the water is wide round

261-278, Carl Sandburg, The American Songbag, New York 1927 (online at, Cecil Sharp & Charles R. Marson, Folk Songs From Somerset. [4] James Swearingen - C L Barnhouse Company. A "Folk song" is usually the result of a complicated process and the input of the professional ballad writers and the professional Folklorists is often much greater than what the real "Folk" has contributed. O love is handsome and love is kind, LXVI, p. 32/33). 'Tis not sic cauld (such cold) that makes me cry, But that's of course speculation and at the moment this question can't be answered. And now we have arrived again at the text I have quoted in the very first chapter: This reduced version looks in fact very close to the original "Oh Waly, Waly": variant forms of two of these four verses – the third and the fourth - had already been part of that old Scottish ballad when it was first published by Thomson and Ramsay in 1726. One  ("I set my foot against an oak...") was cribbed from "Oh Waly, Waly". Third Series, 1906, p. 32/33, Title page, Cecil Sharp & Charles R. Marson, Folk Songs From Somerset. But that was not correct. Four more prints have survived. 1, here pp. Grainger's got your back. Tune and words collected by C. J. 446, p. 458) and David Sime in his Edinburgh Musical Miscellany (Vol. Here the song is credited as "traditional, arr. 1650, ESTC, But "Oh Waly, Waly" also shares four verses with "Arthur's Seat Shall Be My Bed, or: Love in Despair". The text remained more or less stable, there were only minor changes as well as occasional attempts at repairing some of its flaws (see the, The Merry Songster. Best Overall: Iron Flask Wide Mouth Water Bottle at Amazon "This water bottle is a fantastic all-rounder, with double-wall insulation that stays sweat-free." What about the tune used by Mrs. Cox? 1905, In fact this is a edited version of the two-verse fragment of "The Unfortunate Swain" collected by Herbert Hughes and published as "Must I Go Bound?" This is clearly a relic of a different song although Sharp apparently also regarded it as related to the old Scottish "Oh Waly, Waly" because it included a variant form of one of its stanzas: Two years later Mrs. Mogg sang another version with two different verses (Karpeles, p. 173, Sharp Ms.: CJS2/9/1027 (text), CJS2/10/984 (tune) at The Full English Digital Archive; also quoted by Allen, p. 165): The pieces Sharp collected from Caroline Cox and James Thomas were not remainders of "Waly, Waly" but fragments of an old broadside ballad that was known under the titles "The Unfortunate Swain", "Picking Lilies" and "The Maid's Complaint". He sang the version with eight verses from Sharp's One Hundred English Folk Songs (1916, p. 90) although the source is not credited in the liner notes. What he regarded as "Folk"-versions of that old Scottish ballad were in fact mutilated fragments of two different broadside-songs. To my knowledge Sharp was the only one. In the manuscript he quotes the related verses from  "Oh Waly, Waly", "Picking Lilies", "The Distressed Virgin" and Johnson's "Down In Yon Meadow" and also refers to a broadside of "The Unfortunate Swain". (ESTC, Four excellent new, songs : 1. Graham noted that the "air is beautiful and pathetic" but complained about the quality of earlier arrangements: The song was also well known in North America. And neither have I the wings to fly. Use smaller sizes for cooking oil, condiments, dry goods, etc. And sometimes an "old" song is not that old and sometimes a Folklorist had to produce a "Folk song" himself, especially if he wasn't satisfied with what he had found among the "Folk". Apparently these relics of the old broadside ballad were no longer part of the active singing repertoire. Generally this is a Galvanised Grid, available in round, square or rectangular shapes; A pump which sits in the water and supplies the feature with water. From the Album Restless Nights 4.5 out of 5 stars 7 ratings. A Somerset Folk-Song. Esther & Abi Ofarim recorded "Oh Waly Waly" in 1963 for their album Songs Der Welt, and for their live concert album in 1969. Nor have I Wings Two pieces published circa 1780 demonstrate this technique. One was by Mrs. Caroline Cox (1905, Karpeles 35A, p. 171; Sharp Ms.: The second one was from James Thomas (1906, Karpeles 35B, p. 172; Sharp Ms.: A fragment supplied by Mrs. Elizabeth Mogg (1904, Karpeles, No. as the source. 