replacing floor in mobile home bathroom

Ew. The urine can also get into/onto the walls. Bonnie Also, because of the modern manufacturing techniques available today, you’ve got lots of options. I liked to make sure I hit the floor joists if at all possible and had a screw about every 16″. The particle board is a mess and is swelled. If your mobile home has particleboard subfloors, plywood can add durability. Paul Your email address will not be published. My logic for putting new flooring down on top of the old is that it requires much less skill. When you do research you’ll see that you can even find construction videos to view. I would use screws, not nails, to anchor the new floor. Mike Replacing floor in mobile home bathroom becomes very important with this kind of scenario. You can’t put vinyl directly onto the old floor because all the dings and dents will quickly show. Rinse the floor and drain area with cool water. Because so many of these homes are older, it’s hard to find information on how to do this properly. The plumbing section person should be able to match it up with a new piece. At the same time, I can understand not wanting carpet in a bathroom. I never fooled around with a mobile home before. I am in the same predicament as a couple of the last people. That means for cheap flooring options, you want to know that you can choose quality flooring that won’t be disadvantaged on inferior subflooring and you may well need to upgrade your sub-flooring. And you’ll be cutting and screwing the plywood down until the subfloor is covered. You can possibly get vinyl about $1,$2 or $3 per sq foot. I’m getting ready to lay the plywood down. Update: 1/8/18 Unfortunately, we lost this home in a fire. Thanks, Circular saws have guides on them that prevent you from cutting the old floor flush at all walls, cabinets, etc. Jeff I wrote How to Install Laminate Flooring to show exactly how it can be done and how it looks in a mobile home. We’ve ripped up the carpet and padding, and the floor is made of particle board. Thanks for posting, The toilet is the place most likely to leak and it also gets the most use. It can be sanded after it hardens to make a really smooth surface. Replacing floor in mobile home bathroom becomes necessary because even in the newer mobile homes, flooring can become soft and warped with any encounter with water. Usually it will be a part that will include a new flange. That is particularly useful if the belly of your trailer is not 100% and you live in a climate with lots of rain or snow. Mobile Home Repair has a great article about repairing or replacing a mobile home bathtub here. Glad the Bondo suggestion helped. At least with the bondo you can fill in the cracks, and counter sunk holes from the screws, and keep leveling it up until you get it just right. I would install supports between the joists to support the edges of the replacement plywood. The main thing is there are no new leaks. If you really haven’t got a clue, you can visit hardware stores or look on the Internet for some inspiring ideas. If you have any before and after pictures you would like to share email them to me. Teresa 12/30/2010 It can help to see a mobile home construction diagram to understand a bit how these homes are constructed and to give you an idea on how to modify or repair yours. If you salvaged the baseboard trim strips and did a really good job of fitting the plywood you may find they are enough to cover the edge of the new vinyl. Subfloor repair is always going to be necessary when the subfloor is weakened. Previous photo in the gallery is flooring normal subfloor extend under walls. If you get someone heavy standing in one end, will it hold their weight? How to Repair a Rotted Bathroom Subfloor. So I elect to keep orginal floor and add sub floor because it will help insulate my floor better. If you don’t have sufficient knowledge on how to fix or even replace your mobile home’s subfloor, the wisest move is to call in a flooring professional who will do the job properly and ensure that everything is done properly and up to code. The new boards are then placed over the plastic as mentioned here. Replacing a rotting bathroom floor involves a substantial demolition project and removal of both the floor and subfloor. A small amount of water from a leak can soften and weaken particle board and overtime it becomes weak enough to crumble under a small amount of pressure. Here’s what I did: I cut all the high spots out of the old particleboard floor. Also, when you use the new boards you may have to get an extension for your toilet hook-up. Replace Flooring Mobile Home Star Replace Flooring Mobile Home Star 11. Paul Any leaks will need to be repaired. Subfloor damage in the bathroom usually comes from a leaking toilet, but it can also be the result of … What is cost to remove & replace 105 sq feet of tile and