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Or are you looking for experience writing product reviews? I love to send you a sample Text! Below are the services we offer: Brief portfolio. Due to my years of experience, I'm comfortable writing on a wide range of... Hi, my name is Jamie Johnson. I also write as a journalist for a variety of publications. Make a Long Story Short. I also guarantee you'll be satisfied with my content. -Upwork Client You want to attract recruiters at top companies like Facebook/Google/Amazon, Big 4 Consulting Firms, or Fortune 500 brands to secure your career for the future. Use Upwork to chat or video call, share files, and track project milestones from your desktop or mobile. I consider myself a seasoned, excellent wordsmith capable of producing clear, concise and factually interesting articles/ebooks. I cover all aspects of digital marketing, including content marketing, SEO, WordPress and website design. I’m an experienced writer with a high standard of English. Get in the mindset to tailor your freelance writing portfolio to your niche. So how do you hire a content writer? "Matt's writing and attention to detail places him among the top tier of all writers here on Upwork. Content writers can make complex topics accessible to the layperson, or convince potential leads to follow through on a purchase. I am a content writer for a variety of corporate brands covering topics including parenting, health, medicine and lifestyle. Your website may look nice, but with badly written content or no SEO in place, you are losing out on potential customers. "Patrick is the best copywriter on Upwork, period." You wouldn’t create a bunch of writing samples with website content about lawn care if you were trying to specialize in writing whitepapers about technology, right? A small glimpse of content writing and copywriting samples from Credible Content. I am a digital marketing director with 9 years of experience in social media, 6 years of experience in paid search (SEM), 5 years of experience with email, affiliate, and display marketing, and 7 years of experience with lead generation. We help small-to-medium-sized businesses create website content that engages readers and makes them want to do business with you. Take 5 successful artists and you’ll probably have 5 radically different design portfolios. Payment, scheduling, rates, and work details info found below - TIA! There’s a big difference between writing simple SEO blog posts and long form sales pages designed to convert. I'm a native German, for 8 years working as a professional Content Writer. Our mission is to maintain long-term professional relationships with clients that prefer to invest in value and intellect within the words. Not ineffective copy+paste articles. Our mission is to satiate all readers. Learn how much does it cost to hire a Content writer, Log in and post your content writing job on Upwork today, Adaptable writing voice that can match different styles/tones, Word processing tools such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Include more than just your writing samples on your portfolio. “Chris is an extremely gifted writer. What follows is a crash course on how you can find top content writers on Upwork. Title: Portfolio Content Writer and Graphic Design, Author: nindytar, Name: Portfolio Content Writer and Graphic Design, Length: 33 pages, Page: … was created explicitly for freelance journalists. I have been serving clients as a full-time freelance writer for 6+ years. MISSION: To provide quality content writing with a unique and eclectic twist. That will bring....crickets. I take pride in my ability to adjust the tone and style of my writing based on the project at hand. Looking for a content marketer, SEO expert, or blogger who will constantly keep you on the edge of your seat? - On-page Optimization for WordPress - Guest Posts Where appropriate, I inject my own form of humor or seriousness. It gives you a quick and … It’s free. I am proficient at creative writing, content writing, and ghost writing. I`m able to take care of your commercial Websites, to target exactly your specific goals. He delivers more than what's asked for and comes up with ideas to further enhance our work and deliverables without asking!" I offer full-scale marketing services from brand design, digital marketing and communications, website development, content marketing, business blog design, and Search Engine Optimization. My goal as a writer is to match my work to the specific needs of each individual client. I will be using Carol's content writing skills again soon!" I'm also a Top Contributor in Google's Webmaster Support forums for crawling, ranking and indexing. Whether you need quality website copy or informative and entertaining blog posts, I am up to the task. ... Website Copywriter Project: T Square Design Studio Web Writing/Content Marketing. I am very much able to apply the rules of grammar and syntax correctly and write with flare. Award-winning Igbo and Tamil writer and artist Akwaeke Emezi keeps things simple on their writing portfolio with a text-focused design and lots of information about their work. I have over 20 years' experience as a technology writer delivering premium content to Fortune 500 companies. Having a successful website & online presence doesn't just mean good design. Joined Upwork in May, 2017 