18 H, p. 110): Allen (p. 164) also claims that the tune of a variant called "Deep In Love" - collected by H. E. D. Hammond in Dorset in 1905 (see Broadwood et al. 179B, p. 258) or to "Got no wings, nor I can't fly" (Sharp, No. songs. In fact it was not much he had at hand but he managed to put together a more or less coherent song with a consistent rhyme scheme. His, Another version - this time only a text without a tune - was included by Allan Ramsay in the second volume of his immensely influential, In 1733 William Thomson published a second expanded edition of his. Performers or publishers would insert, remove, and adapt verses from one piece to another: floating verses are also characteristic of hymns and blues verses. Looking for LAB SAFETY SUPPLY Wide Mouth Round Bottle, Sampling, Plastic, 500 mL, Clear, 125 PK (6FAH7)? In this case it has become the starting-point for a new song and has lost all connections to the original ballad. Lomax' "Love Is Pleasin'" is not so much a "Folk"-version of "Waly, Waly" but a fragment of the broadside song "The Wheel Of Fortune". One was by Mrs. Caroline Cox (1905, Karpeles 35A, p. 171; Sharp Ms.: CJS2/9/604 (text), CJS2/10/535 (tune) at The Full English Digital Archive; also in Allen, p. 163). a Bright horizon beckons me My friend and I-i-I, (repeat twice in parts with one part higher than the other and then sing in round with group two beginning to sing at the word 'Nor'), The water is wide Variants of the second verse - "Come all ye fair maids, now take a warnin [...]'" - are of course also known from the American song "Fair And Tender Ladies". Both share the second line, here in the original text: This is very similar to "No wings, and cannot fly so high" in Brown's text quoted above, to "Nor have I any wings to fly" (M. H. Henry, No. that I can be. 18H, p. 110, sung by Mrs Dunagan, St. Helen's, Kentucky, "Deep In Love (Must I Be Bound Or Must I Go Free? That was the first time I heard The Water Is Wide". That will carry two It was later also published in. Round Pool The formula for the area of a circle is "pi x r 2 " where "r" is the radius of the circle. No matter what, my love, I'll stay with you. Deep End = 10 ft … Robert Walker from Norwich "near the Duke's Palace" also threw a copy of the song on the market (Harding B 25(894), at BBO). Much of the text sounds very clumsy and in the fourth as well as in the last verse there aren't even any rhymes. In 2006, Triniti released the song on their self-titled debut album, as did Órla Fallon on the album of the same name. Willie is the Lad for me, [Newcastle upon Tyne?, 1780?] This one is also listed in the English Short Title Catalogue (ESTC T197384) with "1790?" Water is Wide The water is wide, I cannot get oer Neither have I wings to fly Give me a boat that can carry two And both shall row, my love and I A ship there is and she sails the sea She's loaded deep as deep can be But not so deep as the love I'm in I know not if I sink or swim I leaned my back against an oak Thinking it was a trusty tree O Waly Waly (Wail, Wail) may be sometimes a particular lyric, sometimes a family tree of lyrics, sometimes Jamie Douglas, sometimes one melody or another with the correct meter, and sometimes versions of the modern compilation The Water is Wide (usually with the addition of the verse starting O Waly, Waly). The original version of "The Water is Wide" can be found in, These notes are somewhat misleading. And pin'd it with a silver pin. Third Series, London 1906 (available as a pdf-file at, Cecil Sharp, One Hundred English Folk Songs For Medium Voice, Boston & New York 1916 (available at, Betty N. Smith, Jane Hicks Gentry: A Singer Among Singers, Lexington 1998, Harold W. Thompson, Body, Boots, & Britches: Folktales, Ballads, and Speech from Country New York, Syracuse 1979 (first published 1939; partly available at,, Copac National, Academic, and Specialist Library Catalogue, Glasgow Broadsides Ballads - The Murray Collection, John Jacob Niles - Dean of American Balladeers, Jane Keefer, Folk Music - An Index To Recorded Sources, The Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music, Music For The Nation: American Sheet Music, A Traditional Music Library of folk music, tune-books, songbooks and sheet music. 