subfloor & rebuild floor joists in shower /toilet area; old double wide mobile home,1400sqf. Submitted by: Steve Y. Beaverton, OR USA (August 17, 2013) I am planning on selling my house. Replace bathroom floor mobile home is one images from 24 replacing subfloor in mobile home ideas of Can Crusade photos gallery. You could say that the average cost to replace a plywood subfloor in an average sized room will be in the region of $550. I am not sure what kind of flooring to replace the carpeting with now??? Paul, Gaps to wall or backslash. Paul After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Yes. Anything I can do to keep warmer in 34 below zero temps I’ll do. { 37 comments… read them below } We were given a free mobile home (1984 Redman double wide.) Thanks, I guess in some ways it’s a judgement call. Has it been getting larger over time indicating that the counter is pulling away from the wall or the wall is bending. If the…. How to repair a bathroom floor how to replace a rotting bathroom floor replace subflooring in a mobile home how to replace repair rotted sub floor how to repair a bathroom floor how to repair your mobile home floor in. I will need to pull the wood up and install 3/4″ plywood. I get asked why I suggest just covering the old floor with the new. (Even the swollen stuff?) Replacing floor in mobile home bathroom is a major renovation choice for these homes as damp is always a major factor when it comes to floor damage. then I had to cut the 3/4 inch plywood into sections-reason being because of existing plumbing. Scratched floors are repaired for $75 … Paul, I may have missed this question, im wondering how to make the floor in bath match up to the floor in living room? In many kitchen counters the faucet was brought up through the counter material itself and when the faucet washers or O rings fail water leaks under the laminate and the particle board fails. It will be taller than your typical trailer entry door, so carefully remove paneling, remove flimsy door frame and the header, and build a new door opening of 2x4s to the proper dimentions of a real house door. From there, just lay your flooring of choice, trim the tarpaper down low enough so your baseboards will cover it, and then put the baseboard trim on. It appears the vinyl is under the shower unit and toilet is partly around the rest of the flooring (halfway through the bath with big staples on the outside edge). Also what do I do with the toilet drain, is there a way to get a tight fit without leaks? My personal preference was to overly the old with new plywood. The reason you need to have some experience on how to replace a subfloor is that there are components such as wiring and plumbing  that can be affected in areas such as the bathroom. Replacing mobile home floor gurus is one images from 25 best how to replace the floor in a mobile home of Get in The Trailer photos gallery. There is a lot of swollen particle board throughout the house, I’m wondering if replacing the whole floor with plywood would be easier than all that cutting and replacing each swollen piece, considering the extent of the damage, or is it possible to bleach it, Killz it, then cover the whole thing with plywood? I just want to know how to lay down brand new plywood but I need a step by step guide on how to do it. Our toilet starting leaning we tore out the carpet and much to our suprise all the sweating the tank does in the summer (no a/c warm temps don’t hang around) ruined the floor. It seemed like that would be less work than cutting out the old, possibly tearing up a saw blade(s) on nails, and then pulling nails and scraping old glue off the joists to make a smooth surface. There were gaps between the pipes and plywood, and between where I butted up the plywood best I could. Some of the older model mobile homes have inferior subflooring and they don’t stand up against water. It has to dry at least overnight but is cheap. If the floor is mush under the tub as well is that tub going to have to be lifted out to repair it? The blue edge OSB is preferable and it will often have an interlock cut into the edges of it. You can choose cheap flooring options from different tiles, carpets, laminate, wood, vinyl or linoleum floors. As an extra tip, if the floor in your bathroom has soft spots, then the water damage most likely has spread underneath the wall into the adjacent bedrooms. With plywood in place and the holes cut for the toilet and water supply line, use two pieces of scrap wood to make a collar for the toilet drain line. One of the more difficult aspects of replacing subfloor is removing the old flooring and trim. I think my biggest problem is the drain, I’m not sure how to approach this, and suggestions? The floor joists will be exposed and the contractor might see they are damaged in which case new wood will be added for strength. The bathroom