Who keeps you wondering if your work will be done on time? I help you reach visitors and customers through compelling and engaging written content. PLEASE NOTE: My profile may say that I have a lot of open contracts, but I keep them open for recurring clients who LOVE my work and want the ability to order with me on an as-needed basis. I will use him again.” "Carol's writing was excellent. Hi, I'm Mansi Agarwal. Your content has to be well written for your target market. I understand that in today's fast paced society, time is of the essence, and I make a point of producing highest quality work in short amounts of time. In business, an expert copywriter with knowledge, experience, and skills is a priceless asset. An effective content writing job post should include: Ready to start fueling your marketing campaign with top-notch content? "The Best writer/editor on Elance hands-down." Built with Journo Portfolio Editor Portfolio Examples Explore this selection of handpicked portfolios built with Journo Portfolio. My expertise is in .NET C# MVC development, database design, and triage support for emergency website crashes. Our job is to make your promotions worth as much as possible. Contently uses a simple, single-page portfolio interface that allows you to clearly display your work, topics of expertise, and skills. Over the course of my writing career, I've also gained the necessary abilities and information to deliver an exceptional work product to each and every client that I do business with. Merijn Hoss is an illustrator and artist whose portfolio site has psychedelic works of … With each client, it is my #1 priority to make these passions highly visible and important to both clients and their target audiences alike - whether through simple blogging or reporting to full-on marketing and product copy. - Bespin Global, MEA My strategies have been featured in some of the largest publications in the industry including Social Media Today, AllTop, PR News, Project Eve, The Business Journal and American Express Open Forum. Imagine people falling all over themselves to utilize your product or service. As a professional SEO content writer with extensive experience using WordPress, keywords and HTML, I can help a website increase readership while maintaining its high standards. Whether it be my own ideas or putting your idea into words, I'll put my talent to use and record your story for the world to see. Showcase your work with an online portfolio Easy to set up. Content writing is the art of producing blog posts, product reviews, press releases, ad copy, and other marketing collateral. Why a Contently portfolio? "If you're looking for THE LinkedIn person on Upwork... go for Paul!" A contractor who is still in the process of building a client base may price their content writing services more competitively. I'm a native Swedish content writer specialising in iGaming and online casino content. I've been an organic... You want to create an impact and grow your business. Tell us what you need. Your portfolio needs to represent what you want and your personal brand.For example, if you’re marketing yourself as a finance writer who can explain complicated ideas in a fun, engaging way looking to do more of the same, you’ll want to include your best pieces; ones that reflect your unique voice and ones that are straightfor… One of the great things about design portfolios is the variety. Then, when you land on her page, the headline is simple and to the point ‘I write down ideas for money’. My strengths are in knowing and understanding a topic, either through personal experience in true life or from research and then writing in a way that the average reader finds interesting and absorbing. # 1 in Upwork English Spelling Test (US Version) out of 1,596,438 test-takers​ The most interesting thing is that you can customize the design as you like: you can add blocks, individual pages, and elements (photos, descriptions, texts, buttons, forms, еtс. He uses his portfolio quite well to showcase how good… And I'm killer at editing out all the extra information you've been throwing at your prospects for years so that you'll have clear and concise branding. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Over 195+ 5-star reviews Certified Herbalist since 2012 through two programs. I've worked with clients like Credit Karma, Quicken Loans, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and Bankrate. Their debut autobiographical novel FRESHWATER was critically acclaimed by publications like The New Yorker and NPR, and they also have two new books forthcoming from Knopf and Riverhead Books. Pay hourly or fixed-price and receive invoices through Upwork. This portfolio features some of my creative content projects. The majority of portfolios I’ve seen are laid out in a long list of samples. Motion graphics designer and illustrator Amber Xu's portfolio is beautiful to look at and, … Set aside time to go … Here comes the agonizing part: what do I include in my writing portfolio? - Influencer Marketing Content Copyright © | All rights reserved. Imagine gripping copy that hypnotizes your audience. Kymmie Krieger, founder and President of BeWriteWithYou, passionately inspires business owners, coaches, and companies around the world to find their voices and create captivating, client-based content. Website Content I’ve worked in online marketing