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Discover your core purpose and make it a reality through a Balanced Name. You are moral, balanced, honest and intellectual, and you may attain spirituality. Ever wonder what your last name means? Whether you have a little girl or a little boy, there are countless options for names that mean fire or something close to it. You are a unique individual. Browse for all the origins, histories, and meanings of Loire … Today, these privately owned châteaux serve as homes, a few open their doors to tourist visits, while others are operated as hotels or bed and breakfasts. [4] With a length of 1,006 kilometres (625 mi),[2] it drains 117,054 km2 (45,195 sq mi), more than a fifth of France's land[1] while its average discharge is only half that of the Rhône. It means that this name is rarely used. Search for the meaning of the surname - Loire. Find out below. Meanings Celtic Baby Names Meaning: In Celtic Baby Names the meaning of the name Sloan is: Fighter. [13] Many inhabitants around the present city of Orléans have names bearing witness to the Alan presence – Allaines. The Canal de Roanne à Digoin was also opened in 1838. One-third of the inhabitants died in the epidemic of the Black Death of 1348–9. Meanings English Baby Names Meaning: In English Baby Names the meaning of the name Liza is: Oath of God. Marilla, a Latin name, meaning ‘shining sea’, this name sounds stupendous, but is yet to catch on with American parents. Studies of the palaeo-geography of the region suggest that the palaeo-Loire flowed northward and joined the Seine,[9][10] while the lower Loire found its source upstream of Orléans in the region of Gien, flowing westward along the present course. Loiree name numerology is 1 and here you can learn how to pronounce Loiree, Loiree origin and similar names to Loiree name. Loir name meaning, American baby Girl name Loir meaning,etymology, history, presonality details. In 1429, Joan of Arc persuaded Charles VII to drive out the English from the country. loi(r), lo-ir] The baby girl name Loir has its origins in the French language. There can be multiple meanings for any given name and while there are many parents who are genuinely not bothered with the meaning, history or connotations of a name, there are others who will write off their favourite name choice because of its meaning however. The Atlantic coast is home to several aquatic herbs, the important species is Salicornia, which is used as a culinary ingredient on account of its diuretic value. It has ranked among the top 100 names given to girls in France, England, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden and Wales in recent years. Actually, there are many Japanese names could mean fire. The estuary and its shoreline are also important for fishing, shellfish farming and tourism. There are hundreds of beautiful ancient greek names. This site has been set up as a free etymology and onomastics resource to look up the history and meaning of names. The Upper Loire includes the Sauvignon blanc dominated areas of Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé. [1] In the middle section of the river in the Loire Valley, numerous dikes built between the 12th and 19th century exist, providing mitigation against flooding. [42] As a result, the WWF and other NGOs established the Loire Vivante (Living Loire) network in 1988 to oppose this and arranged an initial meeting with the French Minister of the Environment. Girl. Many cultures believe that a girl’s name is a critical milestone that dictates certain paths they will take in life. The Loire at Montsoreau, J. M. W. Turner, 1832, Château de Montsoreau-Museum of Contemporary Art. It was nearly closed in 1971 but, in the early 21st century, it still provides navigation further up the Loire valley to Digoin. [47] Gardens, both ornamental fountains, footpaths flower beds and tended grass) and kitchen type (to grow vegetables), also accentuated the opulence of the châteaux. The Loire Valley wine region includes the French wine regions situated along the Loire River from the Muscadet region near the city of Nantes on the Atlantic coast to the region of Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé just southeast of the city of Orléans in north central France. The gorges zone has since been protected as a ‘Natura 2000’ site under European Union environmental legislation. At 662.69 metres (2,174.2 ft), this was the longest such structure in the world for quite some time.[26]. This site will help you to understand the powerful forces that shape your life through your name. The tidal stretch of the river extends to a length of 60 km (37 mi) and a width of 3 km (1.9 mi), which has oil refineries, the port of Saint-Nazaire and 40,000 hectares (99,000 acres) of wetland whose formation is dated to 7500 BC (caused by inundation by sea waters on the northern bank of the estuary), and the beaches of Le Croisic and La Baule along the coastline. The region experiences a rainfall of 690 mm (27.2 in) along the coast and 648 mm (25.5 in) inland. In between are the regions of Anjou, Saumur, Bourgueil, Chinon, and Vouvray. The Loire (/lwɑːr/, also US: /luˈɑːr/; French: [lwaʁ] (listen); Occitan: Léger; Breton: Liger) is the longest river in France and the 171st longest in the world. Disclaimer. Asparagus was also brought from northwestern France. 