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If there is no overlap, the lock will open too far without the possibility of adjusting, and the knife will be ruined. The closing should be done in a very careful way. Attaching a knife to a utility belt is considered in “plain sight,” while Florida courts have ruled placing a pocket knife in a shirt pocket means “partially hidden.” In Florida, you must display a knife in “plain sight” for it to qualify as open carry. A frame lock is a type of pocket knife that has a mechanism on the outside that serves as a lock to hold the knife open. The knife size will be small and the handle will be big. Maybe you got it as a gift from your father, or his father, or his father’s father. The pocket clip is drilled for quad mount, meaning you can carry tip-up or tip-down and left or right handed. The Swiss army knife has a lifetime warranty and is the brand that MacGuyver used in his series so you know that it's good. Most feature a small lever that you must press or move to allow the blade to close, although this lever may be in a number of different locations. Warning: The knife will be slick and should be sharp so be careful when handling the knife. It will make it very slippery. As you squirt each one, open and close it several times to help loosen it up. Every style of knife Florida law has defined to be legal qualifies for open … Utility Knife, Box Cutter, Razor Blade Knife, whatever you call them, today I’m going to discuss why I’ve started carrying one around with me daily and why I stopped using my EDC knife to open boxes.. A few years back, I was in a class with Jeff Gonzales and something he said really hit home for me. A pocketknife is a foldable knife with one or more blades that fit inside the handle that can still fit in a pocket.It is also known as a jackknife (jack-knife) or a penknife, though a penknife may also be a specific kind of pocketknife. Pocket knives are one of the essentials of every traveller. Open the knife and with toothpicks remove lint or gunk stuck in the handle. Then peel the top of the coconut off. Step 2: Wash the Knife with Soapy Water. So much so that modern pocket knives not only lock open but will assist you in opening them also. It also needs to be kept sharp. You'll never question again how to open or close a pocket knife. When it comes to folding style pocket knives there are a few basic styles of pocket knife blades. First, you must find a knife that has a ninety-degree angle where the corner is a sharp point. To oil the knife put several small drops of oil at the top of the knife where each tool connects to the device. If your knife is open close it. You use the corner to puncture the can and continue puncturing it as you rotate the can. This video is how to open a metal can with the corner of a knife. The bottle opener has a flathead screwdriver on its top. In cases like this (or for reasons of your own), you might need to disassemble the knife … That's not uncommon, and it's nothing to worry about -- usually it's a sign that the knife simply needs some break-in time. Before you start, put the knife together, and open the blade. A pocket knife is a great tool that can be used for general purposes by those that enjoy the outdoors but don’t want to carry around a survival knife. Don’t get oil on the handle! Be it a hiker, biker or a camper, everyone needs a good pocket knife. If it’s not then even if you can get it to open it simply won’t perform the tasks it was designed to perform. This configuration allows you to grab the knife easily and prevents the blade from accidentally falling open in your pocket. It is simple to open a can with the can opener by piercing the can with the tool's sharp point and cutting around the inside of the can's rim with its blade. So you have a folding knife. The retractable, folding and pocket knives feature quick change mechanisms for easy blade replacement, the folding knives feature a spring assist opening and many have blade storage in their handles. you can be in the middle of the woods. The Columbia River Knife and Tool CEO Folding Pocket Knife is the epitome of a minimalist pocket knife. I don't know what Colorado's knife laws are, but if there is a law against open carry, and if a cop can SEE your knife, ANY part of your knife, that cop might consider it to be "openly carried". Pocket Knife Maintenance Tips. There are always exceptions and oddballs, but these are the most popular pocket knife blade types. The overall weight on this knife is 5.8 ounces, so it looks and feels nice and sturdy, certainly could be an intimidating knife to the unaware. Some pocket knives utilize the assisted opening mechanism which is slightly similar to how a switchblade works. Most pocket knives feature a thumb stud or hole which will allow you to use your thumb to flick the knife open while holding it in the same hand. I did this knife in an afternoon, about five hours. Follow along as we learn how to open a coconut with only a knife. Make sure to tilt the knife outwards after you puncture. Even if you’re not a frequent traveller, but an ordinary person doing his best to maintain his house, having a pocket knife around can always be helpful. Many times, hinged case backs have both an inner and outer metal cover. Supplies For Restoring a Pocket Knife. ... After applying the oil, open and close the knife so the oil gets worked into the pivot. A folding pocket knife is like any other piece of gear that has a mechanical aspect; it needs to be kept in proper working order or it’s not going to be there when you really need it. - Keep