flooring is tile so I don’t think it will be to easy. You will also need screws long enough to go through the plywood and the existing flooring and the new vinyl or carpet you will be putting down (I really prefer vinyl). I also tend to use OSB instead of plywood for the floors. Table of Contents All About Spray Textured PaintSpray Texture PaintTypes of Textured WallsHow to Finish Dry WallDrywall Vacuum…, Table of Contents Identify Which Home Security Guard Equipment is Need For You?What Do you Want Protection From?Find…, Table of Contents Why Do You Need a Roof Repair Specialist?Even a Cracked Tile can Allow Water SeepageBack…, Table of Contents Easy Steps to Air Conditioner Troubleshooting1. In reading these posts, particularly Dee’s, it appears I can lay 3/4 AC over the existing floor. Vinyl  is a synthetic material that is cheap while also being easy to install, making it a great flooring option for mobile homes. You can’t really tell the person living in a mobile home what kind of flooring will be best. How do you determine if a mobile home bathroom floor needs removing prior to replacing with a new one ? If I put plywood over the existing floor, might it fall in ? Replacing floor in mobile home bathroom is always a popular choice in these manufactured homes that start off being built in a factory and then being moved to where they are needed. Set an Itemized Budget2. Notice we are talking in eighths already. Don’t forget to cut out the area for the drain. A plywood subfloor under a shower, also known as underlayment, is vulnerable to moisture damage that can rot the wood. I used a 2×4 on the bottom of this door opening like when framing a wall, so this brought the new door up high enough to clear my added layer of subfloor and even left room for hardwood floor on top of that! To make sure the new floor is absolutely smooth you are going to want to countersink the screws and make sure any seams in the floor wood are filled. You are not likely to be able to cut one piece and get it into the room. I got the usual sagging and falling through floor, but also got huge waves that were high spots because the swelling floor had nowhere else to go than up. I do agree that the putting the new on top of the old is much, much easier. Vinyl will usually need to be cut around the perimeter of the room and tile will need to be ripped up. I would smooth the exposed joists and put a strip on top of them to bring the level up. Whether you have wood floors, carpets or vinyl, they rest on the subfloor and this subfloor rest on joists. You have to have the right skills because you could end up cutting wires or pipes. If the home isn’t level that needs to be done at some point. The following directions were written for a mobile home bathroom floor replacement project. You will need a new wax ring and possibly new flange bolts to re-install the toilet. The worst scenario is when damage to the subfloor in the bathroom is caused by a leaking toilet. The guy died many years ago, but his cats stayed in it for some time. Home Mender. Subflooring is always going to need replaced or repaired at some time, more so it it is an older mobile home. Most of the flooring in the "wet" rooms have been damaged so my plan is to properly cutout and replace all damage and mold, then overlay the entire house with new 3/4" T&G OSB because there are many soft spots in the living room, dining room (both adjacent to the kitchen) and master bedroom (which is open to master bathroom). What if you drive nails into the four walls so that sting stretched between the nails mak and X over the center of the drain hole. For replacing floor in mobile home bathroom, there are heaps of websites providing you with information and instructions on how to replace your subfloor. It sounds to me like you would be ahead to cover the entire floor. Mobile home floor repair 19 photos replace subflooring in a mobile home replacing your mobile home flooring replacing your mobile home flooring replace subflooring in a mobile home manufactured home repair upgrade. The paint will also make it less conspicuous. You will probably need to put down some sort of trim strip at the door(s) to make sure no one catches their foot on the edge. These come in a multitude of shapes and you should be able to find one that does what you need without making an unacceptable ridge. Most mobile homes have floor repair issues similar to other homes. Q: I have 3 bathrooms in my mobile home. Todd Pinterest World Catalog Ideas Pinterest World Catalog Ideas 13. HELP? Paul However, I also use a layer of plastic, the 3 or 4 mm thickness, between the old and the new boards as a water/moisture barrier. Sub-flooring plays an important part in choosing flooring for your mobile home. My mom’s mobile home bathroom is undergoing some major remodeling. If you know the construction methods you can plan your project