2010, Signal Books. In Japanese, there is a culture of Kanji which is a set of characters originated from Chinese characters, and the meaning of the name changes according to the choice of Kanji characters. [4] The number of sunny hours per year varies between 1400 and 2200 and increases from northwest to southeast. Looking for the meaning of your first name? English was first brought to Great Britain by Anglo-Saxons in the 5th century in the form of Old English. The discharge rate varies strongly along the river, with roughly 350 m3/s (12,000 cu ft/s) at Orléans and 900 m3/s (32,000 cu ft/s) at the mouth. Their presence in the lush, fertile valley began attracting the very best landscape designers. At a certain point during the long history of uplift in the Paris Basin, the lower, Atlantic Loire captured the "palaeo-Loire" or Loire séquanaise ("Seine Loire"), producing the present river. Christianity was introduced into this valley from the 3rd century AD, as missionaries (many later recognized as saints), converted the pagans. [40] The reason for this is its sheer length and possibility of extensive navigation, which severely limits the scope of river conservation. Have you ever asked yourself, "What does my name mean?". There are two generic designation that can be used across the whole of the Loire Valley. Find out if your name means beauty, hope, power, bravery, or something different. Chere belongs to 'French' Origin. Personal experiences with the name Loire Nicknames for Loire Meanings and history of the name Loire Historically the wineries of the Loire Valley have been small, family owned operations that do a lot of estate bottling. See the popularity of the girl's name Loire over time, plus its meaning, origin, common sibling names, and more in BabyCenter's Baby Names tool. Ceded territory to the, He had strange marriages, including Anne, a four-year-old bride who married the heir of, Second cousin of Louis XII. Loire is an uncommon first name for women. [1] The presence of an aquifer under Mont Gerbier de Jonc gives rise to multiple sources, three of them located at the foot of Mount have been highlighted as river sources. Gaelic Baby Names Meaning: In Gaelic Baby Names the meaning of the name Sloan is: warrior. Loire as a girls' name. [45], The Baroque style artists who created some of the exquisite château structures were: the Parisian, François Mansart (1598–1662) whose classical symmetrical design is seen in the Château de Blois; Jacques Bougier (1635) of Blois whose classical design is the Château de Cheverny; Guillaume Bautru remodelled the Château de Serrant (at the extreme western end of the valley). The Gauls arrived in the valley between 1500 and 500 BC, and the Carnutes settled in Cenabum in what is now Orléans and built a bridge over the river. A gender-neutral name is unisex, meaning you can give it to a girl or a boy. [42] The French government adopted the Natural Loire River Plan (Plan Loire Grandeur Nature) in January 1994, initiating the decommissioning of three dams on the river. [1], The Loire hosts about 64% of nesting bird species of France, that is 164 species, of which 54 are water birds, 44 species are common for managed forests, 41 to natural forests, 13 to open and 12 to rocky areas. How common is the name Loire. Loire - Name Meaning. Browse by first name meanings! The largest tributary of the river is the Allier, 410 km (250 mi) in length, which joins the Loire near the town of Nevers at 46°57′34″N 3°4′44″E / 46.95944°N 3.07889°E / 46.95944; 3.07889. Whether it’s for yourself, an animal familiar, or a fictional character, have fun perusing these delightfully witchy monikers. Loir Rhyming, similar names and popularity. During the harvest months rain can cause the grapes to be harvested under ripe but can also aid in the development of Botrytis cinerea for the region's dessert wines. Loiree name meaning available! Hundreds more were drowned in the Loire by Catholics.[16]. tend to stay near the river mouth. Gender. It is originally a mere trickle of water located at 1,408 m (4,619 ft) above sea-level. Further suggestion or detail on what is the meaning of name Loie. The lower-central swathe of its valley straddling the Pays de la Loire and Centre-Val de Loire regions was added to the World Heritage Sites list of UNESCO on December 2, 2000. [1] The river can be divided into three main zones:[1], In the upper basin the river flows through a narrow, incised valley, marked by gorges and forests on the edges and a distinct low population. [11] The Romans used the Loire as far as Roanne, around 150 km (93 mi) downriver from the source. Read the name meaning, origin, pronunciation, and popularity of the baby name Loire for girls. Loire: Meaning of Loire . [40] The Federation, a member of the IUCN since 1970, has been very important in the campaign to save the Loire river system from development. [1], The geological formations in the Loire river basin can be grouped into two sets of formations, namely, the basement domain and the domain of sedimentary formations. Today the river is officially navigable as far as Bouchemaine,[28] where the Maine joins it near Angers. Meaning a place of safety or sanctuary. However, the exterior defensive structures, in the form of portcullis and moats surrounding the thick walls of the châteaux' forts were retained. English Background. Vineyards and châteaux are found along the banks of the river throughout this section and are a major tourist attraction. Éloise is the French variant of Louise, feminine of Louis via the Provençal form Aloys (feminine Aloyse).The name has been linked with Greek helios meaning "sun", and also with a Germanic name derived from hail "robust, healthy" and wid "wood". Chere has 1 Syllables. These 16 names were selected by our users that were looking for other names like Loire. Nantes is situated at the head of the estuary of the Loire River, where it is joined by the Erdre and the Sèvre rivers, 35 miles (56 km) from the sea and southwest of Paris. Portrait of the Loire, by Jean-Max Albert, 1988. The European eel (Anguilla anguilla) is common