doing this until you have cracked the top. For any knife repair like this you will have to remove the old scale(s), clean and sand the metal parts the new scales will mount on, cut the scale blanks to fit, shape and contour the scales to a close fit, epoxy them into place, shape, sand and buff the whole knife. In such a scenario, a cleaning of the blade is required. While there are multiple methods you can use to restore a pocket knife, the one that worked best for me used wet/dry sandpaper dipped in … I'm gonna show you a simple trick today how you can open up a wine bottle at the house and uh it don't matter where you are. There is no doubt you are still going to enjoy owning this type of knife. ... the rim of the case back will almost always reveal a little notch or wide-spot in the rim where you can insert a case-knife or very strong thumbnail to open the back. Now open each tool and put oil on the inside of the knife where each tool connects to the device. When you close a folding knife, you should hold the blade and the handle should be closed. A typical blade length is 5 to 15 centimetres (2 to 6 in). In this article, we are going to cover how to sharpen a pocket knife. I've taken the most popular locks and explained them in details that are easy to understand and comprehend. And if you are arrested based on that cops opinion, then it will be up to the opinion of the prosecutor to decide if you should be prosecuted. When the blade is pulled out all the way, it locks automatically. Knife makers use a variety of different mechanisms to lock a pocketknife in the open position, and each type closes in a different way. With the number of different locking mechanisms used on todays pocket knives it can be confusing at times figuring out how to close a pocket knife. It’s a fairly expensive knife, but if you need one do-all pocket knife that you can open letters with at the office and press into tough use on the weekends, this should be the top of your list. Mark where the blade tang is. As shown in this video , a putty knife can also be used to get gunk out of the crevices of a pocket knife. A Swiss Army knife usually has a tool that is a combination of a can opener and a small flathead screwdriver. Like any other piece of outdoorsy gear, a pocket knife can get bent, chipped, rusty, or just plain worn-out. It comes with some design features that should get many people interested in knowing what kind of pocket knife activities it can do. 14 Case Small Red Bone Lockback Pocket Knife. A cleaver, like the one shown in the video, type of knife would be best. I did this with each pocket knife I bought my boys and it did the trick just fine. It's used when pinning the pivot pin of a pocket knife to make sure you don't get the joint so tight the blade won't open and close freely, yet won't be so loose you have blade wobble. Nobody's ever got the right stuff to open the wine bottle with I'll see them heated up and beat them with shoes and all kind of weird strange craziness. As to a pocket knife, carrying in a belt sheath should suffice as long as the sheath is not concealed, and a pocket knife “sheathed” in a pocket should be regarded as in plain view as long as the pocket is not concealed and the knife’s pocket clip is visible. We talk about blade steels, handle materials, designers, brands, ergonomics, and a whole suite of other pocket knife attributes, but the true heart of a pocket knife is the locking mechanism.. 11. However, having a great pocket knife and having a pocket knife that can get the job done when needed are two different things. The pocket knife should be opened and closed in an appropriate way so that you will not get injured. The overall folding design makes it great when it comes to portability. CRKT CEO Folding Pocket Knife. Don't forget to account for the thickness of the saw! If the locking mechanism isn't working properly, this may fix it. Do this with a dry knife; otherwise the wet stuff will be harder to clean out. Be sure to give the knife a good wipe and be warned it is very easy to get the WD-40 on your clothes. We spend a lot of time here at Knife Informer talking about folding knives. Pocket knives and foldable blades are fairly universal in their use. A slackner is a thin piece of metal with a known dimension (thickness) with a slot cut in it to go around the pin. With the blade open the flipper acts as a finger guard and feels comfortable in your hand. The keychain side of the knife contains a bottle opener while the other side contains a can opener with a sharp cutting edge. 3 Tips for Breaking-In a New Folding Knife. How long that takes varies from knife to knife. Maybe it’s a really old and rusty blade that has an extremely hard time opening. Different Types of Pocket Knife Blades. - Take the back of the knife and strike the coconut at the top. The pivot on your brand-new knife, whether it's a modern folder or a traditional slipjoint pocketknife, may feel gritty or stiff. Make sure you are rotating the coconut as you do this, and continue striking. To clean, open all the tools and use a toothpick or moist cloth to wipe dust and lint from inside the pocket knife. As you use it, it will loosen up and be easier to open and close too. There are a wide variety of locking mechanisms used by manufacturers, each with their own pros and cons. How to Open (and Close) a Vintage Pocket Watch. Wet/dry sandpaper. You want to cut the lockbar out with around 1mm overlap with the blade. After you’ve found out a little bit about the knife, it’s time to get restoring!

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