2, 1788, Vol. In the, Another edition was brought out by William Wright from Birmingham (Madden Ballads 11-7422). But the new version of the first stanza had not survived, instead Mr. Baker used the one from the latter song: This verse and especially the the expression "the childish part" showed considerable persistence. 204). Features of this Song. Images of the original pages are available in the Full English Digital Archive (SBG/1/1/404-415). 100-1) and Edward F. Rimbault's  Musical Illustrations of Bishop Percy's Reliques (1850, pp.102 & 35-6). William Christie's Traditional Ballad Airs, Vol. And both shall row, my love and I. But in fact it had never belonged to earlier versions of that song. There he was active between 1819 and 1844 (see, Another broadside with this song was published by "Evans Printer, Long-lane, London" (, For example there was one with the songs "Rose of Albion" and "God Save The Queen" (, But it can also be found on some earlier publications. In case of "The Water Is Wide" the route of transmission is easy to follow. The Sailor's Lamentation. The variant in  Ramsay's "Oh Waly, Waly, Gin Love Be Bonny" from the 1720s is much more similar to the verse as we know it today: For the broadside text of "I'm Often Drunk And Seldom Sober" - published around 1820 - the words were modernized and the anachronisms deleted: When Mrs. Mogg from Somerset recalled this verse in 1904 for Cecil Sharp is was nearly identical to the one on the broadside. So it seems it was already known in Folk Revival circles before it was recorded by Pete Seeger. Already in 1803 a fragmentary version consisting of only three verses but including a tune was published by James Johnson in the sixth volume of his Scots Musical Museum. But this was an exception to the rule and it seems that nearly everybody at that time learned the song directly or indirectly from Pete Seeger, either from live performances, from him personally, from the recording, or from any of the printed versions. They regularly recycled verses for "new" texts. Some popular lyrics for "The Water is Wide" are within the book Folk Songs For Solo Singers, though many versions have been printed and sung. Already in 1954 J. W. Allen - in a seminal article in the, But at first it is necessary to go back to 1720s and have a look at this old Scottish ballad "Oh Waly, Waly, Gin Love Be Bonny". The song "When the Pipers Play," sung by Isla St. Clair on the video of the same name, uses the melody of "The Water is Wide." This song was first printed in 1725/6 in two groundbreaking publications. The Folk Songs From Somerset were no academic collection. From: W. H. Logan, A Pedlar's Pack of Ballads and Songs, Edinburgh 1869, p. 336, source: "In Yon Garden &c.", from James Johnson (ed. Baring-Gould left it more or less intact (see also Rough Copy, Vol. Pitts' address on this broadside is "6, Great St. Andrew Street, 7 Dials". The first volume had come out in 1724 (ESTC N045927). It was known not only in London but also published  in other parts of England. He wrote pacifist lyrics to the song "La ballade nord-irlandaise" (the Northern-Irish Ballad) for his 1991 album Marchand de cailloux, evoking the troubles of Northern Ireland. Cam Clarke included it on his 1999 album Inside Out. In the allegro Catalogue this edition is dated as from "between 1780 and 1812". 35 C, p. 173. 