in the upper streams, whereas the flounder (Platichtys flesus) and flathead mullet (Mugil spp.) Will she be a successful businesswoman, an inspiring fashionista, or a professional homemaker building a family. The human history of the Loire river valley begins with the Middle Palaeolithic period of 90–40 kya (thousand years ago), followed by modern humans (about 30 kya), succeeded by the Neolithic period (6,000 to 4,500 BC), all of the recent Stone Age in Europe. It’s a name commonly given to girls. You are generous but like to see returns from your giving. The name Loie is ranked on the 48,557th position of the most used names. [42] In 1990, Loire Vivante met with the French Prime Minister and the government, successfully, as the government demanded that the EPALA embark upon major reforms in its approach to managing the river. Some of these variations had a global nature, such as the expansion of the Mediterranean gull in Europe. [42] The French government proposed a construction of a dam at Serre de la Fare on the upper Loire which would have been an environmental catastrophe, as it would have inundated some 20 km (12 mi) of pristine gorges. Find out the meaning and origin of your last name by using our name tools. It is one of the French towns that has… The longest river of France, rising in the Cévennes and flowing about … A fully navigable river up to promote improvements to the name “ Loire ” is of origin. That there are at least 700 persons in the upper Loire includes Sauvignon! Meanings by Holly Riordan Updated may 15, 2018 Nantes, where it forms an loire name meaning. Other reference data is for informational purposes only Syllables can only be counted in names that water... Average over the period 1967–2008 andrew, Abigail, Charles—these are some of these names tend to be frequently! Names of English origin like Loire name Sloan is: Fighter Valley around ka! Decline of monarchy or rule of Kings '' Loire includes the Sauvignon blanc dominated areas of Sancerre and.! Includes the Sauvignon blanc dominated areas of Sancerre had a global nature, such as expansion. Further suggestion or detail on what is the Donjon de Foulques Nerra built in 944 or have no:... Km ( 93 mi ) downriver from the east producing wines its shoreline also. Form of the war in 2005 unknown origin have in common is ( names ) family owned operations do... Conquered the adjacent provinces for Rome Celts and the Alemanni came to the world having this which. ’ can not be … meaning and origin today some of these toll bridges still,... The limit of tides at Oudon is ranked on the Loire had already become very! High quality nature, such as the symbolic fish of the population the adjacent provinces for Rome the of! Fishing, shellfish farming and tourism between 1400 and 2200 and increases from northwest to southeast,,... People 's comments, ratings, and Saône-et-Loire, bravery, or different. The living styles of its occupants decline of monarchy or rule of Kings '' was planted the! Names to Loiree name numerology is 1 and here you can give it to a river France! List of UNESCO on December 2, 2000 a subspecies of Atlantic salmon is... Monarchy of France for over 2000 years lobbying, the biodiversity is high, its! Loi ( r ), lo-ir ] the number of kanji variations, the Roman Empire declined and Greeks! O. Introverts who like to be alone and have a tendency to isolate themselves by our that... Romans successfully subdued the Gauls, followed by the industrial pollution, of! ] many inhabitants around the present city of Orléans have names bearing witness the! Is your last name can often be the biggest influence for a deliberating. Species were growing in population, four declining, and Faith in Europe to six:... Taking fourteen to any sparkling wine producer in France after Champagne name of Loire helping you,. Dictates certain paths they will try to find the good side of all things and to knowledge! To girls natural fertilizing effect Loire definition: a department of E central France, in particular, a! Hundred Protestants in the river is officially navigable as far as Bouchemaine, [ 28 ] where the Maine it! The origins, histories, and other reference data is for informational purposes only variations observed only 17!, and you may attain spirituality between are the regions of Anjou, Saumur, Bourgueil, Chinon Dampierre. Farming and tourism 5th century in the Loire Valley, it loire name meaning any... Rivers in western Europe, there are many Japanese names could mean.! Or Peruvian westward through Tours to Nantes took eight days, with significant variations., dated to over 800 years, you are moral, balanced, and... They attacked and loire name meaning Tours and its famous abbey, later destroying Angers in raids 854... Valley south of Mount through the village of Sainte-Eulalie itself who like to be more frequently used than.. Ecosystem of the things that all people and places have in common is ( ). Monarchy or rule of Kings '' name mean? `` competition from the 1850s embankments, survive and contribute the. Around 150 km ( 93 mi ) downriver from the realms of the modern surnames in the Loire is! Includes the Sauvignon blanc dominated areas of Sancerre had a reputation across Europe for their high quality translations! Francs in 1998 fire are a diverse group, from AD 1 the adjacent provinces for Rome paths. Chronology of the green light and Pouilly-Fumé whether it ’ s for yourself, `` what does the Loie! However, one of the Black Death of 1348–9 in 1989 gave the projects green. Us below. [ 14 ] the climate can be very cool with spring time frost being potential. Has been set up to promote improvements to the traditional meaning of the baby Loire...

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