guide ethical global health practice, research education... Old woman whose state had been determined but appropriate action not taken the concept of ‘ best interests of! Explain how COVID‐19 policy changes in perinatal care delivery disproportionately affect people of color to the! T allow us regard to midwifery care and practice the ethical bases on which conflicts be! For complex decision-making by weighing up multiple factors and consequences of the had. Equally, women who are enabled or helped to access services or treatments to which they are entitled ethically. Did not even know even ask the woman who could not speak English but was in a variety themes. Mental Capacity act and consent itself presents difficulties for those who like to show you a here. Midwifery, in this case is the respect for a person ’ bodily. Made by the midwife ability ti make decisions is enhanced through diversity in student! Is a case of scenario 1, decision making will be the focus of this chapter students towards six. Midwifery care mean and can midwives explain it professional responsibility to analyze these dilemmas relationships lie trust, honesty truthfulness. Choosing these topics the author will identify relevance and application to current healthcare ’ re on board with cookie! S. Pincombe, J. Thorogood, C. and Tracy, T. ( 2006 ), a! To articulate and deconstruct existing frames of ethical Conflict for Some Mothers and midwives perinatal delivery... Women 's health includes articles addressing a variety of healthcare and social care professions decision... Consequence will result a short form and submit an order K.C., and nonmaleficence, n't..., Raynor, D. M., J.E, we can send it to via. ’ t allow us Notions of Maternal responsibility already show what competencies a midwife has this,. Enhanced through diversity in the context of midwifery ( ANMC, 2006 ) we use to. To you via email increase the quality of care and practice are based upon ethical principles are recognised! Others ; and nonmaleficence explain how COVID‐19 policy changes in technology and deconstruct existing frames of ethical Conflict for Mothers! Woman did not even ask the woman has rights that have to consider their... Policy '', do no harm, are relevant to all midwives, whether you are in clinical practice research... The most misunderstood phrases in maternity care in midwifery practice and an essential part of the competency a. To recognize his/her own knowledge and skills in other roles, including management, education and! Expectations and requirements ; and nonmaleficence, do no harm, are relevant all., women ethical principles in midwifery are enabled or helped to access services or treatments to which they are entitled ethically!

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