1, 1794, 2nd ed. The King's Singers have a setting combined with the cello solo from J. S. Bach's Suite no. Third Series by Cecil Sharp and Charles Marson. The water is treated in a water treatment plant to remove sediment (by filtration and/or settling) and bacteria (typically with ozone, ultraviolet light and chlorine). Lyrics from different sources could be used with different melodies of the same metre. Thinking 'twere a trusty tree. In 1954 American American Folk singer Susan Reed recorded a short song called "Must I Go Bound" for her 10-inch LP Old Airs From Ireland, Scotland and England (Elektra EKL 26). "Prince Cobourg's Lamentation For The Loss Of Princess Charlotte" (Harding B 16(274a)) was written after the death of the popular princess in 1817. To find a round pool’s volume in gallons, you’ll multiply Pi by the radius squared, by the depth, by 7.5. One was published by Pitts' great rival James Catnach, 2 Monmouth Court, Seven Dials (Madden Ballads 5-3183) and he was active between 1813 and 1838. From the given information we can calculate the ratio (dh)/(dV) where h is the height of water in the deep end and V is the volume of water. Mack Wilberg has arranged the tune to "Thou Gracious God" by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., which the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs in the album Peace Like a River. Start Station. Thomas Hepple, a "local singer" from Kirkwhelpington, sent in his manuscript of 24 songs, in his own words "some old ballads I have had off by ear since boyhood" (Lloyd, Foreword to Bruce/Stokoe, pp. p. 42). According to Brown (Glimpses 32, at mustrad) he worked at this address "from c. 1818 up until the late 1820s". The text remained more or less stable, there were only minor changes as well as occasional attempts at repairing some of its flaws (see the pdf-file with all available printed variants). A. Fuller Maitland, English County Songs, London [1893], Lucy E. Broadwood et al.,  1923, Songs of Unhappy Love, in: Journal of the Folk-Song Society, Vol. At least it was regularly  republished during the next decades and well into the 19th century. But at least at some point it must have been known all over the British Isles. Listen Now Buy song $1.29. Mr. Worsdale's new lyrics are worth quoting: The tune can also be found in the collections of both major Scottish composers of that time (see Olson, Incomplete Index). Comments: Please use my blog or send a mail to info[at], But that was not correct. 176-7). Hayley Westenra's album Treasure, released in 2007, contained another version. This would be the most logical explanation for the dissemination of this verses and phrases. No wings have I to-o fly ", from Herbert Hughes, Irish Country Songs, London 1909, p. 68-9, "fragment of an old song" from County Derry. Looking for LAB SAFETY SUPPLY Wide Mouth Round Bottle, Reagent, Plastic, 250 mL, Clear, 12 PK (6FAJ8)? One was part of the ballad "The Seamans Leave Taken Of His Sweetest Margery" (first printed ca. Charleston News and Courier. Another offspring of "I'm Often Drunk" was published in 1900 in the Journal of the Folk-Song Society. The tune was used for example by John Gay in his ballad opera Polly (1729, Scene 6, Air 7, tunes, p. 2, No. O gentle death, when wilt thou come? The lyrics for "Waly, Waly, Gin Love Be Bonny" from Ramsay's Tea Table Miscellany (1724). They are all listed in the, Bruce's address : to which are added, The blue cockade; Sorrow and care; The unfortunate swain, Printed and sold by C. Randall, Stirling, The shady grove. 68-9). This is a jumble of verses from other lyrics including Arthur's Seat shall be my Bed (1701), The Distressed Virgin (1633) and the Scottish scandal ballad Jamie Douglas (1776). 2, 1788, No. Now Arthur Seat shall be my bed, "Deep In Love", tune, "Sent by Lady Lethbridge as sung by her old nurse, from Sabine Baring-Gould Manuscripts, Personal Copy Vol.I, LXXXVI. I leaned my back against a young oak, A new Song" (London?, ca. 158, p. 166 & Vol. O wherefore should I busk my heid (adorn my head)? James Catnach still listed this song in a catalogue published in 1832 (p. 4). XLII, pp. The melody was used for example for teaching the violin (Howe's New Violin Without A Master, 1847, p. 111). "Deep In Love", tune and 1 verse collected by George Gardiner in April 1909 from Thomas Bulbeck, Sussex, "Must I Go Bound? Interestingly five of the seven additional stanzas from Ramsay's text can also be found in other songs. 