the right way and save money. Once you know why your subfloor needs repair you’ll need to get it fixed. Cost to Replace Subfloor in a Mobile Home Expect to pay between $2 to $2.75 per square foot for both labor and materials. Hire a Contractor to Replace or Repair subflooring I would try to hit floor joists with the screws, not count on the old subfloor to hold well. And then add the usual caulking/sealing at that point once the vinyl has been laid down? I used the spray “Great Stuff” being very careful with it to fill in the gaps. The costs of different flooring options vary, but the information on the Internet means you can explore all the different flooring options available for manufactured homes, and each one offers pros and cons, value and style to your mobile home. Particle board cannot be repaired As a few other people mentioned, the toilet is sagging. Vinyl tiles too, are such a stylish, inexpensive choice for flooring. Even replacing the floor in mobile home bathroom is no longer an issue as clever techniques today make it possible to have what you want in an area where there is a lot of moisture. If not, is it possible to reinforce the floor in some way to make this tub possible? Bathroom Floor Repair. It also seemed like there were a variety of modifications that would reduce the tripping hazard. Wonderful word “free”. Making darn sure I had on latex gloves and plenty of paper towels and only filling in the gaps half way because this stuff swells up and cut the excess off with a serrated knife. (I recommend running that tarpaper layer up behind the baseboards, because often old mobil homes develope leaks in the aluminum siding and this will prevent water from leeching into your new subfloor). That always worked for me. I am glad I found this web page about the bondo-excellent idea! I like the idea of just laying a new floor over the existing floor because it sounds a lot simpler but no one here has addressed the issue of the bathtub. The costs to replace floor joists and subfloor will always vary but generally for this job you could be looking at paying roughly $600 to about $6,000 for the project. Subfloors are mostly made of plywood or particleboard. Then you’ll replace the sub-floor with the new material and level it before replacing flooring over the repaired subfloor. I hope this helps. I didn’t want to use the leveler compound for my 5 x 5 bathroom. Replacing floor in mobile home bathroom requires you repairing rotting flooring so as to remove the trim and floor covering. Fasten the plywood in place with lots of screws. There are all manner of products on the market for transitioning between one type of floor covering to another–look at them for ideas & see what works for you. Or should I bag the idea? There are some holes in the floor that obviously need to be patched as well. Shut off the water to the toilet. If you don’t cover every screw head you will soon be able to see each one and tell whether it was a Phillips or straight drive. or should I spend the expence to even re-level the MH..Thank you As far as the toilet drain you just make sure the flange is fastened tightly to the new plywood and a new wax ring takes care of any leak concerns. There just isn’t enough room to slide it around as much as you will need to. Can you imagine the price I would have to quote to bid a job done this way? Replacing floor in mobile home bathroom requires you repairing rotting flooring so as to remove the trim and floor covering. As you can see, while this is a job of a competent DIYer, if you’re not 100% sure, it would be better to get a reliable professional in to do it properly. Mostly, they come as tiles that you peel and stick. Dear Paul, thank you, thank you, thank you! Manufactured home as in a "mobile home" or a new line manufactured home that looks like a house? Unfortunately, today’s…, Manufactured Home ceiling fans Some of the newer homes come pre-wired for ceiling fans and if that is the case you will see a plate in the ceiling covering the box the fan can be attached to. thanks for you wonderful help, im retired and like a lot of m/h owners on a small budget..thanks again Replacing floor in mobile home bathroom requires you checking the subfloor first. It is already bad enough that the toilet is sitting at a slight angle and the tub/shower is not in the best condition so we were planning on changing out the tub/shower with a jet tub when we decide to redo the floor (Needs to be really soon). If the existing floor is destroyed over the joists you will want to shim (place wood strips) on the joists to bring the support level up to where the other parts of the floor are. Or, the water or insects responsible for the damage could spread to the floor joists or wall studs, and the cost to replace the floor joists and subfloor will be much higher than simply replacing a section of the subfloor. But if the floor is ok, do I just butt the new floor up against it? It all depends on what kind of flooring you are looking at and how large the area is that you are replacing. Depending on your needs & preferences, if the overlay needs to transition from one living space to another you could use an angle grinder or a router on it. Before fixing this problem you need to understand the cause. This is the single largest factor you will have to deal with: a bad subfloor. With 3/4″ plywood the weight should be distributed well. With an older mobile home, you will need to replace your subflooring – that wood part under your actual flooring. You can follow along here at the beginning. Installing plywood is quite straightforward. