czar plum tree

Have you tasted this variety? A very reliable plum which is self-fertile and has good disease resistance is hardy enough to be grown in the all over England. Considered primarily a culinary plum variety, it can be eaten raw especially if you prefer an acidic note to your fruit. It has large blue black fruit, with yellowish green flesh and a good acidic flavour. Planting onion sets Czar plum trees are self-fertile and so a second plum tree variety is not required for pollination and successful cropping. It is fully self-fertile and a single Czar tree will produce large amounts of fruits very competitive on price, quality, delivery and after sales service. Polytunnels Red Currants //-->. / Links, Copyright 2010 - 2020. Various plum species, including the czar plum tree (Prunus domestica ‘czar’) and the Jefferson plum tree (Prunus domestica ‘Jefferson’) grow in USDA growing zones 4 through 9. maximum number of blossoms, it will also produce blossom, although less, a week The size of the individual plums varies but on average they are about 5cm / The blossom is a notable characteristic, being unusually large for a plum. Your tree should produce a crop three to four years after it has been planted

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