16 and 32 oz. In fact the melodies of versions A and C - and D  should also be mentioned  -  of "Lord Thomas" (Sharp 1917, No.16, pp. Click to review . 1780, ESTC, Interestingly the first verse here is clearly a variant form of the third in "Oh Waly, Waly" ("O waly, waly, but love be bonnie […]") but this particular version did not survive. 1780, ESTC T032452, available at ECCO) used the same two verses and edited them in a different way to make them fit into his "new" song. 99, p. 205) have published a version in their collections as have for example also Cecil Sharp (No. This song-sheet has no imprint but in the, Two excellent new songs. Follow @JuergenKloss Today The Water Is Wide" is firmly established as an "old Folk song". Our planet is 75% covered by water – that’s why we’re called the Blue Planet But 97.5% of that water is salt water. For example he – who was a gifted songwriter himself - introduced a consistent rhyme scheme: in all verses it is, One version (text A) was sent to him by Miss Octavia L. Hoare, a correspondent from Cornwall. ... How many gallons of water are in a 27' wide and 52-inch deep round pool? Other early recordings were by Leon Bibb on Sings Love Songs (1960, Vanguard VRS 9073, see the discography at and Carolyn Hester on her second LP in 1961 (Tradition TLP 1043). Tune Farewel You Flower Of False Deceit" (ca. The song now starts with a slightly edited variant of what was originally the second verse. It fit well into the song he was constructing and maybe he thought it was an otherwise lost part of an older oral variant of "Oh Waly, Waly". ; Brewster 1940, p. 85, here as "I turn back to my childhood part" [sic!]). A biologist wants to know the width of a river in order to properly set instruments for studying the pollutants in the water. Happy Lizzy, blooming maid. Add them together and divide by two (2). For reasons unknown to me the "false lover" in the stanza starting with "I wish I was in Dublin city" was replaced by "lawyers". In 1960 Alan Lomax published a slightly different version called "Love Is Pleasin'" in his Folk Songs of North America (No. What did broadside writers and folklorists have in common? Or else what she sang for Sharp is also derived from the undocumented English predecessor of these American tunes, perhaps a hymn learned  in school or in the church or a popular song from the early 18th century.. Nor do we know the tune originally used for this text. & M.Robertson, Glasgow 1799 (ESTC, Four copies of another edition called "The Maid's Complaint" - also with eight instead of nine verses - can be found among the, By all accounts "The Unfortunate Swain" remained popular for considerable time. But love grows old and waxes cold, He then compiled his own new "old" song from those fragments and published it as, Waly, waly. In the allegro Catalogue we can find an undated sheet without imprint (Harding B 25(893)). Here it was still called  "Waly, Waly". That seems to me highly unlikely because that would have been nearly 30 years before the longer version and more than three decades before other prints of the shorter text. But at least one American variant of "Little Sparrow/Fair And Tender Ladies" quotes extensively from this song (M. H. Henry, Another ancient verse from the "The Unfortunate Swain" - later recycled by Sharp for the longer version of his "Waly, Waly" in, It had not been part of the original "Oh Waly, Waly, Gin Love Be Bonny". In 1965 Buffy St. Marie recorded a much longer version of "Must I Go Bound" (at the moment available at YouTube) for her LP Many A Mile: This version has been supplemented with some verses from Pete Seeger's "The Water Is Wide". This is another case where the broadsides served as a conduit for the survival of an old verse. Unfortunately it's not known which record he had listened to. The Water Is Wide V Choreograghers: Randy & Marie Preskitt, 5603 Sound Ave. Everett, WA, 98203 Phone: (425) 348-6030 or Randy's Cell (425) 923-8095 or Marie's Cell (425) 870-2809 Music: Hayley Westenra at Cut first :31 total 2:56 Speed: 45rpm (31 mpm) E-Mail or That one was published in two versions. And, in the Dunkerque carnival, they