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Was the gap there when the home was delivered so it was probably caused by transport? More likely you will either decide it looks OK as-is or will want to put down some quarter round to cover the gap at the walls. Tearing up the old just does not appear to be an easy “do it yourself” option. Many homes lack a stop on the toilet supply line. I am assuming that any water leaks have been fixed and that the area has been completely dried before you put down the new floor. Mobile home exterior doors are made like a sandwich with a metal or vinyl sheet on the outside, a Styrofoam core and a metal or vinyl sheet on the inside. Mold contributes to various illnesses, so the best option is to find any soft spots, fix the leak that caused it, and then replace the floor. With linoleum, it’s a case of linoleum coming to you in a roll and you cutting the pieces you need and gluing it down. I own a 1978 8×40 park model (living area is 8×37), and just purchased a 1970 mobile home with a 12×40 living area. If you take out the old flooring you have to measure and fit the new material so it is properly supported. The fact that some 20 million Americans live in mobile homes, means that these homeowners also need every opportunity there is to make their homes as comfortable as possible. Buckling and warping floors are likely due to improper installation or moisture problems and cost $225 to $3,000 to address. Consider the weather where you live because if its rainy and muddy, maybe carpeting wouldn’t be a good idea. Ew. Teresa in Texas If I take up the old I have to cut the old flooring free and clean nails, etc., I have to make sure the new flooring is carefully measured and cut so it is properly supported on all sides. I pulled up the carpet in my parents bathroom which had vinyl under it. Finding replacements for one or two individual cabinet doors is a problem for which I do not have good answers. I think thorough (as much as is possible) cleaning, bleach, Kilz followed by new plywood would be the way to go. All good advice.. I’m getting ready to do my own repairs to an older mobile home I am buying. Also, the extent of floor leveling also needs to be factored in. You mix as much as you need with a catalyst and it will be hard enough to sand in 30-45 minutes. Thank you. Previous photo in the gallery is pinterest world catalog ideas. They should be a lot heavier than 2 x 6. It will come in handy later, and it gives you more options if you run into surprises while working. Replace flooring mobile home is one images from inspiring replacing mobile home floor photo of Get in The Trailer photos gallery. You should always look a gift horse in the mouth You should end up with a really nice floor. In general, costs will be roughly $100-$300 or more per joist. (There is plenty of room for the taller house door and a proper header). bathroom sub floor. All rights reserved. Please help You will also need screws long enough to go through the plywood and the existing flooring and the new vinyl or carpet you will be putting down (I really prefer vinyl). If you’re looking at a kitchen or bathroom floor that’s rotted-out, it’s worth it to shut off the water, lift the toilet & possibly the lower cabinets, and lay down plywood. Then beat the heck out of the floor with a hammer being careful about locations of boards, electrical and existing plumbing since I had no idea where these were located. I have replaced floors in a trailer, bathroom and other rooms, using both methods mentioned here. I am handy and have a CS License. Can I lay 3/4 inch plywood right over existing linoleum and floor in the kitchen? I pulled up the carpeting and found that part is vinyl. Here is my thoughts on that: lets all face it, your average factory trailer entry doors are flimsy aluminum cased styrofoam. I'm told it is likely 5/8 as is standard in that year and model. A home inspector found dry rot under the floor in the bathroom area. I wrote How to Install Laminate Flooring to show exactly how it can be done and how it looks in a mobile home. There are easy installations that make for cheap flooring for