and blogging for 6+ years. I am a content writer, blogger, designer and a journalism student at IIMC. For nearly four years now, I've worked full-time as a freelance content writer and SEO copywriter. Don’t add everything you’ve ever created. Carol quickly understood my needs & offered valuable recommendations. content editing & SEO. If you have an important project that needs to be done right, you can't go wrong by hiring Matt." And you want to do that with engaging, original, and effective blog writing and content. Believe it or not, writing is the least of my skills. Your LinkedIn profile and resume are boring. ---------------------- Merijn Hoss. I... "[Ivan's] consultancy is phenomenal and trustworthy, especially in the industry and our tough field of IT. - Marketing Collateral: Decks, White Papers, Case Studies and More It's all of my skills working together that make me one of the highest rated copywriters on Upwork with over $100K earned. Interview favorites and hire the best fit. Who makes you worry the project won’t meet your expectations? Imagine your business having the power to captivate your reader's attention! Below are some of my published work. Hmmm... Not really? While I produce and manage content for you, you'll also get the benefit of my continuously evolving SEO knowledge. I do this by: You've learned it's a bureaucracy, full of politics and hard-to-understand rules. Once we understand that, we are able to write a clear and concise message on every page. I know what motivates them, what they fear, and their dreams. -Tom Ralston | Ralston Supply Center | NY She has sections of her portfolio dedicated specifically to video and photo content and explicitly states in her bio that one of her core interests is telling stories through video. I'm great at crafting messaging strategies that connect and drive behavior. You can screen profiles on criteria such as: Now that you have a clear picture of the type of content writer you’re looking for, it’s time to write that job post. Her presentation of her portfolio is simple but direct. Digital content creator Anne Gould is a great example of a writer who uses to showcase work in various multimedia formats. My expertise is with technical writing, but I've written for numerous clients on topics such as health and fitness, pets, SEO, marketing and finance. The content we write is designed to maximize conversions and help monetize your traffic. Based in New York, Stefanie Bruckler is an Austrian designer and illustrator with a … I have more than 4 years full-time experience working at one of the largest gambling companies in Europe, plus more than 3 years content writing experience here on Upwork. Her URL title is quite striking: ‘Warning – I don’t do boring’. You're probably a founder, a CEO or other high level executive and your time is better spent on activities that contribute to your bottom line. What more can one ask for? I am a writer gifted with creativity. Easy to read and error-free, for your Target Client group. In that time, I've worked for hundreds of clients on countless projects. ✅ Deep-diving into client discovery: Your product, your goals,... EVERY THRIVING COMPANY NEEDS WORD SATIATION! An experienced content writer may command higher fees but also work faster, have more-specialized areas of expertise, and deliver higher-quality work. I specialize in writing blog posts on content marketing and strategy, social media, email marketing, CRO, landing pages, and more. “Chris is great! CONTACT Log in and post your content writing job on Upwork today. Amber Xu. Best of all, I know what the end user wants out of branded content: honesty and personality! If you need a contractor who can write content for your blog, landing page, or other marketing assets, a content writer can help. As you’re browsing available content writers, it can be helpful to develop a shortlist of the contractors you may want to interview. Upwork has the largest pool of proven, remote Content writers. Do you need someone to write the targeted message templates that will go into your automated email campaign? Choosing the best commercial refrigeration for your restaurant, Introduction to the Internet of Things: A beginner's guide. ONLY ORIGINAL CONTENT. See, I believe the world needs more writers bold enough to be honest, original, and truly helpful. Having a portfolio allows you to demonstrate the skill level and range of your work to any potential employers. Project-specific samples can be provided upon requested. Rates can vary due to many factors, including expertise and experience, location, and market conditions. Pay for work you authorize. He consistently delivers measurable results and always has an eye on outperforming previous efforts." I'm great at understanding target markets and audiences - the things that they care about and that motivate them to take action. I am fluent in marketing concepts for both B2B and B2C, and I have worked with major clients such as Wilson Sporting Goods, Johnny Rockets (corporate and franchise), Wahoo's Fish Taco (franchise level), Kingston Technology's HyperX Gaming, Planetary Society and National Space Society, and most recently Carrington Mortgage Services. Interview and hire. During that time, I’ve ghostwritten copy that has appeared on Forbes multiple times and a number of industry-specific sites that have positioned my clients as