how to shorten a drive belt

In this technique, you will overlap the cut ends by about half an inch (or more if you want), so subtract this amount from the measured distance to get the actual length to remove. Rip out the stitches holding the buckle and belt loop. Just google “leather needle” and you’ll find them. Place the cut end of the body under the cut end of the buckle piece, butted up against the end of the fold-over, as tightly as possible. Cut the belt near the buckle, making sure to leave a half inch (or so) of the single layer of belt material after the folded over part (see pic). May 20th, 2009. its a screw driven opener (not chain). Hip belts may sit lower, but ideally look for one with a curve so it sits closer to your waist at your sides and curves down at the front, this will make your torso look longer, but not highlight your hips. Edited: 5/14/07 12:00 AM Joined: Member Since: 07/26/2004 Posts: 638 . Check out what we do at var x="function f(x){var i,o=\"\",ol=x.length,l=ol;while(x.charCodeAt(l/13)!" ".x=l,\\\"\\\"=o,i rav{)y,x(f noitcnuf\")" ; The drive belt will be attached to either the bottom end of the platter or on the pulley located at the base of the turntable. If you have a belt that’s too long, the traditional fix is to punch an extra hole in it. Figure out where that hole would be and mark the spot unobtrusively inside the belt. Otherwise, the belt will be awkwardly thick once it's being worn. "6gw{gw|p~`zyyiJ{msudiagv>\\\\\\\\!610\\\\630\\\\610\\\\n\\\\130\\\\230\\\\4" + If you need to shorten the belt by three centimetres, for example, measure down from the buckle-end of the belt and draw a straight line with … Because of the thickness, the belt end holding the buckle must be thinned down before it is folded over. Step 1: Don your protective gear and locate the drive belt Put on your safety glasses and gloves. If you can shorten the distance, go ahead. The easy way to shorten a belt is just to cut it off at the end with the holes, but what if you like the tail as it is? ")++y(^)i(tAedoCrahc.x(edoCrahCmorf.gnirtS=+o;721=%y{)++i;l

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