the DIYer. To replace flooring in a mobile home you do need to be an experienced DIYer as this isn’t a job for the person who doesn’t know what a nail and hammer is. Charity Paul This leaves you a choice: (1) turn the water to the home off and hope you finish before someone needs functional plumbing, or (2) figure out a way to cap off the line. You can lay plywood on top of it,r raising the level of your floor. I would remove old flooring that would break away easily with a hammer and/or which was obviously swollen up or soft. I drew lines on the floor to carefully start cutting out the partial board by using a reciprocating saw-a little at a time. It sounds like from some of the comments above that I will be able to screw into 2×6″ floor joists. If you need to install a new plywood floor over a subfloor, the job starts with knowing a little bit about plywood and the types of underlay you want. Circular saw; Hammer; Crowbar; Carpet knife; New plywood flooring (usually ¾” or ⅝”) Planks to reinforce the floor joists; Wood screws Buy enough A-C 3/4″ exterior grade plywood to completely cover the bathroom floor. Jim_Vierling That will leave you with a floor that feels wonderfully solid, with no worries about weak spots. A sagging countertop has probably been damaged by water. This is 1971 doublewide. ok so i have a question if you put the new floor down over top of the old if there is any water damage doesnt that create a place for mold to grow and wont it make the new floor rot even quicker? Paul Replace the flooring What you will need. Paul For example, you could bevel the edge of the plywood so there was no sharp transition. To address the uneven edge, get creative. You have to remember that manufactured home builders construct homes in such a way that the flooring is laid prior to the walls being installed so that will suggest to you how hard repairing these floors can actually be. © Copyright 2019 FSCclub. I know two ways to do this. The floor joists will be 1 3/4″ wide so your measurements and cutting have to be accurate enough to use all of the 7/8″ that is available. Jerlene Since mobile home bathrooms are often small, you can usually find inexpensive remnants that will be as large as you need. Paul. I had a waterheater go nuts while out of town and the result was major water damage. Depending on the makeup of your walls you may need to have them framed in the area for shower with 2x4's and be sure you have someone who knows what they are doing and you should be very happy. Paul You can’t get away from the fact that both linoleum and vinyl flooring are the cheapest types of flooring to use. I was going to go with the cheapest (not carpet), but underlayment does not appear to be the best. The Home Mender, Dustin Luby, shows us how to repair that unsightly rot hole in your floor to prepare it for a new. This simple, and probably already around the house, cleaning combo is a must try. His idea of just laying 3/4 plywood over the top of your existing subfloor is ideal! How To Replace A Bathroom Floor In Mobile Home. Certainly, when looking for the best flooring for a mobile home, you want a floor that looks good and is easy to clean. I’m planning to rip out the master bath in my 1977 Barrington MH and replace everything. What I did: I bought a used, prehung HOUSE steel door with jamb. That stuff comes apart from just getting wet, it will fail before it has time to rot. How to Replace a Rotten Floor Under a Shower. It will also help make sure the vinyl doesn’t curl up at the edges. I’m afraid of the old floor having mold! With replacing floor in mobile home bathroom, you can’t be waiting around because you don’t know how to get started can see the floor became ever more hazardous to walk on. They are always having sales and promotions on their products, and sometimes it’s on their different flooring options. I still haven’t finished my bathroom due to relying on my family for help, but it will get there. I would use the method Teresa describes again only on a small area that was not affected by rot or water damage–for instance, if someone dropped a weight and dented the floor–and where I could peel back the floor covering or replace “press and stick” tiles. If you want to put plywood over a particleboard subfloor for instance, you need to know the different kinds of plywood. Sub-floor repair isn’t difficult but it has to be done properly. So far so good now, I am letting it dry over night before proceeding with the bondo. Also to our suprise we only have one floor, no sub floor. If the home is VERY new it may…, For most floors in a mobile home I think wood laminate flooring makes a lot of sense. Have you found and fixed all water leaks? If I put the new floor right on the old floor, then how would I level the new floor in the areas that are already sinking?

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