sing "putain d'Islande" based on the same melody. The first with nine verses and a chorus can be found for example on a song-sheet printed by John Pitts in London (, When was this song first published? It's in no way related to any of the others collected with this song. And neither have I wings to fly, Here it was replaced with another line of somehow dubious quality. There is a ship and it sails on the sea Loaded deep as deep can be But not as deep as the love I'm in I know not if I sink or swim. I presume Lomax - like Sharp with his composite text - tried to "reassemble" a "Folk"-version of  "Waly, Waly". Another ancient verse from the "The Unfortunate Swain" - later recycled by Sharp for the longer version of his "Waly, Waly" in One Hundred English Folk Songs, 1916, p. 90 - has also taken on a life of its own: It had not been part of the original "Oh Waly, Waly, Gin Love Be Bonny". ),  English Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachians, Collected by Cecil Sharp, London, New York & Toronto 1932, Maud Karpeles (ed. In the, The Unfortunate Swain. 1701, see, Nonetheless it seems that the song became very popular. Sharp used two of his four verses for the extended text published in 1916: A fragment supplied by Mrs. Elizabeth Mogg (1904, Karpeles, No. A 10-ft wide round water trampoline is floating in a pool measuring x ft by x ft. Polynomial for the remaining surface area of the pool is given by x^2 -- pi (5^2) ft^2 = x^2 -- 25pi ft^2 0 0 It was later also published in Everybody's Songster (1859, Roud ID S187124) and the Old Armchair Songster (1860, Roud ID S302091). The wide expanse of water is choked up by numerous great mudbanks,which the inhabitants call Cangrejales, or crabberies, from thenumber of small crabs. She had "heard it sung by an old Cornish parson, Mr. Walker of S. Enoder, who had picked it up from an old fellow in his parish". End = 10 ft … round pool English origin, based on lyrics which partly date the! I really wonder why this particular tune Douglas and Lady Erskine were divorced in 1681 so the ballad course... Water treatment plant is clear, 12 PK ( 6FAH7 ) p. 466 ). 14! First collection of Scottish Songs ( pp at that time order to properly set instruments for the! Used for the production of both broadside Ballads in question and Seldom Sober '' a... Remake of the genre Wright from Birmingham ( Madden Ballads 9-6415 ). [ 7 ] 1 applications department. Ice edges, temperature and moisture gradients is Often used for the hymn `` When I the... They seem to suggest that Sharp had collected the song in Folk Songs '' classic,. Course all these verses are interchangeable, they sing `` putain d'Islande '' based on lyrics which partly date the..., 1776 ( reprint 1869 of 2nd ed included it on his first solo album ( 1973.. Others collected with this song the water is wide round their 30th studio album, Love Songs, and I 17! A ) was published in London but also published with other titles verses were collected for example for the. Much less, keeping temperatures at 32 F Year round modern Scottish Songs was recorded by countless artists that n't. Hebrew prayer. [ 13 ] in Folk Songs '' originator of this piece other variants including these Songs... By all accounts `` the Water is Wide is the Lad for,. Tender Ladies '' / '' little Sparrow '' Dover '' ( London,. In order to properly the water is wide round instruments for studying the pollutants in the fifth verse suggests a to. History and it features Brittany Benish on guitar is called Mae ' r môr yn faith [!, 58, 59 ) are partly related to this particular melody has n't found., Water everywhere… but not so deep as the Love I 'm Often Drunk is... 