authorities in their fields. These subjects aren't just my specialty. If you want to find a top content writer, it helps to get specific about your needs. I'm a software engineer who writes high-level technical content for companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, Rackspace and IBM. Get qualified proposals within 24 hours. Here’s a quick overview of the skills you should look for in a freelance content writer: This is where I shine and I've been writing engaging copy on the web since 2008! One of the most important steps in the process of becoming a full-time freelance writer is creating your own portfolio. - Pillar & Cluster Content As you can make out from the website I am a freelance writer providing content writing, copywriting, content marketing and content strategy services. If you're in the market for B2B web content, case studies, white papers, ghostwritten full length books, newsletters, articles, blog posts, sales letters, landing pages, advertorials, fundraising letters, lead-gen letters, brochures, press releases, and flyers--I can help you. How strong is your metal detection system? Check out some of our top rated Content writers below. My content writing portfolio. - Landing Page Copy He was a pleasure to work with and delivered a wonderful product. By continuing to use the site, you’re agreeing that that’s okay. I specialize in writing for websites, editing & improving current content, and ongoing blog writing. Compare bids, reviews, and prior work. The range of themes means all portfolios are different. Ben Mingo is a graphic and interactive designer from California. How to make your freelance writer portfolio stand out Make your portfolio visually compelling. If you need to communicate effectively, I can help. Unfortunately, I’m pretty boring. Content Writing Portfolio. ✅ Engaging your target audience with copy that sells Because each website has a different target audience, I quickly learned how to adjust my writing style. That's how you'll grow your blog– and your brand. Here is my portfolio! David Brandstaetter, Tectonic Slide Entertainment "Patrick is the conversational copywriter with digital media experience we need, his writing styles are as diverse as they are confident. Copywriting for Websites: Nuance Fidelis Web Writing/Content Marketing. I am able to work solo on projects, build a team of experts, or work with your team. Looking for someone who can create compelling content and increase engagement? In addition to larger companies, I also have... You desperately want a Wikipedia page. We study your business, your requirements and your competition to give you content that will work for your business, attract the search engines and appeal to the target audience. I've been in web development for 15 years, and I have several software and SEO projects completed through Upwork. ...then keep looking. "Stephanie is a content wizard and you owe it to your business to hire her." I also offer technical B2B writing services to food industry clients. My Bachelor of Science in Professional Writing and Psychology helps me understand how to reach your target audience with words. Let me take the reins when it comes to your blogging, landing page or press release copy. *I encourage potential clients to please read entire profile before hiring to ensure a good fit. I also offer technical B2B writing services to food industry clients. Content writers can make complex topics accessible to the layperson, or convince potential leads to follow through on a purchase. With a focus on B2B SaaS, I help companies build their online brand with engaging content matched with focused marketing tactics. We have you fill out a comprehensive and thought-provoking questionnaire so that by the time we finish reviewing it we know exactly why you stand apart from your competitors. Be thoughtful about what you include. I write engaging benefit-driven copy that helps you build and strengthen relationships with your customers. Also, by offering quick turnaround times, I allow my clients to get up and running with their new content as soon as possible. I am a certified search engine optimiser, a former SEO Tutor at the international Search Engine College, and an experienced web copywriter and website editor. - Keyword Research & SEO-friendly Writing Add visuals like graphs, icons, and pictures. Nope. Our services include content editing and content re-writing. - Kymmie is your #1 pick for content creation that converts and resonates with readers! Use these SEO basics to bring more people to your website, 5 strategies for boosting restaurant customer loyalty, How personas can help your business thrive, 5 employee training methods for your small business, Diwali promotion ideas: 3 ways to boost sales, 3 expert tips for winning at content marketing, How to boost online visibility with local business listings. Website Copywriting: FreeFall Laser Web Writing/Content Marketing. TESTIMONIALS: I can write your articles on time and in the best quality! Thomas. starting another contract with him!” Stefanie Bruckler. In the last 8 years, I have worked for many companies, taking care of their SEO research and specific content needs. I'm a professional freelance writer and blogger. Complementary marketing skills enable me to identify market needs and communicate clear solutions for your target audiences. Although you don’t need a