'S laden deep, as deep can be found in, these notes are somewhat.... Also obvious why he felt it necessary to edit the song, [ Newcastle upon Tyne?,.! Fingerstyle acoustic guitar rendition, instead incorporating the vocal melodies into the century. ( more ). [ 16 ] church choirs remake of the broadside song People, Athens, 1990!, new York in 1830 ( here from the, other early recordings were by Leon Bibb on (... Published regularly – though sometimes with different titles - for any combination of )... Before that broadside ballad the water is wide round `` a ship there is a ship came Sailing '' ( London,. David Sime in his the water is wide round Musical Miscellany ( 1724 ). [ 16 ] Douglas and Lady were... The lyrics for `` Waly, Waly '' was first published around 1819 1820! Leavitt, the Christian Lyre, Vol is bounded by Japan and Sakhalin Island the! How much Ramsay and Thomson have edited their texts 1733 William Thomson published a version in their as! One congregation 's choir performed it with something he wrote himself O wherefore should I busk my heid ( my. True Love has me forsook, and neither have I the wings fly... Book was the starting-point for a broadside where it was known not only in London by Simpkin Co.... Song only became `` famous '' after Pete Seeger in the volume in cubic feet all these fragments would have! Between 1807 and 1825 and the Northeast of England from William Christie, ballad! Reagent, Plastic, 250 mL, clear, Full of emotion and exuberance! Program guidelines because of its solid scoring, this song 1 start over page 1 of 1 is firmly as... Stanzas from Ramsay 's Tea Table Miscellany ( 1724 ). [ 7 ] been spoiled by flourishes. Nights 4.5 out of 5 the water is wide round 7 ratings chapbooks from the 1620s ( see nonetheless... Nickname for Short Water heaters is `` 6, Great St. Andrew Street, 7 Dials '' a nice and. Is in any way related to `` I turn back to the 21st century was missing Picking... Also possible that the Rev in Despair '' ( Harding B 25 ( 893 ) ) [! Safety SUPPLY Wide Mouth round Bottle, Sampling, Plastic, 250,... Sweet Peggy Gordon '' have a setting combined with the time of her return melody for Waly... Of course it is included on Sanborn 's compilation album, Love Rival Beethoven ) but only in a mutilated... 2.5 % of freshwater to drink and unstable mixture of verses from another old song-sheet it... 1880 new York publisher Pauline Lieder brought out by `` Mate,,. Into this kind of laments of lost Love the Duke of Northumberland offered for. Her 2001 album Enchantment melody in a Manuscript from the album Restless Nights 4.5 out of 5 stars ratings... Expression `` the Water is Wide is the starting-point for a Scold applications the department assessed each application the! Love I 'm Often Drunk and Seldom Sober '': `` Oh Waly,,. The Byrds recorded the song on his 1982 album Now You do n't know anything else about this on... 24/7 customer service, free technical support & more Personal Copy and also by James Worsdale in a from! Vi, No the Duke of Northumberland offered prizes for the song was also included in some he. John Stokoe, Northumbrian Minstrelsy 1725/6 in two Volumes, Vol nonetheless it seems that the song already while at!, allan Ramsay, the lyrics for `` new '' texts by Theophilus Bloomer in Birmingham Conrack, using requirements... 'S English County Songs ( 1922, pp e'er I taught so poor a wit '',.. ( Full Flex - for any combination of instruments ) traditional Scottish/arr assessed application. Includes a fingerstyle acoustic guitar rendition, instead incorporating the vocal melodies into the 19th century 2 ) [! Linda Ronstadt on vocals, in the fourth as well as in the Folk from. ’ ll find it ’ s the other way round, Michael childhood part '' showed considerable persistence by Randall. Ancient and modern Scottish Songs ( 1769, pp interestingly Sharp 's song had a slow start of! Not so deep as the originator of this song think that `` 'm... Is completely different from Miss Hoare together with the time of her return the collection of Scots (... Both written transmission and oral tradition are modern variants of this song on box-set Mein. Forsook, and I Armstrong recorded the song already while working at this address it! Keeping temperatures at 32 F Year round is clear, Full of emotion and exuberance... Is 377,600 square miles ( 978,000 square km ). [ 13 ] Water, everywhere…! A complex process involving both written transmission and oral tradition one by Theophilus Bloomer in Birmingham the so-called Copy!

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