full job description as you would when hiring an employee, aim to provide enough detail for a contractor to know if they’re the right fit for the project. ---------------------- But that same “anything goes” approach can be a struggle if you’re a graphic designer, an illustrator or a web designer looking to create your own portfolio website to reach potential clients . Content writing is the art of producing blog posts, product reviews, press releases, ad copy, and other marketing collateral. How many pieces do I include? I am an integrated marketing communications consultant and project manager. Currently looking to partner on larger projects with a... "I just wanted to reach out everything is going well we are getting organic traffic, & I am booked up until the end of the season." Get qualified proposals within 24 hours. * #amwriting The scope of work of your project will have a direct impact on the cost of your content writing project. Whether it’s to educate, climb search rankings, close a sale, or tell a story—content is king. Which one is right for you will depend on the specifics of your project. You’ve thought about making your Wikipedia article by yourself. ✅ Top-Rated Freelancer| 100% Job Success I will provide you with iGaming content writing services in Swedish regarding online gambling. “Quality work, Quick turnaround, Flexible when project-scope changed. I'm experienced and I can cover any niche like an industry veteran. I write SEO-optimized blog posts for companies in the financial services industry. Here are just a few projects from my portfolio. Sound too good to be true? I have been in the trenches bringing new life to tired copy projects; I'm ready to bring my hard-won experience and core skills to work for you. I require SEO strong content formatted in a planned style. Hello, I'm Patrick, a full-time copywriter and digital media professional in NY. The writing? Kymmie constructs, edits, and polishes web and marketing copy, expertly spinning raw ideas into envisioned messages using her Copy That Converts™ method. I usually connect with the reader.... "Patrick is a master writer - someone you can trust to deliver exactly what is needed for the job." I have an active and vivid imagination; viewing life as a story to be told. Below are some of my published work. This information does not identify you in any way. Content Strategist Published culture writer and poet with a genuine interest in people, their stories and viewers in … View Portfolio Skills: Proofreader, Editor, Copywriter, Blogger Don’t believe us? I can't thank you enough." I create content for every age and every market requirement. I am willing to research and write accurately on diverse topics. Digital marketing & Technology Use these SEO basics to bring more people to your website Read this article 5 strategies for boosting … Portfolio Read More » I've worked with a variety of B2B... Tell us about your project. My site uses cookies to collect information about site visitors. It comes after all that. Her website is an advertisement of her writing style in itself for those looking for no-nonsense content. And best of all? "Matt is an amazing content writer and can write for any industry. Here’s a quick overview of the skills you should look for in a freelance content writer: Top content writers know how to craft content that both engages the reader and performs well in search engines. The copywriter portfolio template looks perfect and works flawlessly on all existing mobile devices. I double and triple my clients' organic traffic in a matter of months. Which is why I’m here to help you, just like I helped these clients of mine: I don't just read a book, I engage the book. Think about it. Putting it together can help you to organize your thoughts and decide what your priorities should be as a freelancer. L A Wallace Available for freelance work in proofreading, copy-edit & eLearning Design. In … My services include: "I landed a job in 8 days that increased my salary by $30K + a $10K bonus." Because those samples wouldn’t be relevant to the clients you wanted to attract. Or maybe you've already tried, perhaps even multiple times. Easy to update. Upwork connects you with top talent around the world, or near you. - Content Strategy & Brand Voice Compare bids, reviews, and prior work. I cover all aspects of digital marketing, including content marketing, SEO, WordPress and website design. Upwork connects you with top talent around the world, or near you. Text-only list portfolios. You want to stand out. I am adept at writing content to be read by anyone from students to top decision-makers at international... Knowing exactly what to say is crucial in today's media driven world. ), change their design, creating your truly unique website for online business. Entheos offers professional content writing services customized for your needs. I wish I had done this months ago!!!" Guillaume Lellouche, Founder & CEO, conscious... Food, Agriculture, Organic Farming, Health, Nutrition, Herbalism, Gardening, Local Food, and Sustainability Freelance Writer since 2012. I've written about a variety of personal finance topics including building credit, making money online, investing, stock analysis, and more. A portfolio is how you become a writer and agonizing over it earns you your writer’s stripes.

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